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shortys7777 t1_jbpf80q wrote

Probably at the docks. For grocery store just guessing market basket will have the best deal but who knows.


GotenRocko t1_jbr7r8y wrote

Good fortune supermarket in Providence is a really good seafood department and have good prices on lobster.


huh_phd t1_jbpfb86 wrote

The docks. Cheap seafood is a recipe for a GI disaster


helpmebreakwallst OP t1_jbph5hg wrote

Where’s “the docks”?


Soccerduk24 t1_jbpk6z2 wrote

galilee, go there around noon-3


helpmebreakwallst OP t1_jbpkted wrote

Would there be a specific address or spot there or something; sorry complete noob at buying fresh seafood 😅


ihatemakingids t1_jbplxhr wrote

I would map this address: 138-198 Great Island Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882. The lobster boats are a little past that just before you go over the bridge. You should see signs

Edit: i forgot you can also check out the ri dem website and click on the Rhode island seafood map and it will show you all the local fisherman.


TzarKazm t1_jbqcmmz wrote

Thanks for the resource, although some of the places look iffy. Seabra supermarket? I'm not sure that's one of my top picks.


ihatemakingids t1_jbqdkvp wrote

Yeah i would personally just stick to the local fisherman that are listed there rather then the seafood markets.


whatsaphoto t1_jbqcqko wrote

Just made some stupid good poke bowls with a cut of tuna that we grabbed from galilee docks. Great guys over there, and they have some seriously good stock available on most days.


huh_phd t1_jbpha1t wrote

Narragansett. There's also a seafood wholesaler off of 1A


solotravelblog t1_jbq2zu0 wrote

Are there any other “docks” in RI besides Galilee?


huh_phd t1_jbq36lt wrote

There's a solid seafood wholesaler with a storefront off of 1A in Narragansett (first right when heading to the URI GSO)


RIFCSUPERFAN t1_jbpfl0i wrote

The ocean


EllisDee3 t1_jbpsrd9 wrote

Careful though. Penalties can get expensive if you do it wrong.


BenBos15 t1_jbpf44o wrote

You don't want to buy or eat "cheap" lobsters...


helpmebreakwallst OP t1_jbph808 wrote

I just want reasonably priced lobsters


SufficientZucchini21 t1_jbpkqsg wrote

You’ve gotten a lot of good responses. Where are you located?


helpmebreakwallst OP t1_jbpl3cb wrote

I’m located in Warwick but looking to buy some fresh lobsters next week for my mothers bday and hopefully best priced


LongRhode t1_jbplhkz wrote

Captains Catch in Appanoug has deals sometimes. They will even steam them for you too if you like


SufficientZucchini21 t1_jbppix7 wrote

The State Pier in Newport has fair prices but that’s a hike for you. Probably best just to shop around. Whatever you do, just make sure they are fresh and don’t smell fishy.


wormholeweapons t1_jbpkwcz wrote

It’s RI. Where are lobsters NOT cheap?

Even good fish mongers or grocery stores max you’ll pay is $15 a lb. Most have them at $10-$12 generally. Watch for sales at $6-$9 a lb.

Galilee docks you’ll find boats selling straight from catch. Those will be cheaper but really only about the best sale price grocers will have.


whatsaphoto t1_jbqcxxc wrote

I've seen prices as low as $8/lb at Galilee during high-yield months!


BuntCarf t1_jbppbr5 wrote

I like the kind that are in the river behind the bike path at Slater Park. They taste like pennies but they're free, even if DEM tells you you're "under arrest".


FrutaFertil t1_jbrkvbp wrote

I just bought some at market basket $13/lb. It’s just not the season at the moment!


kbrosnan t1_jbpen8o wrote

If you want the best price you will need to call around to the various seafood departments. Market Basket, Shaw's, Stop & Shop, etc. Don't sleep on the seafood markets like Diggers, Tony's, Amoriggi depending on what is in they can have good prices.


Soccerduk24 t1_jbpoo3w wrote

it's really small. you can't miss the docks. there's a seafood market right next to them


tilario t1_jbq76fq wrote

my brother used throw on his scuba gear and dive for them near scarborough beach.


Maleficent_Student39 t1_jbpt45k wrote

There is a guy who on the side of the the road off of Cranston street in providence. In a van with a cooler he sells seafood possibly the cheapest place I could think of or makong seafood market off broad street providence


Standard_Layer_2128 t1_jbq57px wrote

Newport lobster shack lobstermans co-op. State pier 9. Support local


Lonely_Ad8983 t1_jbt3y09 wrote

Market basket has quality lobster usually out of Gloucester and normally not over 10 a pound


401-Climber t1_jbq9lrb wrote

You can get yourself a license to harvest and catch them yourself. And btw you do not need a boat for this. RI DEM will have information as well as any townhall


helpmebreakwallst OP t1_jbq9sw4 wrote

If I ate them I totally would im only buying some for my mom and some family


401-Climber t1_jbqcd4z wrote

State pier in Newport, the spot in Narragansett that’s been mentioned already. Anywhere the lobster boats are docking, there will be a wholesaler right nearby. These are the lowest prices for lobster in the whole world. No exaggeration. The same can be said for the commercial fishing towns all the way up the coast to Maine. North Atlantic Lobster is only harvested from this area of the entire earth.


blitzkreigbop9 t1_jbqcbzn wrote

That dude on Manton ave selling them out of a cooler


SweatyCockroach8212 t1_jbqrind wrote

In the bay. Head out for a swim, find some rocks, dive down and stick your hands into some holes. If something grabs your hand, pull. You got your self a free lobster.

Repeat as many time as necessary.