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overthehillhat t1_jd8gzq2 wrote

HUGE nesting area on the EP/Seekonk line - -

behind the Home Depot


insearchofthingz t1_jd8warc wrote

If you go before the trees start to grow their leaves back it’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I go once a day when they are home. Truly something to see


Brilliant-Yam7087 t1_jd8rjjy wrote

George Washington Hwy in Smithfield. Right across from the entrance to Smithfield Toyota.


Cannibal_OX t1_jd8agai wrote

Not in RI but there's a spot I absolutely love in Wrentham. Wollomonopoag Conservation Area. Down towards the end of Elysium St in Wrentham there's a small parking area with a trailhead. Short walk to lake/marsh area with lots of herons and other wildlife (swans, ducks, owls, beaver/muskrat, etc etc). Not a difficult trail but expect some grades and rocks and tree roots, encroaching brush, muddy parts... Can be buggy particularly in warmer weather.


liqquidlunch t1_jd8ai80 wrote

no to your question but I once saw a great blue hering in the lake at Bird Sanctuary in Exeter. Beautifull majestic looking bird, they'r huge too


Even-Vegetable-1700 t1_jd8lcko wrote

The rookery behind the Home Depot on the East Providence/Seekonk line is easily visible from the parking lot. It’s amazing.


foxymarxy t1_jd8kvs3 wrote

There’s a resident blue heron at Meshanticut Lake sometimes not sure about rookery though. It’s my favorite bird!


Tacos_Polackos t1_jd8rchn wrote

Not in RI, but not far: in Sutton, MA there's a campground called Sutton Falls. There's a lake on their property that feeds Lake manchaug. I've seen herons in the swampy northern part of that lake every time I've been there in the last 40 years.


thetaoofroth t1_jd8w8k6 wrote

The largest heron I've seen in my life is on Alton pond. I do not know where the rookery is, but there's a pterodactyl that runs it.


misterspokes t1_jd8tri2 wrote

I used to see herons at Carr Pond rowing around from the Gilbert Stewart Birthplace Museum.


wyldweasil t1_jd9a22l wrote

See them all the time on the Blackstone Valley Bike Path. Saw one yesterday in Lincoln between Martin Street and 123 along the riverside. It was a weird spot because usually I see them at the Albion falls


Dances_With_Cheese t1_jd9gld6 wrote

I don’t know if it’s an official rookery but I see them all the time on the Barrington/Riverside line. There’s a parking spot for birdwatching on 114 in Barrington where you could park to see them. It’s 5 minutes from the EP/Seekonk Home Depot spot another poster mentioned. There’s actually two birdwatching spots right there, one in Barrington and another a little closer to the radio station


Wonderful_Bother9172 t1_jd8d1j8 wrote

Fuck them birds they try to get my koi fish!


DrivenByDemons t1_jd8q2dm wrote


the birds are natives, protect your silly man-made pond containing non-native species :D


Wonderful_Bother9172 t1_jd9czq0 wrote

reportsavefollow 🤣🤣🤣

My koi are at least 20 years old and very happy in my memorial garden and well protected.


DrivenByDemons t1_jd9hxiq wrote

Ok well keep bitching about native birds that don't bother your fish then 🤷