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WWWATroCon t1_javjjpm wrote

Sorry, it's too hard to make that tight of a turn when one of my hands is clutching my fourth nip of the morning


FourAM t1_javuskf wrote

Kid I dunno why they don’t just have Fireball at the DMV you know


livelikealegend t1_jaw800e wrote

Not Fireball but..I walked by a car in the DMV parking lot and glanced over and saw an open Bud Lt can in the cupholder


imuniqueaf t1_jav7l5y wrote

These people would be very offended, if they could read.


ggtoday6 t1_javk6n3 wrote

Next we need a guide for how to turn to enter a busy road when there is a center lane available


assholetoall t1_jaw0aud wrote

Hell we need the one for how to turn off the busy road using the center turning lane.


SausageSmuggler21 t1_jawh6j2 wrote

No one here is advanced enough for center lane usage. They're still learning " don't reverse on the highway".


FjordExplorher t1_javpqtm wrote

Yeah, with all the multi-lane turns in RI, you're gonna need a better diagram. The goal is to stay in the lane you started from. I don't know how many times I've pulled out of the Chapel View plaza and people think they're in the right to turn into me in the middle lane as both lanes turn left.


citrus_mystic t1_jayrwtd wrote

There’s a two-lane left turn onto Smithfield Ave from Silver Spring St in Providence (right next to where the Cellos is) I take at night with some regularity. I’ve stopped using that far left lane to make the turn because so many people have cut me off, or come close to hitting me from them failing to maintain their lane and drifting from the right lane into the left.

Cherry on top is that I’ve had more than 1 person get pissy after honking my horn to prevent from getting hit by them over there. People honking back at me as if I was supposed to read their minds that they were planning on nearly driving into me or cutting me off.


DaddyBrown t1_javtzt8 wrote

Let's start with actually stopping at stop signs.


samcar330 t1_jaxh90l wrote

Fr 😂 it's nuts when someone will drive exactly the speed limit then roll straight through the stop sign


minimag47 t1_jawar7o wrote

Woah woah woah there Mario Andretti. You and your fancy driving skills.


EpicSteak t1_jb07p2c wrote

> Mario Andretti

I am going to make you sad here.

Mario retired more than 40 years ago my fellow old person. :D


MixerMan67 t1_jawinvy wrote

First things first: learn how to accelerate to highway speed before merging into traffic. Or, at least, don’t stop at the end of the entrance ramp.


RatFink_0123 t1_jaxffuw wrote

My oh my ... the number of drivers that cannot merge here is unbelievable.


Abaraji t1_jaxh0d2 wrote

Related: if you're in the breakdown line trying to get back into traffic... don't just fucking pull out from a dead stop


citrus_mystic t1_jaysm5g wrote

When people do this I end up acting like a total asshole by flashing my high beams and honking. It’s scary and infuriating being stuck behind someone who’s afraid to go faster than 35mph when you need to join the other traffic going 55.


Muezza t1_jaupk8z wrote

But I want to take a left from the right lane


Brodyftw00 t1_javhglu wrote

Then merge, after you turn...


physco219 t1_jaxpzz9 wrote

Not in RI. Here you can do what you want. Think of it as being the red or green car. Heck you can even choose other lanes without arrows to go to here if you try hard. /s


wwj t1_jaypfyy wrote

"But it's my favorite wayyyyya!"


MT_Photos t1_javjteq wrote

The double right turn onto the highways on Francis St at Providence Place is a constant near accident as people can't comprehend this


techsavior t1_javqcp0 wrote

It’s not that they can’t comprehend this. It’s that they have can’t plan for shit and start in the wrong turn lane to begin with.


eightbitbrain t1_javzdog wrote

Good luck with that. Acting as if it isn't Mad Max levels of fuck-you out here.


No_Rule_9059 t1_javxoas wrote

You must not be be from Rhode Island


Lonely_Ad8983 t1_javxrxs wrote

Next a graphic on how changing lanes last second is wrong.,.


noobengland t1_jawu760 wrote

This diagram is missing the red car turning left into the blue cars correct left lane


lfp_pounder t1_jaxejcy wrote

What if you have to take a left and immediately take a right on the next lane? can I take a left and stop if no one gives me way until I can shift lanes?… I ain’t driving 5miles to go all the way and come back just so I don’t “inconvenience” the driver behind me.


LEENIEBEENIE93 t1_javy1q4 wrote

Turning right on to Pontiac ave is a nightmare during the commute home from Socanosset.. thats the only place ill turn right into the left lane because the right lane is always completely full and I refuse to wait for another light cycle lol.


Tumbleweed-53 t1_jawigcw wrote

How about teaching use of speed limits.


JasonDJ t1_jawomq1 wrote


Please explain this intersection for the commuters into Cambridge. They come in from the ramp at the bottom right.


4thelasttimeIMNOTGAY t1_jawpnmr wrote

The left turn can be impossible to make depending on what car you drive and how far forward the guy in the next lane is.


SimilarRaise2124 t1_jawq8m1 wrote

Seeing as though they like to put a business at every intersection in RI I'm not getting in the inner lane just to hop over real quick...


wormholeweapons t1_jawtvhx wrote

Oh hell. I see this happen multiple times a day. Drives me insane.


allgreeneveryday t1_jax21zy wrote

Cool now do one for when turning in a median space where what your actually supposed to do is go to the far end not turn as soon as you get to the break. Idk how to say this. Does anyone know what i mean?


campmoreworryless t1_jax96wq wrote

🤣 I’ve only ever had an issue with that in RI thanks for the giggle.


samcar330 t1_jaxh21u wrote

If yall could read the roads would be safer 🤷🏾‍♂️😂


appslap t1_jaxmi6l wrote

I hit a light all the time that starts as 1 lane, then you turn left into 2 lanes, and I go wide right. It feels wrong but since im the first car in a single lane that’s ok 🤷🏻‍♂️


fiddycixer t1_jaxqgi1 wrote

*Does not apply from between the Bucket all the way down to Bald Hill Rd.


Tin31086 t1_jay1bbe wrote

Isn't that left hand turn supposed to cut across the oncoming lane and across the double yellow before eventually ending up in the right hand lane?


Perfect_Airline_4298 t1_jay8bg4 wrote

This doesn’t apply to people in lifted F-150 pickups. They need to get home as fast as possible to kiss their father on the lips.