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Beezlegrunk OP t1_jc9eot0 wrote

If giving out-of-state millionaires tens of millions of dollars in public subsidies for non-viable projects is your definition of “progress”, you must be a big fan of Curt Schilling and the 38 studios deal, and still mad at the “dinosaurs” who resisted it.

As P.T. Barnum said, there’s one born every minute …


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_jc9j17j wrote

I was just thinking of 38 Studios. I would be willing to bet that a lot of people are new to the area and are totally unfamiliar with that debacle and the years of mess that followed.

It sort of reminds me of every thread on snow days being an overreaction when new residents don't realize kids got stranded on buses in 2007 due to a bad call.


fishythepete t1_jcavk3c wrote

So you’re against the Superman building project too?


Beezlegrunk OP t1_jcb1e4u wrote

I’m against public subsidies for rich people


fishythepete t1_jcbajw4 wrote

How do you define “Rich People”? High Rock isn’t a person - are subsidies for a business ok?