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koidrieyez t1_jbc1z8s wrote

Why do so many left wing extremists hide their true colors when speaking in public? We knew who she is and what she stands for. We didn't want her that's why she finished third. Sorry Jessica, no participation prize for you.


Coincel_pro t1_jbdi8yi wrote

i voted for her. she’s 3rd place by 28 votes. you know who didn’t get a single vote yet got the spot instead?

e: 27 votes, and u/koidrieyez calls it a participation trophy but the Richmond town charter formally calls it the next appointee in case of a vacancy.


mkmck t1_jbjf5md wrote

The right wing nutbags couldn't care less what the rules call for. They don't answer subpoenas, they attack our capital (killing police, and call it a "peaceful protest") because they don't like the results of an election, and they stack our court system with like-minded traitors using whatever underhanded means needed. Same with local school boards all over the country. The right follows their own set of rules, and "fuck you if you don't like it, libtard" is their mantra.


ChedwardCoolCat t1_jbcrnhp wrote

So just toss out the law that says she gets the seat and pick whoever because Trump. Solid solid stuff.


Jeb764 t1_jbd2cdv wrote

“Hide their true colors” we don’t you’ve just consumed so much propaganda that you don’t actually know what the left is.


Coincel_pro t1_jbe97oz wrote

So, please I am asking sincerely here, why do you think she is a "left wing extremist"? A lot of conservatives on this sub get reflexively downvoted and a lot of times its because they throw out labels "communist", "radical" etc that aren't remotely true for the person they address.

What makes Purcell a left wing extremist?


citrus_mystic t1_jbe9wz3 wrote

Left wing extremist? Are you for real? You need to stop watching Tucker Carlson, buddy.


koidrieyez t1_jbeipbb wrote

Don't have cable. Never seen him.


mkmck t1_jbjfex1 wrote

You couldn't be more full of shit.


Coincel_pro t1_jbmb4ng wrote

look at this bitchmade poster that can’t even explain their own viewpoint. boomer propaganda victim.


citrus_mystic t1_jbktyxx wrote

It’s incredibly telling that this was the comment that you chose to respond to. Likely because you are unable to substantiate your original statement, because it’s just an unfounded and shit opinion from a conservative snowflake.


Jack__Squat t1_jbf011r wrote

> We didn't want her that's why she finished third

So appoint a guy who didn't run, i.e. didn't want the job until it was handed to him?


Algaeri t1_jbeipqc wrote

Could you please explain why she’s a left wing extremist. I haven’t detected this but it would affect how I feel about this whole situation