Submitted by brown_and_water t3_11fqu07 in RhodeIsland

I'll be visiting your state this upcoming weekend and had a friend give us a great itinerary because he grew up there. They have since moved away but still speak very, very highly of the area. He did a lot of reminiscing in our conversations leading up to this trip.

I am wondering if there is something I can bring him back as a 'thank you' that would be somewhat nostalgic for him. Anything come to mind that I could pick up at a grocery store or specialty shop?

They get their Autocrat/Eclipse coffee syrup off Amazon, so that's the only thing off the table.




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yajanikos t1_jakt50t wrote

Please stop by frog and toad when you visit (Westminster) and you will find some neat things. If you visit the one on Hope street, you can also check what Stock Culinary Goods may have as a gift (ri sea salt from one of our ocean’s is neat if they like to cook). I don’t know if they have it anymore, but I bought my ex a spoon rest that was made out of an RI oyster shell and glazed with ceramic.


Sleuthiestofsleuths t1_jaks5rm wrote

Stop & Shop has a small section of RI products, so you could put together a gift bag of treats. If you can get the Buddy Cianci marinara sauce, that's a definite choice. Iggy's clam cake mix or Doughboy mix, Del's lemonade mix, and Kenyon's pancake mix, if they have it. That would make a great gift!


21stCenturyJanes t1_jal013k wrote

Someone sent me a Del's candle for my birthday, try that. Everyone loves Dels.


waninggib t1_jallrxp wrote

Check out Frog and Toad, The Matchbox or Stock in Providence for some unique finds.

I’d also recommend locally roasted coffee like New Harvest, Borealis, Bolt, etc or beer from a local brewery like Proclamation or Moniker. ISCO spirits would be good too.


bungocheese t1_jalwgz2 wrote

Buttonwoods brewery has a tee shirt with the Benny's B on it


Double-Diamond-4507 t1_jam8s0v wrote

There is a gift shop on Post Road in Warwick, over by the airport. I would get them NY system Weiner spice mix, dried Del's lemonade packets, and some postcards


ReggeMtyouN t1_jamsrvg wrote

Some Narragansett Beer swag " Hi Neighbor!"


OceanicLemur t1_jal1p1b wrote

Go to NY System, in Providence or Cranston. Get yourself a wiener and snag them a beanie, they’ll love it.


Dopey-NipNips t1_jalwey6 wrote

A t-shirt with the fox point power plant on it from rhody crafts or frog and toad


TheAngelPeterGabriel t1_jamipyr wrote

If del's was open I'd say go there and buy some merch cuz they sell t shirts and knick knacks. I bet some RI gift shops would sell del's merch in the off-season. Imagine in Warren is a really cool gift shop.


HelianthusCannabis t1_jamsjah wrote

There is the Rhode Island themed store in the Warwick mall I have forgotten the name but I would check them out.


umru316 t1_jao5e5i wrote

A late, local radio personality made Mayor's Own sauce - before he died. They may get a chuckle from that


Rhody1964 t1_jap6n8l wrote

There's an RI gift shop near the airport on Post Rd. I've gotten my sister who lives out of state some fun things

Some Dell's Lemonade mix would be a nice touch. He'll definitely know what that is. The gift shop might sell Benny's tshirts. That was an RI chain store that closed a few years ago. We all miss it and are still in mourning over it.