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tibbon t1_jdrbh5b wrote

Make sure you pay your taxes on the purchase ASAP. If you don't pay them within some time period (15 or 30 days of purchase, I cannot recall), they'll fine you additionally. Yes, even if you were waiting to pay at the DMV. They scolded me and told me if they were busy/unavailable, it was up to me to go to the tax office in Providence and manually pay it before going to the DMV.


crazymanal t1_jdrnfto wrote

I got shafted with that. I bought a camper in the winter and waited a couple of months before registering it.

Funny thing is, when I was paying the penalty at the dmv I told the guy I should have made a fake bill of sale with a different date. He said “Oh yeah. A lot of people do that”.


RI-Transplant OP t1_jdv6wse wrote

How much is the fine itself?


crazymanal t1_jdv98gn wrote

This happened maybe 5 years ago so I don’t remember exactly. I think it was 10% of the owed tax plus a few extra dollars.

I only paid $2k for the camper so for me it wasn’t to bad. Tax, registration, fees, penalties, everything it was a little over $200. I bought the camper in February and registered it in April.

FYI. The guy telling me people use fake bills of sales was at the Wakefield office.


RI-Transplant OP t1_jdvboya wrote

Thanks, that’s not too bad. I got an appointment at Cranston today, woo-hoo!