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A-A-ronRI t1_jb04c02 wrote

Well atleast someone is getting their student loans paid off


Hanamii- t1_jb0ej09 wrote

Jealous. Every time I was at URI me and my buddies would joke about always hoping the bus would hit us - jealous it happened to someone else


User0098237490 t1_jb0mat0 wrote

As someone who goes there now, most of the shuttle drivers are horrific.

They shouldn’t even be allowed to drive a regular car let alone a bus filled with college students.


ToadstoolsRule t1_jb3vo9t wrote

That has not been my experience at all. They drive slowly.

Looking at the video, it looks like the pedestrian was in the driver's blind spot.


azknight t1_jb0d0m0 wrote

Geez I figured from the title the person might have been clipped on a corner but nope….smack dab in the middle of the road. How did the driver not see them?!


The_Dream_of_Shadows t1_jb0rwjr wrote

Probably a combination of the shuttle's huge blind spot and the fact that they accelerated through the turn instead of actually stopping at the intersection to look for pedestrians because the shuttle has such a huge blind spot.


_CaesarAugustus_ t1_jb0i56h wrote

When my friend and I attended URI the running joke was that the buses accelerated as soon as you stepped off the curb. Welp…


thebirbseyeview t1_jb13xhe wrote

At URI I was there mid snow storm because my professor was one who didn't cancel, and a project was due so I had to come in.

Shuttle bus was stopped at the bio building bus stop, and couldn't start back up. I was at the back of the bus jaw dropped as I watched the driver literally used parked cars as bumper cars to leverage back to the road and drive up. Never stopped again or made a call about the accident.


Wooden_Exit2957 t1_jb0cok3 wrote

The cops said that, like, the people she hit are just kind of like nothing, so it's fine.


10takeWonder t1_jb0tspp wrote

wait... what do you mean they were nothing?


Wooden_Exit2957 t1_jb0xwh1 wrote

It's not a problem. The cops came, they said it's fine. They're not, like, real people, kinda.


RhodyViaWIClamDigger t1_jb0ei3w wrote

Third party vendor = stopped for a few brewskis before shift. This video leaves the impression that there was poor lighting - if true, a buzz alone is unsafe, but a buzz combined with poor lighting means we’re lucky only one student was taken out.


WinterIsHere0101 t1_jb0twos wrote

Look both ways people. It was like the driver and walker both had their eyes closed.


SweatyCockroach8212 t1_jb1pv4t wrote

That's guy's roommate is like "ALMOST a 4.0 GPA for me this semester!"


Pleasant-Champion-14 t1_jb2kea3 wrote

I watched this a couple of times, the pedestrian did not look. I look both ways twice even on one way streets. It is horrible the bus driver hit her/him but it was reported that the person was not hurt. I don't have a car, and don't even drive so I walk alot, especially when I was younger. I am always very careful, do not jaywalk and won't cross a street until I am sure the driver sees me and is stopping. The van driver is an idiot too because this is is a college campus and there are going to be pedestrians. Both were careless.


Rybread52 t1_jbd7qq5 wrote

Apparently she got up and ran straight to her midterm before going to the hospital


Uncle_Tony96 t1_jb0g0nv wrote

Not sure how neither one saw the other. Can’t really tell if the person looked before crossing. Even if there’s a stop sign and you’re in the crosswalk, always look before crossing. When I was at URI, the people driving on campus were always distracted and the kids seemed to frequently cross the road without looking both ways first. Hope the person is ok


Smrgle t1_jb0lo6b wrote

As a pedestrian walking on campus, I usually wait until a vehicle has stopped at the stop sign. I can’t really control if someone decides to just start moving again once I am in the crosswalk


Uncle_Tony96 t1_jb0qwx6 wrote

That’s a good thing to do, but you still need to be alert at all times. When I used to drive around campus, the amount of students who used to walk out into the crosswalk without looking first was crazy. My friend used to say “I don’t care, they need to stop.” Which is true, but you can never be too careful. I never hit anyone or got hit so I guess it worked for me lol