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Coincel_pro t1_jbe3hid wrote

The story doesn’t mention it but Johnson is also owner of the Goddard School in S Kingston a private Preschool. Chariho also has a preschool program. So you have an unelected appointee who votes on public school budgets and policies.

it’s literally in his best interests to undermine the public school.


HairyEyeballz t1_jbeczv8 wrote

While I'm not familiar with the exact situation in Chariho, my experience with public preschool was that there was very limited availability. Private ones are an absolute necessity (or they are in my area).


Coincel_pro t1_jbedphj wrote

Sure, and I'm not arguing against private schools in any way and its as you say, capacity is an issue.


However, the owner of a private school, now in a position to make budgetary decisions that can marginalize their public competitor is uh... not good. Especially when the owner is politically aligned with those that argue for the dissolution of the Dept of Education and public schools as a whole etc.


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_jbhzzz7 wrote

These kinds of conflicts of interest happen all the time in urban districts. For example, Smiley nominated the chair of the trustrees for the Gordon school (admittedly don't know much more so maybe hes a good candidate in ways im unaware of). It is far more unusual for an affluent well ranking school district to have this kind of thing happen, but it happens a lot with public schools and private/charter proteges.

This is going to feel short sighted when teachers flee the budget cuts for well funded districts and home values decline.


WickedDog310 t1_jbk24pp wrote

Just because they happen shouldn't make it acceptable, please call out Dem's for this bullshit too.

Gorden is a private school in EP, while Smiley is in PVD, and the majority of people aren't educated at private k-12 schools like they are for preschools. These aren't quite the same equivalencies, but I like your premise.

Smiley shouldn't be appointing anyone to any role other than those that he's empowered to by the Providence Charter. If he (and other govt leaders) are holding other board seats while serving in government they need to resign. A person can not serve two populations, if you voluntarily seek out public office, you should not be allowed to hold private office, it's a conflict.


WickedDog310 t1_jbk0ziq wrote

But they shouldn't be, there should be a public option that is well funded and successful from the moment that maternity leave ends. If we only give 6 weeks maternity leave, we should have public daycare that starts at that point, economically this is best for employees and employers. You wanna generate solid tax revenue? create opportunities for people to take higher paying positions by supporting them with child care. Let's lengthen maternity leave to a year, and then have public day care options start then.

Sorry, was living in a daydream, but I can dream can't I?


milespeeingyourpants t1_jbci6bz wrote

>”In my mind, it was all about experience and fiscal conservatism,” Trimmer said. “I really haven't looked at the budget. But the salaries and the benefits just need to be in line with the rest of the world.”

Yeah don’t bother looking.


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milespeeingyourpants t1_jbctbmm wrote

Starting Teacher salary is $48,000



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milespeeingyourpants t1_jbcwcor wrote

Feel free to check the link. Job placement has nothing to do with salary differences.

How long has the average teacher worked in RI?


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milespeeingyourpants t1_jbcygay wrote

It’s very relevant. It dictates what step the teacher starts on in the salary schedule.

You seem confused about how the contract and negotiations work.


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milespeeingyourpants t1_jbd29ma wrote

>New educators shall be given full increment credit for previous Rhode Island public school teaching experience. A full teaching year shall be no less than one hundred thirty-five (135) paid days in a school year.

Page 11


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milespeeingyourpants t1_jbd3joi wrote

Cool. What’s the answer?


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milespeeingyourpants t1_jbd3r89 wrote

How long have they worked in the district/state?


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milespeeingyourpants t1_jbd4ea9 wrote

No idea. You seem to have all the answers but offer no substantive info.

Just more questions/smoke and mirrors.


WickedDog310 t1_jbk3hhp wrote

Coming to this thread after they deleted all their comments, what the hell were they spouting?


Coincel_pro t1_jbdi4gp wrote

can you just skip to the point you’re trying to make?


tilario t1_jbdkyag wrote

whatever it is, double it.


rlc327 t1_jbeg5rk wrote

And give it to the next person?


ChronicCumShots t1_jbemt8a wrote

These psycho fucks wanna make generations of kids who think segregation never happened, science is a choice, and anyone who is different from them should be feared.

Florida is already the laboratory for these insane experiments, I don’t want it up here too. It won’t be seen in the short term but the Republican led assault on school systems that often vilifies teachers could have a massive impact on the outcome of this country in the long term in an extremely negative way.


artaintfree t1_jbemfnq wrote

These ultra right conservatives need to visit ultra right religious countries like Iran and Afghanistan or maybe Saudi Arabia.

qualified educators should be on the school committee and while no one expects complete harmony between teachers and parents - teachers should have a vote in deciding what should be taught. They are the ones teaching the children and those teachers listen to kids. Children do have malleable minds and they are generally dumb as f***. If those kids don't learn about the real world then their minds can become less broad, less inclusive to that real world.

One political side is not a good idea and parental politics must stay out of schools.


Cinema_King t1_jbgdh33 wrote

I’d prefer if they’d go to these countries and stay there. But it’s probably not right to dump our trash on others


mkmck t1_jbjfhr4 wrote

>These ultra right conservatives need to visit ultra right religious countries like Iran and Afghanistan or maybe Saudi Arabia.

They already know about it. That's what they want here...a Christian Taliban.


WickedDog310 t1_jbk38m7 wrote

Not to mention you don't need to have any qualifications except for a working reproductive system to become a parent while becoming a teacher requires degrees, critical thinking, certification and lots of hoop jumping.

Anyone who wants or continues to be a teacher in this climate is crazy, brave and passionate about education (for the most part, there are some psychos like in every profession who just don't give a fuck about anything).


Used-Equipment-5698 t1_jbm68w4 wrote

“The Gang of 3“😂 don’t seem to grasp that the rules apply to them. Their motivation for appointing Johnson is laughably transparent. They don’t really care about the town. They just want to push their narrow agenda, and make themselves feel important.


No_Rule_9059 t1_jbt9j6g wrote

Most teachers nowadays are groomers and bad influences. That's why you need a Conservative School board committee to keep them straight and the kids safe


koidrieyez t1_jbc1z8s wrote

Why do so many left wing extremists hide their true colors when speaking in public? We knew who she is and what she stands for. We didn't want her that's why she finished third. Sorry Jessica, no participation prize for you.


Coincel_pro t1_jbdi8yi wrote

i voted for her. she’s 3rd place by 28 votes. you know who didn’t get a single vote yet got the spot instead?

e: 27 votes, and u/koidrieyez calls it a participation trophy but the Richmond town charter formally calls it the next appointee in case of a vacancy.


mkmck t1_jbjf5md wrote

The right wing nutbags couldn't care less what the rules call for. They don't answer subpoenas, they attack our capital (killing police, and call it a "peaceful protest") because they don't like the results of an election, and they stack our court system with like-minded traitors using whatever underhanded means needed. Same with local school boards all over the country. The right follows their own set of rules, and "fuck you if you don't like it, libtard" is their mantra.


ChedwardCoolCat t1_jbcrnhp wrote

So just toss out the law that says she gets the seat and pick whoever because Trump. Solid solid stuff.


Jeb764 t1_jbd2cdv wrote

“Hide their true colors” we don’t you’ve just consumed so much propaganda that you don’t actually know what the left is.


Coincel_pro t1_jbe97oz wrote

So, please I am asking sincerely here, why do you think she is a "left wing extremist"? A lot of conservatives on this sub get reflexively downvoted and a lot of times its because they throw out labels "communist", "radical" etc that aren't remotely true for the person they address.

What makes Purcell a left wing extremist?


citrus_mystic t1_jbe9wz3 wrote

Left wing extremist? Are you for real? You need to stop watching Tucker Carlson, buddy.


koidrieyez t1_jbeipbb wrote

Don't have cable. Never seen him.


mkmck t1_jbjfex1 wrote

You couldn't be more full of shit.


Coincel_pro t1_jbmb4ng wrote

look at this bitchmade poster that can’t even explain their own viewpoint. boomer propaganda victim.


citrus_mystic t1_jbktyxx wrote

It’s incredibly telling that this was the comment that you chose to respond to. Likely because you are unable to substantiate your original statement, because it’s just an unfounded and shit opinion from a conservative snowflake.


Jack__Squat t1_jbf011r wrote

> We didn't want her that's why she finished third

So appoint a guy who didn't run, i.e. didn't want the job until it was handed to him?


Algaeri t1_jbeipqc wrote

Could you please explain why she’s a left wing extremist. I haven’t detected this but it would affect how I feel about this whole situation