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PlanetGoneCyclingOn t1_jdaixer wrote

I love Rhode Island until I open Zillow


boulevardofdef t1_jdbh9mp wrote

See, Zillow makes me love Rhode Island more because all the other places where I'd actually want to live are more expensive.


[deleted] t1_jdcxych wrote

“Oh I wonder what HALF A MILLION DOLLARS can get me”

:: opens Zillow ::

  • “Great fixer upper!”
  • “Sold as tear down, lot only”
  • “650sqft”
  • literally a one room log cabin in the woods

:: immediately closes Zillow & pours a stiff drink ::


overthehillhat t1_jdchqp7 wrote

We have been just lucky enough to be just far enough away from Boston - to have a more affordable real estate market

It is still is relatively better


[deleted] t1_jdafu6v wrote



Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdag4qv wrote

I won’t disagree on that, there definitely is. Crime is definitely on a lesser scale here compared to other states, at least I think so. Maybe I’m just seeing things through rose colored glasses.


[deleted] t1_jdah3no wrote



Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdai9vo wrote

100% poverty does breed crime. I’m thankful to be in a fortunate lucky spot but this state does have a high rent problem among other things but I’m thinking on the positives. Hopefully these things do get better. For everyone.


greenglasstree t1_jdauxth wrote

I feel like it doesn't always. If you compare Southeast Asia to Latin America, they are at similar levels of socioeconomic development yet Southeast Asia is far less violent.

Bhutan is a great example of a poor country that is not violent.


dragoninahat t1_jdazfnp wrote

Do you know if there's similar rates of income inequality as well? I'm curious if that plays into it.


FourAM t1_jdc8i9x wrote

Yeah I think that “we all collectively get by on very little” vs “I had a nice home and my dickhead landlord priced me out of it because everyone else was doing the same to their tenants” is a big motivating factor in “I turned to crime”


dragoninahat t1_jddmj29 wrote

Yeah, that would be my assumption too. I'm not sure if stats back it up in general. But it makes sense as poor and rich are comparative, looking at 1000 years ago or whatever and what's poor and rich is very different.


greenglasstree t1_jdey2pl wrote

I think it's the income inequality more than poverty.

If it were poverty and low education, you'd see more homicide in Sub-Saharan Africa than Latin America.


boulevardofdef t1_jdbhh3g wrote

You're not imagining things, the crime rate here is remarkably low and frankly always has been. Waraq aside, I think I heard recently that Warwick is one of the safest cities of its size in the country.


esquilax t1_jdc570y wrote

You can't put Waraq aside. They'll just jump out from somewhere again.


jaxsotsllamallama t1_jdcy3rz wrote

I agree. I grew up on LI and didn’t see a lot of crime in my town even though I grew up in poverty. I’ve lived in the “safest” part of phoenix and there were home invasions daily (and I lived near all of the AZ cardinals players). Colorado was more of the same; safe, small town with lots of crime. I’m happy to be here that is for sure!


argument_sketch t1_jdambeb wrote

Grew up in RI. Went to college and worked in Central NY. Have lived and worked in MA since then.

Tough call. I loved all three places. might retire in Rhode Island. But, honestly, I think Massachusetts has its shit together more than the other 2 states.


liliumsuperstar t1_jdankkr wrote

I love MA but they priced me out. Still very happy in RI but MA is home.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdan8jj wrote

I work in Massachusetts because jobs here don’t pay enough so hey, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s more than just the wacky crime that goes on elsewhere that I’m thankful for.


sbaz86 t1_jdc71sy wrote

I live in RI, work in MA too, mostly the Boston area. Pay is much better.


Distinct-Ad5751 t1_jdannge wrote

I’m from Greater Boston and have lived in RI for 25+ years. MA definitely has its advantages but RI has come a looong way.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdaoagi wrote

We have! But I do like Massachusetts and it’s residents and jobs, I like both states!


TheUnholyHustler t1_jdba8yk wrote

I'm currently living in downtown Providence and moving to MA towards the end of summer. I'll always love RI but I don't see myself living there again. I'm excited for some change as the last year living downtown hasn't been the greatest experience.


burner4199 t1_jdc556h wrote

MA to RI transplant, Downtown Providence makes Boylston Street seem like a casual stroll and I have no idea how people live there.


AbStRaCt1179 t1_jddb9pr wrote

Please for the love of your money Retire down South. NC and SC are perfect for Northern Pensions.


jt_tesla t1_jdaejcx wrote

I grew up in NYC and everyday I’m happy not to hear about people getting pushed onto the train tracks, drive by shootings and school stabbings. Watching the news was stressful.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdafzam wrote

I can imagine, while yes we do have our crimes and even weird crimes and such, still. Still thankful I live in this state. It’s not perfect but it’s good.


lavendergrowing101 t1_jdcj75c wrote

new york has one of the lowest crime rates of any major us city


jt_tesla t1_jdcod1a wrote

I grew up in NYC in the 80s and 90s. It was different then. You can check the crime rates


Equivalent-Junket887 t1_jdb1yy7 wrote

Is people getting pushed onto train tracks a normal thing?


boulevardofdef t1_jdbhtpm wrote

It got a lot of news coverage last year. There was a bit of a trend. Obviously if you go ride the New York City subway you are statistically incredibly unlikely to get pushed onto the tracks, but it happened a few times and everyone got very paranoid about it.


noungning t1_jdenfat wrote

Grew up in Providence, asides from the train track thing, the others were typical for us. We even had stabbing at our graduation.


thebubblyparalegal t1_jdaxzwu wrote

Try moving from Dallas, I watch CBS DFW every morning and then turn on WPRI and CBS Boston….

Every morning this week on CBS DFW they’ve talked about shootings….. on CBS Boston they were talking about kids taking edibles at school.

Crazy how gun laws actually work


majoroutage t1_jdb3m0q wrote

I think it's more like, we're just a little more civilized up here so we wouldn't have as much of those either way. ME, NH, and VT, are all Constitutional Carry states. Definitely not as shooting-crazy as Texas. Or the gun control capitol of Chicago, for that matter....


thebubblyparalegal t1_jdb57kc wrote

Gun laws aside, it’s not as segregated here. That contributes to a lot of it.

I spent 3 semesters researching housing policies in undergrad & everything that increases crime and places minorities at a disadvantage is exactly what Texas does.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdb6n8h wrote

Texas is fucking wild. I swear, hearing how people get shot at and it’s not considered attempted murder is nuts to me. Wild ‘modern’ west.


thebubblyparalegal t1_jdb7jke wrote

Sounds like a normal day in the good ole Lone Star State! Gun violence is very normalized. I remember talking about the shooting at my HS during my senior year when I first moved. I just casually dropped it in a conversation, and whoever I was talking to was like what???! Like they couldn’t imagine ever being in that situation.

We never said “if the school ever gets shot up” but “when the school gets shot up” during drills. Different world down there.


jackassjimmy t1_jdb48lc wrote

It’s not that we’re more civilized, we just have an exponentially smaller population.


Jymantis t1_jdb30a3 wrote

That's interesting. Lifelong RI resident and visited Texas not all that long ago Flew in and out from San Antonio. Last night in Texas was spent in a hotel next to the airport due to a early departure. Around midnight some dumbass drove by on the highway unloading his mag from a vehicle. Scared the shit out of me and I jumped out of bed and hit the floor. Was quite happy to come home. Fwiw I live near the rod and gun club and own a couple firearms. It's different for sure.


thebubblyparalegal t1_jdb4ile wrote

What you heard may not have been a gun, could have been a two step backfire. They sound very similar. Welcome to Texas, where we can’t tell if someone’s truck is fucking up or if they’re unloading a clip!

But yeah, they’ve taken 10 steps back with all of these insanely loose gun laws. I’ve been wondering if their goal is to just create the state into some massive survival of the fittest challenge, seems that way.


Jymantis t1_jdbbo5a wrote

Mind blown that you would reply with this. I'm a car guy who drag races,street races and wrenches on all kinds of stuff. Done it for 30 years and counting. I own a turbo car with a 2 step and this is a just a downright weird coincidence that you reply with this as a possibility. I have enough know how to say with great confidence it wasn't a 2 step it was some asshole shooting from the highway.


thebubblyparalegal t1_jdbcq5n wrote

I dated losers who drove big trucks with confederate flags attached to the back in high school, they taught me more about cars and trucks than I would like to admit. I expected you to not know what I was walking about, so yeah, odd coincidence.

I’m glad you know the difference… A lot of people from Cali have moved into my hometown & someone is always posting about hearing a drive by shooting in the local Facebook group. Roughly 2 hours later, some dude will comment and have to explain his entire car to 30 confused middle aged women. Every time.


RicochetRed t1_jdb7xtc wrote

Former Texan here. Moved in 2019. Never going back.


Thac0 t1_jdai840 wrote

All the time tbh. I’m glad to be here


Allopathological t1_jdcpyle wrote

Rhode Islanders 🤝 Other Rhode Islanders


Thac0 t1_jdcqa4r wrote

With all the negativity I see from my fellow Ocean Staters on places like FB etc. it’s actually nice to see


sbaz86 t1_jdal9vv wrote

RI is home, home is RI. That’s all I know, and I love it.


Friars1918 t1_jdallqr wrote

The crazy weather elsewhere too


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdalso8 wrote

Dude I just heard that LA had a tornado, fucking LA! They already have earthquakes! Could not imagine living in tornado alley or anything like that but if we were to have a tsunami here or hurricane we would be super fucked.


Vin1021 t1_jdaw3dz wrote

Chiming in from Oklahoma. Moving back to New England this summer.

We have tornadoes and earthquakes. I think Oklahoma exceeds California. No 7+ magnitude though. They are unnerving in a different way. I at least can get a short heads up on tornadoes. They know when the weather is ready for one.

I have zero notice on earthquakes. You can "feel" them right before they hit though. Like a vibration in your body if that makes sense.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdawfza wrote

It does not because I have no reference and hope I never do but I’m thinking it’s similar to a gut feeling?


Vin1021 t1_jdawz4p wrote

Yep. A gut feeling. Almost sinking.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdaxcqq wrote

Man that’s scary stuff, I can only imagine. I’ve had that gut feeling before about social situations and such but never environmental. Glad you’re here to tell the tale though


Vin1021 t1_jdaxx2w wrote

Tornadoes too! One side sounds like a freight train the other sounds like a vacuum. Just depends on the direction.


Accurate-Historian-7 t1_jdb77gr wrote

When I open my electric bill each month I say to myself “Damn we are being fucked”.


imuniqueaf t1_jdapslf wrote

I grew up in Chicago. When I go back and watch the news I can't help but appreciate my new home.


Many_Photograph_828 t1_jdbvjmr wrote

Hello fellow former Chicagoan! Watching the news or even following r/Chicago has me feeling the same. Every state, city will have problems, but RI feels a lot more manageable and the corruption seems a lot less interwoven to it than our hometown


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdaq41a wrote

Everywhere has it’s pros and cons but hey glad you’re glad to be here like some of us are.!


Pilotfish26 t1_jdcgfli wrote

Same. I love RI so much. Never moving back to Chicago.


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_jdb9r0m wrote

Are you new here? This just gives me the honeymoon stage vibes of a new relationship.

For what it's worth, I'm a long term transplant who is a huge fan of the state, but I've lived in other small cities and other states and if I had ended up there I'm sure I would have had a happy and fulfilling life like my friends still in those places.

I am extremely involved in state and local meetings and the fact is that Rhode Island is just a messy as many other states. They definitely do better than states that have gone far right, but they're kind of iconic as a liberal state that just falls short of well run liberal states. The nepotism here is kind of insane and every appointment seems to be someone "knowing a guy" and giving them yet anothers high powered job in the state due to name recognition. Then getting a 150k salary. Some of these people have made wildly unpopular decisions like Gina and the pension debacle (named nationally as one of the worst restructurings in the county. Absolutely horrifying when you learn the details).

As far as negative press and weather, a lot of it depends on the year. 2015 was a mess where we were stuck in some kind of snow pile every other day and, as the ocean state, we aren't exactly in a position to cast judgement-- we are in a very vulnerable coastal area.

We do have super low crime rates. As someone who volunteers closely with people financially on the edge here, it's abysmal the direction that we are headed with COL adjustments and it makes me worry that decades from now we will see people in abject poverty, much higher homeless populations, and possibly higher rates of crime as a result. It's honestly a direction that the state has taken that keeps me up at night, as one of the best parts of the state has been seeing people thrive in FHA programs or build a great life in the trades. Now every town in the state has been ripe for rapid gentrification.

And I say that as someone who has built their entire life here by choice. Anywhere, USA is going through some tough times politically and economically and RI is not an exception.

When laid back locals speak, I listen. Those are people that have seen some wild ups and downs here and can tell you all about the hole of a downtown pre-1990s, high recession unemployment rates, and boom/bust cycles here with local governments. Those people have seen some shit lol.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdba2by wrote

Born and raised here for many years, I’m a huge fan of the state while again it’s not perfect or insanely better than other states or liberal run states and I agree it could be better, anywhere could be better. I appreciate rhode Island for what it is. Pros and cons.


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_jdbd2e3 wrote

Good to hear! I feel similarly. I just feel like something has changed and I see a lot more people living in despair on the brink of homelessness in my circles. So it is really impacting my view of things here lately, admittedly.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdbe2vy wrote

Something has changed or more so it has already , rent is higher, poverty is more so than when I grew up and we do have problems when it comes to living situations. It can be a struggle at times, There is no denying that. Still, I do appreciate that I am here.


glossy999 t1_jdaw8ty wrote

100%! I grew up here and then moved around quite a bit. Living in Philly was an education in casual and terrifyingly random violence. Coming back to RI was the best decision I could have made!


Double-Diamond-4507 t1_jdb4lej wrote

Providence born & raised. I left for 12 years, and was homesick the entire time. I will never leave again


lelekfalo t1_jdbk4xr wrote

As someone who moved here from Chicago: YES.


Novel_Pea_6463 t1_jdc0rey wrote

Taxes are still too high 1 million people and $1 billion state budget makes no sense unless there’s lots and lots of people - on the take in our government


DrowningInFeces t1_jdaz4yv wrote

I had a family member murdered in the streets and the police did absolutely nothing to find the culprit so I'd say that qualifies as a crazy event for me in RI. I assume you are talking about events on a larger scale than a an isolated murder but it sure did ruin my life and the lives of my family members. Just hope something like this doesn't happen to you because it happens in RI and the cops don't care.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdazwc4 wrote

I am talking about events on a much larger scale compared to isolated ones. Either way regardless of this post and it’s comments I’m really sorry you went through that man and that this state and it’s police failed you. I’ve never went though a traumatic family event like that so I do not know how it feels and I also hope it never happens to me either but I’m aware it could happen , doesn’t mean I am prepared. No one is. I hope you are healing and are in a better place from then though.


Pilotfish26 t1_jdci66w wrote

I am so sorry this happened to your family member and to you. Devastating.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdb0440 wrote

Did they never find the culprit? Is it an open case still? You don’t have to respond to these questions if they are too personal by the way, I am just honestly curious. Sorry if me asking upsets you. I do apologize in advance


DrowningInFeces t1_jdb39d6 wrote

My father was beaten to death and left on the street to die. There was a brief investigation in that a detective asked some coworkers at my father's job if they noticed anything suspicious before his death but they determined it to be unsolvable within a couple days, closed the case, and never looked back. We've tried to raise awareness and pushed the police to investigate further but they have essentially laughed us off and it's been pretty impossible to get people to give a shit. There was never a motivation or suspect, just a man beaten to death and left on the street to die. It didn't appear to be a mugging as he had his wallet and watch. The police didn't make any effort beyond what I describe above so my siblings, my mother, and I are left with no answers and no justice. I understand some cases are unsolvable but the police didn't even try. I know you say RI isn't crazy but it feels crazy to me when something like this can happen and no one bats an eye about it.


TheUnholyHustler t1_jdbbbkx wrote

That's horrible and my condolences for your loss. I've lost 2 friends to gun violence in Providence since 2021 and neither one of the cases have been solved. It's a lot crazier out here than people want to admit but it is what it is. Hopefully nobody here will have to experience that type of loss. It's bad enough to lose people you care about to mindless violence but not being able to find closure while at the same time knowing the people who did it are still out there is quite unnerving.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdb3nmy wrote

I don’t know if you mind but I listen to a lot of crime podcasts and they do a lot of advocacy work and I’ve heard only a small few (maybe like 4 cases) involving a murder or cold case in Rhode Island but there is this one and it’s this podcast called crime junkie, I’m a pretty avid fan and they do cover cases sent in. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of them but I’m all in favor of getting justice for crimes like these and I’d totally would email them and message them about this. Any awareness is good awareness and hearing story after story I can only imagine show frustrating it is not to see justice


SlimJim0877 t1_jdbmc1b wrote

Nope. I lived in RI until I was in my early 20's, moved up to Boston and never looked back. I now live in a nice west coast city which, while expensive, offers far more opportunity, significantly higher wages, and great weather. People here are noticeably happier and it makes a huge difference in the day to day. When I visit RI, there are certainly thing that I still like about it (mostly southern RI) but what used to feel like home now feels depressing to me. The food is definitely great though, and I do miss NESN.


brick1972 t1_jdcso80 wrote

I like collecting downvotes from our MAGA contingent so I will say that I see crazy things like what is going on in the bible belt and yes, very thankful.


bambooboi t1_jdamjro wrote

Not too much tbh.

Best decision of my life was to move out of Rhody after 34 years there.

My taxes are much better, my house much bigger, my life far more affordable, and my politicians actually have a shot of being president some day (here's looking at you, Chafee!)


boulevardofdef t1_jdbi8uc wrote

Until I got to the president part, I thought you meant that's what happened when you moved TO Rhody, because that's exactly what I thought when I moved here from New York.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdanlkg wrote

Glad the last 34 years have been good to you at least. We’re still here kickin’


bambooboi t1_jdaoqd1 wrote

Dont get me wrong... RI is sooo good! But we need to shape up, too.

Cant beat our beaches, Newport (and Gansett), and food


tads73 t1_jdavbl5 wrote

I lived in Seattle for 2 years, the news was frightening? The worst shit happened every day. I recalled how RI was very tame in comparison.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdavi37 wrote

Didn’t you guys also have a portion of the city that was taken over/occupied by people for a while as well?


tads73 t1_jdavx2w wrote

Civil unrest, yes. On multiple occasions, rebar was thrown onto a 10 lane highway from an overpass.


ziddersroofurry t1_jday9jb wrote

I lived in RI for almost 40 years. I don't miss it. If you think it doesn't have its share of fucked up problems you've got your head in the sand.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdayhic wrote

I don’t. So i don’t think I have sand in my head. Never said it was perfect. Everywhere has its pros and cons.


boulevardofdef t1_jdbii59 wrote

I honestly wouldn't trust the opinion of someone who says they lived somewhere for 40 years and doesn't miss it. I miss everywhere I've ever lived to some degree.


Perswayable t1_jdb31ob wrote



Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdb37f5 wrote

Simple, short and to the point. Gotcha. That sucks though man hope you do find somewhere that you do feel that way about


BradyStoneheart t1_jdbrrwz wrote

I grew up in RI but I live in Washington state now. It’s great here really. But I’m convinced there is no better state than RI.


dollrussian t1_jdcqqna wrote

Yeah, except we have our own loons trying to pull that shit in this state too. Remember to get involved in your kids school boards so that crazies like that woman in SK don’t get their way.


Jymantis t1_jdbfiml wrote

No shame in having automotive knowledge. It will serve you well and I understand your concern. I'm a neighbor to Fall River Ma and the city has had at least one incident with cops and a shooting because of a 2 step.


Fine-Loquat t1_jdck9nc wrote

More like waiting for the hammer to drop - hopefully our turn for bullshit doesn’t come anytime soon!


CTDavyboy t1_jdcuvf6 wrote

Even just across the line in CT when I watch the national weather I think "who knew central New England would become the country's garden spot?"


mantisMD97 t1_jddcvq2 wrote

Caught some hood rats trying to break into my car again yesterday, so, no, not really. Also, not sure why you think anything that’s happening in other states couldn’t happen here at any moment..


TheOGJayRussle t1_jdc6bju wrote

There’s around 1000 kidnappings in Phoenix AZ every year, that city is larger than the state of RI.


RosieRooLeonberger t1_jdansmf wrote

nope, never. to be honest. not at all.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdanz8b wrote

That sucks, hope you find somewhere you do feel that way about.


RosieRooLeonberger t1_jdaok8x wrote

thanks, probably the nicest thing anyone from RI has said to me. I find it fairly unfriendly here (hence Rude Island). This is the 5th state I've lived in and it's a noticeable difference.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdaouxd wrote

Sheesh, sorry you’ve met some mean people. We’re not all like that. I won’t disagree with you, we are not the most nicest bunch, I think that we tend to mind our business more so. Could be wrong on that though. I’ve had people tell me they never know their neighbors compared to when they are in other states


SlimJim0877 t1_jdaxjh5 wrote

I too have heard people call it "Rude Island" lol. Who would have thought that little Rhody had a rep.


Kraft-cheese-enjoyer t1_jdb9k1s wrote

I come from mass, the people here are much nicer


boulevardofdef t1_jdbirmn wrote

I grew up on Long Island and lived in New York City for 15 years, the people here aren't even in the same universe


huh_phd t1_jdaqs08 wrote

We have ATV gangs and nightclub stabbings. I'd consider that a relative victory?


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdarddy wrote

Did I say this state was perfect and free of crime? No, am I saying it’s better with crime compared to other states, perhaps a bit yeah. Am I biased? Perhaps, I’ve been around to a few states but never lived in any. So what’s your point? To point out it’s not as great as it looks because I’m not saying that. I’m saying I appreciate this state and everything it has to offer even with its shortcomings, cons and all


huh_phd t1_jdas4xd wrote

To point out it ain't all that bad? It could be way worse?

You sound like I made fun of dels or something bruh


jackassjimmy t1_jdb4lj2 wrote

Way less crime because of way less people.


boulevardofdef t1_jdbj6j7 wrote

The crime rate, which takes the number of people into account, is also low, not just the raw crime numbers.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdb5a53 wrote

For now, I know of several people moving here but yeah I definitely won’t deny that.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdb6q2s wrote

Edit:sounds weird not saying people are moving here to commit crimes


jackassjimmy t1_jdb9asf wrote

RI could not support the population that would balance the crime out.


Imaginary_Kangaroo80 OP t1_jdb9pp3 wrote

So are you saying more people would lead to less crime or more balanced or?


jackassjimmy t1_jdbfr7l wrote

What I’m saying is the amount of crime is relative to the size of the population in the state. Watching the news doesn’t help either. Feel good stories don’t keep people glued to the television, which in turn, doesn’t make for good advertising sales. The amount of violent crime is relative to wherever you live. It’s the fires, floods, abductions, murders, drug deaths, political b.s. that people tune in for. It’s also a way the media manipulates us and keeps us divided.


Apprehensive-Bid1605 t1_jdbwmr8 wrote

No. I think it sucks to live in Rhode Island. It’s expensive. It’s too blue and it’s too socialist! I cannot wait to move out of here!