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bambooboi t1_jdawa75 wrote

Absolutely agree.

This state leadership needs to get its head out of its ass and focus on reality. We have an aging, as well as low socioeconomic demographic as a state. We are becoming increasingly strained in schooling, elder care (nursing), affordable housing (most structures in Providence are greater than 50 years old), and healthcare (Lifespan and CNE are collectively in greater than $100 mill in debt).

A soccer stadium should be the last of our worries.


misterspokes t1_jdb7wtm wrote

Especially since the soccer team was fine with playing in Cranston and upgrading Stebbins...


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_jdbemo3 wrote

You sound like me when I try to explain to people coming from MA why it's magically so much cheaper to buy a house here.

I think you covered all of your bases except for the pension nightmare.

Oh and climate change and all of our coastal towns at risk of flooding and in flood zoning.