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SirIsaacGnuton t1_j9yjlzm wrote

Depends on what you mean by familiar. A lot of people place it in New England but don't know where New England begins. Does it include Connecticut? Long Island? You have to remember that some people are map illiterate.


SufficientZucchini21 t1_j9yk0v5 wrote

The post I replied to was that they didn’t know RI existed. I don’t expect people to know where everything is but to not know RI is a state is crazy to me.


SirIsaacGnuton t1_j9ylbbs wrote

Think of the people you went to high school with. How many of them paid attention in geography? How many were there only because they had to be? How many spouted the "I'll never use this info after I graduate" line? And Rhode Island isn't exactly a headline grabbing place either so it's below the radar for lots of folks. It's not a freak show like Florida or a shootout a month like Texas.