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Keelija9000 t1_ja47s3v wrote

Ben and Jerry’s in the providence mall always shows PPVs. I hear any Aroogas works as well.


tibbon t1_ja3zgel wrote

What fight? Find a dive bar and there will be plenty!


fromyuggoth t1_ja44on1 wrote

Why do they block ESPN+? Might be too much to go through, but you could get a trial period for any mainstream vpn and access ESPN+ through it


appslap t1_ja4142r wrote

Espn + on mobile and stream from phone to tv


LadyScorps t1_ja48jwg wrote

Usually Arooga’s does, there’s one in Warwick


mcchickenmommy t1_ja49w1l wrote

why would a cable provider block a whole streaming service?


[deleted] t1_ja4g86e wrote



Silentjosh37 t1_ja4nbxs wrote

Not really something they can do. A provider can't block streaming apps to force you to buy it through them. They do need to adhere to the local blackout restrictions. But that shouldn't be the case here.

You are not required to use a provider for content in place of a linear channel on their service.


macdaddyold OP t1_ja7xia8 wrote

Oddly enough on any device on my cox wifi, signing up for ESPN+ causes a spinning wheel that never loads the screen. If I disable wifi and use cellular, no issues at. Tried this with a couple PCs, android TV, etc. Cox is without a doubt blocking the espn app on wifi.


Silentjosh37 t1_jaa50ls wrote

Depending on what router you are using, especially panoramic there might be ad blocking turned on and that might be blocking the site because it has an adserver running with it. Common on mesh networks.

I had the same issue with another provider when I was trying to use Paramount+ turned off the ad block on my network and it started loading as normal.

Just a suggestion as there would be much more info on that if Cox was straight up blocking the app and I couldn't find this through an quick (even though not through) Google search. Seems like something a lot of people would have an issue with.

Could always bypass the router and go direct to modem to test that.


[deleted] t1_ja4noo7 wrote



Silentjosh37 t1_ja4pni7 wrote

That wouldn't be a "bandwidth limitation" and is against Net neutrality rules. Also none of the providers in the state have any throttling or data caps especially the ones who offer video services. That may be different with cell providers but they don't tend to offer video services.

This sounds like there might be something else going on. Especially if they are trying to cast to a TV and they have adblocking setup on their WiFi and it is causing an issue with the stream since it can't load an ad or something. Happens all the time if you have advanced features on your WiFi.


SusieRI t1_ja4l6xp wrote

Stevie D's in Riverside?


Silentjosh37 t1_ja4lyud wrote

Who is your provider? They can't / shouldn't be blocking a streaming service on your WiFi.

Are they blocking the app or just the ability to stream the fight? As that would be ESPN blocking it on their app.


macdaddyold OP t1_ja7xlke wrote

It appears to be blocking the app on my COX wifi.


FullGrownHip t1_ja7salx wrote

Can you do a Hulu live or Peacock free trial at home?


macdaddyold OP t1_ja7x3zp wrote

Ended up at Dave and Busters to watch it, Thanks!


geffe71 t1_ja47cbp wrote

I only know of places that are showing THAT fight, not many are showing this fight