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BostonRevolutionary t1_jdif7yo wrote

I've had the misfortune of coming across a few folks on dirt bikes driving like animals on the main roads, while this is sad to see. It really is a product of their own doing. They should have known better but still made poor decisions. If only they had been using the dirt bike on ya know, dirt...


bungocheese t1_jdlrnt9 wrote

Not justifying the riders actions but FYI There isn't anywhere legal in RI to ride a dirt bike.


stuckinoblivion69 t1_jdm5m0e wrote

Lol that is not true


bungocheese t1_jdmdd3a wrote

Where then? Most of these people don't have acres of their own land


Proof-Delay-602 t1_jdmh6bh wrote

It’s not legal on the street, should not be driven on the street. End of story. A dirt bike is a luxury. It’s not meant for transportation, but fun. Who cares if there is no where to ride it. If there is nowhere to ride it then do not buy it. What happened is sad. But, this dirt bike riding on public roads is the prototypical example of selfish and discourteous behavior. They are endangering not only themselves but others as well. That young lady died because her boyfriend put other drivers and her life at stake while recklessly and carelessly driving an illegal vehicle without lights. I have seen a similar accident happen in New Haven, CT. Luckily the young man lived in that case.


bungocheese t1_jdmo5ux wrote

My response was to the "they should be riding it on dirt" technically there is no dirt for them to ride on either. It's ineherently illegal for anyone to ride an ATV, what's interesting is up north and out west it's mostly white people riding them illegally and trespassing on others or state land and no one makes much of a fuss.


coolron1024 t1_jdhsm9j wrote

Play stupid games...


Addicted2GravyTears OP t1_jdhx4xg wrote

Definitely. My sympathy is for the poor lady they hit, who was just taking a turn. My best friend deals with post traumatic stress from a fatal accident that wasn't his fault.


RandomChurn t1_jdhyvvk wrote

My first thought was PTSD for the driver. I can't imagine the horror through absolutely no fault of her own and it being so sudden and random 😣


fckyaselves t1_jdib1al wrote

Right it’s a problem but this implies that they deserved to die. They were kids.


therealDrA t1_jdictqc wrote

They were adults...20s.


fckyaselves t1_jdid98v wrote

21 and 20 are barely adults and are not fully developed brains but go on.


therealDrA t1_jdieavy wrote

Correct, human brains continue developing through age 24. That doesn't mean 20 year olds are children...they are cognitively developed enough to know better and not endanger other people's lives. They weren't 16...give me a break, and most 16 year olds still know better.


Jeb764 t1_jdiv974 wrote

Sick of this narrative, 20 years old is old enough to make adult decisions.


barsoapguy t1_jdiyzbo wrote

Right, how many 20 year olds believe in Santa Claus, they’re adults.


follow_me_ron_jon t1_jdy9bal wrote

They graduated high school less than a year ago…


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coolron1024 t1_jdid8ws wrote

They were grown adults, who decided it was a good idea to speed down a busy city street in the dark, on an unregistered, not legal dirt bike with no lights, swerving into oncoming lanes. stupid prizes.


argument_sketch t1_jdie78a wrote

After knowing this has been a major issue and city scourge for a while now. They made a decision to be unlawful dangerous jerks. And this is the consequences.


follow_me_ron_jon t1_jdy9eba wrote

“Grown adults” passenger graduates high school last summer. You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.


fckyaselves t1_jdidksm wrote

One of them made the decision to drive recklessly, the other was a passenger. None of the reports I watched or read said anything about swerving, where did you see or learn that detail? Seems like you’re making a lot of assumptions to justify why you are happy these kids died.


coolron1024 t1_jdiecg3 wrote

Do you think the passenger was put on the back of an unregistered, not street legal dirt bike with no lights, at night on a busy city street against their will? They chose to go for that ride. Too bad. Look out for that. I'm not happy 2 people died, but I also don't give a fuck that they did. Period.


fckyaselves t1_jdiehby wrote

Cool man I’m happy for you then.


sbaz86 t1_jdj0mqn wrote

You keep trying to defend these two people, why? I agree they didn’t deserve to die, but their actions have consequences and these results aren’t surprising. What are you actually defending? Why are you against everyone in here? What’s its value to you? How can you not see that these men made their own bed and laid in it themselves? How are they the victim?


hcwhitewolf t1_jdie9qz wrote

One of the WJAR articles mentions that witnesses saw the bike driving at oncoming traffic.


sailri t1_jdipra0 wrote

Hold on. That’s it? That’s the ONLY bad decision and only one of them made it?

How wrong you are.

Normal, responsible person’s decision making, and I mean at age 18. Heck a lot of 16 year old kids have thought of some of these questions going for a driver’s permit at even age 15. ..

Should I buy a dirt bike? Can I afford the insurance? Do I have access to a pickup or a car with a trailer? Where can I ride it legally? If I can’t ride it in the street legally should I buy it? Do I own a helmet? Do I own two helmets? Should I ask my friend to ride with me? Should I ride it uninsured and not registered on the street? Above the speed limit? Passing cars at Broad and Norwood? Without a headlight in the dark?

And the friend. Should I get on anyway???


Dabsforme77 t1_jdigc4a wrote

They weren't kids. They may have acted like kids though.


follow_me_ron_jon t1_jdy99up wrote

The passenger graduated high school literally last summer….yes they were kids.


MC_Lutefisk t1_jdm1ecm wrote

Well apparently I may be the only one but I agree that a series of stupid mistakes doesn't equate to literally asking for your own death. It's a sad situation, weird that folks are lining up to dunk on a dead man.


BlueEyedRage t1_jdnv4q7 wrote

It's only because the problem has gotten so bad. Everyone has seen this as being inevitable for quite some time, so while two deaths are tragic, of course, no one is surprised or feels particularly bad for them. It has happened before, and I'm honestly surprised we don't see this headline more often.


follow_me_ron_jon t1_jdy9hmb wrote

You’ve never been outside of RI if you think the quad situation there is bad. This is just a fucking stupid bubble you live in from being a suburban bitch.


BlueEyedRage t1_jdzbsal wrote

That's great. Enjoy watching more of your idiot friends get scraped off the road!


ImCaffeinated_Chris t1_jdj6cdr wrote

I absolutely lost my shit when they interviewed this one guy who said along the lines of "We need to come together to find a way this doesn't happen again..."

Like a set of laws! That we already have!

Unregistered, no helmets, off road vehicle, no lights, and speeding are all against the laws.

You know what's needed? Better parenting. We need to raise kids to understand some laws are there for their own safety. And they need to be accountable for their actions.

I feel bad for the passenger. She had no control of the situation and put her trust in the wrong person.


wenestvedt t1_jdiaf3q wrote

> "It appeared the driver of the motorcycle attempted to brake; there was over 50 feet of skid marks."

Just how fast are you going -- when the vehicle plus two passengers weighs under 500 pounds -- that you skid for fifty feet?

Out here in the 'burbs I see quads and dirtbikes on state roads and residential streets, and it makes me so mad because they are all, always, driven stupidly.


FailingComic t1_jdimueq wrote

Not very fast. You can lock up the rear incredibly easily and once its locked it doesnt slow you down well at all. Odds are if they managed to skid that far, their front brake didn't work. A lot of these dirt bike/atv guys bikes barely function.


fishythepete t1_jdj4ojk wrote

I mean there’s a reason you need to take a class to get a motorcycle license - it’s not the same as driving a car. Possible the front brake didn’t work, but also easily possible he grabbed a handful of clutch instead of brake in a panic, or that he was relying on back brake because front brake can be “scary” in an emergency stop if you don’t have practice with threshold braking.


wenestvedt t1_jdin34k wrote

The article also says that he got it, what, the day before or the weekend before? So probably inexperienced.


str8dwn t1_jdlstxf wrote

80-85% of stopping power (on bikes) is from the front brake....


FailingComic t1_jdlw4qc wrote

Yes it is. Which is why if you don't have one on your dumpster find dirtbike, you'd be likely to skid 50ft after locking your rear panic braking.


foolproofphilosophy t1_jdj21fi wrote

Small tire contact patch to start with plus off-road lugs that further reduce the contact area leads to poor breaking performance on pavement.


wenestvedt t1_jdkfods wrote

Ah, right: a small area of contact with those new, pointy tires, right? Makes sense.


foolproofphilosophy t1_jdklxqw wrote

Yes. And the rubber compound. Tires made for dirt are very different than tires made for pavement.


nomolosddot t1_jdjmmc7 wrote

The length of a skid mark left by a dirt bike depends on several factors, including the speed of the bike, the type of surface it is skidding on, and the condition of the bike's tires.

Assuming a dry dirt surface, a reasonable estimate for the coefficient of friction between the tires and the ground is around 0.5. To calculate the required speed, we can use the following equation:

v^2 = 2μgd

where v is the initial velocity of the dirt bike, μ is the coefficient of friction, g is the acceleration due to gravity (32.2 ft/s^2), and d is the length of the skid mark (50 ft). Solving for v, we get:

v = sqrt(2μgd) = sqrt(2 * 0.5 * 32.2 * 50) ≈ 40.3 ft/s ≈ 27.5 mph

Therefore, the dirt bike would need to be going approximately 27.5 mph in order to leave a skid mark that is 50 feet long on a dry dirt surface with a coefficient of friction of 0.5.


wenestvedt t1_jdkfy08 wrote

I would have figured faster than 25-20 -- but when you're headed right for the wide of an SVU, you can't argue with the math.

A friend of mine laid down his bike in Boston like 20 years ago when someone turned in front of him next to the trolley tracks. He was wearing leathers and was fine, but our friend riding behind him was really ripped up -- and she was lucky he was already going so slow and knew what to do. There's often no good outcome when a bike meets a car.


moreobviousthings t1_jdknvg9 wrote

Tires made for dirt have big knobs of rubber, so not much touches the pavement at any given time. So skid marks are easy to make, but the bike won't slow down much.


wenestvedt t1_jdkprif wrote

Now that you mention it, I remember a book where they said a car has four big contact points but a motorcycle has two small ones "the size of your tongue."


str8dwn t1_jdlsq27 wrote

Ever hear of "knobbies"? They're dirt bike tires that don't do well on pavement. And you may have meant over 500 lbs. Not judging, just trying to provide accurate info...



Janiy t1_jdj5spv wrote

No helmets, no headlights on, 8 at night, weaving in/out of traffic and speeding on a corner. Dumb way to die. My sympathies for the family but god damn they did everything possible to make that crash happen.


BernedTendies t1_jdn4bzj wrote

Agree with everything you said. Plus the article said the guy purchased the bike a day or two before, so I’m guessing not the most experienced rider either. Smh.

RIP though


Iluvtittymeat t1_jdilzlt wrote

It must of sucked for the car that was hit and for those waiting for traffic to get moving.

Hopefully folks were able to get through the side streets to get where they were going and that insurance fully covers the SUV driver.


WickedxJosh t1_jdie82t wrote

After regularly having to dodge these exact bikes in PVD Im suprised there aren't more crashes


Jeb764 t1_jdidmgx wrote

I’d feel bad if they had not tried to run me off the road last summer.


KemperTemper1 t1_jdisx0s wrote

Damn, the poor lady driving the SUV. Her car is jacked up, obviously they didn’t have insurance. Poor EMT’s probably had to scoop brains (albeit not much) up from the ground. Imagine being stuck in traffic trying to get around this bullshit? Officers probably can’t get their twisted bodies out of their heads. Really sad situation for all these people needlessly involved. Prayers for them.


chaoticnormal t1_jdjyvlc wrote

My guess is he wasn't a licensed driver or maybe he didn't want to have to get insurance for a car.


follow_me_ron_jon t1_jdy96wy wrote

You know Jack shit about the victims and you call them brainless. You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about


KemperTemper1 t1_jdyawzc wrote

Ain’t no sweat off my back, all good over here I said what I said 🤙🏽


[deleted] t1_jdyb6xh wrote



KemperTemper1 t1_jdypbr7 wrote

There ya go, that’s the off terrain on road mentality coming out!! I’m gonna go cry into my down suburban pillows.


therealDrA t1_jdidh3f wrote

In my neighborhood some idiot father lets his son (around 10-12) ride one of these around the neighborhood...and the kid drives through the park on the grass. It is infuriating and he will probably run me over one day as I walk my small dog.


chaoticnormal t1_jdjz4ut wrote

On my street the kid is 9 on a little scooter thing and goes the wrong way on our one way street. Accident waiting to happen.


wormholeweapons t1_jdiufnp wrote

Let’s be clear. The issue isn’t “dirt bikes”. Because this very thing can happen with street legal bikes and conversely riding an off road vehicle smartly on roads doesn’t result in this either. In The Caribbean off road and on road vehicles share the roads all the time without incident.

The issue is being reckless and riding like it’s play time.


give_me_wine t1_jdjd4go wrote

I think the most reckless part about it is that this bike didn’t have turn signals, brake lights, or headlights. Plus this crash happened at night, so how are you going to ride a dirt bike on the road at night with no lights and not expect to crash into something?


WickedxJosh t1_jdj76vq wrote

Inatimate objects are never the issue. Its the people that use them. But we'll probably just introduce some new laws against dirt bikes or something stupid


BernedTendies t1_jdn4snm wrote

> Let’s be clear. The issue isn’t “dirt bikes”. Because this very thing can happen with street legal bikes

Sure, a street legal bike can be crashed but a street legal bike needs to have headlights. So 🤷‍♀️


wormholeweapons t1_jdng615 wrote

Driving your street legal bike at night with the lights off. Or if they aren’t working at all. Is the same effect. Same thing can happen with a car. THAT is the reckless part.

Off road vehicles have headlights too. They don’t have turn signals. But that’s not the issue.

RECKLESSNESS is the root cause here.


BernedTendies t1_jdnghlz wrote

lol idk why you’re arguing completely against headlights. Maybe it can be both?! I certainly know an illegal bike without legal lights didn’t help the situation that played out the other night. I think we can agree on that.

Edit: obviously these two dead people were being reckless idiots. Saying the bike isn’t the issue is also flatly wrong


Ok_Concert7397 t1_jdi8vj2 wrote

Its surprising more.of them aren't splattered


barsoapguy t1_jdj0sm3 wrote

I feel sorry for the woman killed in the crash,sounds like the dumbass got the bike the day before and decided to take her for a quick spin. Maybe she thought he would do a quick lap around the block at safe speeds and this guy decided to give her a little fright.

Which ends up killing them both.

So so tragic for her and her family. My condolences.


Swamp_yankee_ninja t1_jdkj99y wrote

My sympathies goes out to the woman legally driving her SUV take a left hand turn. Imagine you look both ways and see nothing and proceed to move and then smash! Out of nowhere a dirt bike slams into your SUV and you witness the carnage. Not only is she on her own for the repairs to her SUV, hopefully her insurance company will work with her… but she has to cope with this collision for the rest of her life, and it was no fault of hers. Hopefully maybe a few rogue riders see this as a wake up call and stop the mad max anarchy riding through city streets on recreational vehicles designed for off road use. But I have a feeling this will happen again and again. Pretty soon insurance companies will be offering uninsured motorcyclist coverage.


Narples82 t1_jdjacjn wrote

I don’t understand this. As a former motorcyclist, when I lived in Narragansett and rode sport bikes cops used to chase dumb kids all the time. Anything dangerous around the beach was an instant tow, suspension of license and trial. We all knew not to do it.

These gangs most likely started small and could have been managed by the local cops. Now they are large and emboldened and the cops are helpless. It’s just mind boggling


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jdjbmpd wrote

I don't think Narragansett cops have a ton of other things on their plate to really worry about. It's a little bit different in a city that, while pretty safe overall, still has a fair amount of other crime.


WarExciting t1_jdjhbej wrote

I think we can all agree that the dirt bike/ atv plague is a citywide problem that needs a solution; mainly for the police to stop sitting on their hands and enforce the fucking law. That said, anybody here over the age of 20 was once a stupid, reckless 20 year old. Was what he did dumb? Undoubtedly. Did he “deserve” it? No, of course not…. What he deserved was a stronger and wiser support system; someone (just one person!) to step in and say, “Dude, not a great idea…”.
While we can be angry at the situation as a whole, we can also mourn the loss of life and sympathize with ALL involved.


paleontologist67 t1_jdl8tmb wrote

I love that you used the word plague. I couldn’t have chosen a better word to describe these meaningless segments of the population here


Triggify t1_jdjivst wrote

If you wanna drive like an idiot, you're going to die like one too 🤷‍♂️


Different_Lettuce850 t1_jdjqq79 wrote

i nearly hit one in my residential street, i was slowing down and taking a right into my driveway and he comes screaming down the road on my right and passed me on my right and i almost turned right into him. i really dont care if people want to ride dirt bikes around the neighborhood just follow the rules of the road and dont be an asshole and endanger me/my shitty little car HAVE YOU SEEN CAR PRICES RIGHT NOW?


Gribblestix t1_jdk8i05 wrote

Sad but there couldn’t have been any other outcome given the situation. Let it be a lesson to all the other idiots riding these bikes where they shouldn’t.


PJfanRI t1_jdkgpmc wrote

I'm just glad they didn't hurt someone else while proving Darwin right once again.


TCroce t1_jdjapjk wrote

I saw a 4 wheeler on RI Route 10 south weaving in and out of traffic. Got off at Union Av. Crazy and scary at the same time.


sept2022 t1_jdlouk3 wrote

People who ride these bikes have no respect for other drivers. I would hope this would be a lesson to them but I doubt it. These accidents will occur again and again. It's on the them!


silverhammer96 t1_jdm34d5 wrote

I have so much sympathy for the family, but I’m struggling to find it for the victims. I know that sounds bad.


edthesmokebeard t1_jdmjeyh wrote

"Maybe juuuust maybe it's time to deal with the unregistered off road vehicle plague."

It appears to be self-correcting.


Lonely_Ad8983 t1_jdil2dh wrote

It's infuriating but it's not like I can say anything they don't care


Designer_Dot_1492 t1_jdjya88 wrote

Heading on Route 10 north on my line green ninja (not subtle) but wearing helmet , riding jacket, gloves and boots while not speeding I come up on a dirt bike and an ATV. First thought get away from these clowns before cops come, they take off and I get stopped and written up.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jdif135 wrote

I don't think people need to outwardly express sympathy but if you need to go out of your way to shit-talk to recently deceased and talk about how not sympathetic you are, maybe consider instead shutting up and not being a fucking ghoul?

Five year old children know the "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" principle, how in the fuck can adults pretend they don't get it?


bassicallyverygreat t1_jdiqk6c wrote

Thank you for the call for basic decency.

Years ago, I had a friend who died after suffering a mental break and engaging in criminal activity and I can attest that online message board commentators mocking and belittling his death were deeply hurtful to his friends and family. Even if one doesn’t have empathy for the deceased (and to be clear I think they should), I’d hope people would remember that there are people who loved the deceased who may see this thread.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jdit095 wrote

Yikes, that fucking sucks. I wouldn't even be this forceful if the headline's first 3 words are "Family, friends mourn"

The people on that bike aren't hear to read the "play stupid games..." comments. They're friends and family are though. I think those people (who didn't do anything wrong) have maybe had enough of a shitty week?


canibringmydog t1_jdinb41 wrote

Wild how many comments I had to go through to get to this one.

People act like they’ve never done stupid things. I am the first to admit I have a wealth of stupid things under my belt. I think a lot of people can admit the same… I don’t think we all to deserve to die tragically and then have that death celebrated by a bunch of pleebs online.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jdirivb wrote

Yeah, I've got plenty of stupid shit in my ledger and I've never even gone near a dirt bike or shit like that.

Hell, every single time I've seen the pack of them, I'm rooting for someone to get kinda hurt. A couple broken bones, some bruises/scrapes, or some shit like that. Normal comeuppance. They're a nuisance and it's a normal reaction to not like them. I don't.

But, I sure as shit ain't going to revel in the death of other human beings that were just stupid reckless kids


canibringmydog t1_jdiy0rx wrote

I agree entirely. A huge difference between a lesson learned (hopefully) and a forever sleep.


sailri t1_jdiqqu4 wrote

You don’t deserve it.

But you’re at risk of dying from it. It was not an accident.

This was totally predictable before the bike was bought and before two people went on a ride in the dark on it without lights.


canibringmydog t1_jdiyd8c wrote

Again, yeah man, we all agree it’s stupid. It’s reckless. It’s downright selfish. No one is disagreeing with any of that. All I’m saying is maybe act like these were people with now very much grieving mothers, fathers, siblings etc.


ABKzay t1_jdig2y5 wrote

We’re on Reddit, they’re here now too