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Saw a jeep hit a Toyota yesterday during the St Paddy’s day parade, the truck that was hit was stationary and the angry jeep hit the guy and took off. We saw, called providence PD, and they could’ve cared less. The truck owner was visibly angry, so I’m sure he called the police. I had to force the jeeps info onto the police. Isn’t hit and run a criminal offense? I’d think the police would care more.



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ynwp t1_jcucj0s wrote

I am not sure what gets you pulled over in this state.


Loveroffinerthings OP t1_jcupcn3 wrote

I don’t want to try too hard to find out, but it seems even going 20mph over isn’t enough.


10takeWonder t1_jcv5ps1 wrote

I've gotten pulled over for having a frame around my plate.... like the ones dealers sell their cars with lol thought it was more because I'm brown honestly but have heard stories of multiple people in ri being pulled over for it. good ol "quotas"


TzarKazm t1_jcvxfp8 wrote

I have also been pulled over for that. It was literally a "Barry Nissan " frame. That was like 25 years ago for me.


10takeWonder t1_jcw0ml1 wrote

i think it's just one of their favorite "gotcha"'s to get their numbers up


Moelarrycheeze t1_jcvvunb wrote

It’s not quotas it’s just that the dmv is trying to be compliant with what is required for automatic toll collection aka easypass


LKHedrick t1_jcwkeg3 wrote

Easy pass is up on the windshield & has nothing to do with license plate frames.


Moelarrycheeze t1_jcwmfvm wrote

When people who don’t have a transponder try and blow off the tolls, the camera needs to see their license plate. That’s what I was talking about. Duh!


decoysara t1_jcwlj0h wrote

Almost everywhere is transitioning to toll by mail even without EZ pass, and license plates being sorta generic and uniform helps.

Anecdotally: I had a smashed up plate for a while and never got tolled by mail! Those were the daaaaays


buddhamanjpb t1_jcxojjk wrote

Is this recently though? People used to get pulled over for all sorts of stupid shit back in day, but in the last 5-7 I never see or hear about people getting pulled over for anything. Hence the rampant amount off asshole and straight up dangerous drivers on the road.


JewelxFlower t1_jcxq3is wrote

From what I've heard from my parents, driving home from a bar. My father is basically the "designated driver" since he refuses to drink alcohol, and cops pulled him over twice in a night. He just showed them his iced coffee and was like "yeah, you had a good shot given how many people just left the bar, but I wasn't it." XD


anatomicallycorrect- t1_jcw9x0e wrote

I once saw someone get pulled over for driving through the emergency lane to avoid a traffic jam on the 6


gustamos t1_jcx045r wrote

Drive a car that gives them reasonable suspicion that you’re a minority


Puzzleheaded-Map2152 t1_jcv8q50 wrote

In 2008 I reported to two mounted police that we had witnessed a murder (stabbing, the man was dead on the sidewalk and we watched the entire thing and happened to know the murderer, so we had his name). We were told to move along and that we were backing up traffic.

I had to call the PPD the next day when I saw the report on the news confirming that the man had died and killer was unidentified and on the run. It took hours to hear from a detective to finally give a statement. Fortunately once we gave our info he was captured and arrested, but, my God… the police literally do not want to hear it.


barsoapguy t1_jcvhfs9 wrote

That was back before the era of camera phones and body cams.

They try to ignore you like that today you could simply pull out your phone to record the interaction. They would literally have no choice but to act unless they wanted to lose their jobs (maybe 🤷🏿‍♂️)


5XTEEM t1_jcvw50u wrote

They don't lose their jobs they get a paid vacation


wlutz83 t1_jcv1eia wrote

police in providence are basically there to do as little as possible until they get a pension, or harass people when they get bored. that's it.


Proper_Boss523 t1_jcvzaew wrote

The Providence police is the most useless police force i've ever had the misfortune of dealing with


PuzzleheadedTest1919 t1_jcuk1bf wrote

Hit and Run to attended vehicle = misdemeanor Hit and Run to attended vehicle with injury = felony Hit and Run to unattended vehicle = civil offense (traffic ticket).


Stella430 t1_jcxb7iu wrote

We were hit and run a couple years go in Portsmouth. I had to nag Portsmouth police to do anything to this guy. At the time of the accident, I had a description of the vehicle and a partial NJ plate number. Their car had some significant front passenger nose.

That night I posted on the Portsmouth FB page looking for dash cam footage. Someone reported that another person posted about a Jeep, same color, with that had been towed from his dead end street with matching damage (radiator damage???). This guy thought it was so weird that he wrote down: the license plate number, description of driver, the name of the tow company, the make, model and license plate number of the car that picked him up and a description of the driver.

I called the police with all that information and was told “we can’t do anything because the guy was already left the scene”. I pushed the issue. Ended up that the car belonged to Enterprise and had been rented out at the time. The driver had reported that HE was hit and run while parallel parked in Boston. Enterprise thought was suspicious since it was significant RIGHT side damage. When the police questioned him, he initially lied and said a friend was driving at the time. He was finally arrested. By the time we got the police report and were able to settle everything with insurance, it was about 4 months.

Sorry to hijack your post, just wanted to share that it seems to be a statewide issue and for drivers to push the issue


Loveroffinerthings OP t1_jcy9ls9 wrote

No hijack at all, it’s insane to see that the police seemingly don’t care about some of these issues.


barsoapguy t1_jcvj58o wrote

I hope everyone reading this will go out and get a front and back dash cam, many even come with parking alert too ( if someone hits you and takes off the camera comes on after detecting the impact).

Irrefutable proof is one of the best ways we can protect our communities and get malicious drivers off our streets for good.

Over the years I caught two accidents , the first one someone got T-Boned at just a really poorly designed intersection as the oncoming driver was turning left. ( that intersection got some improvements after all the accidents) .

The second one, some 23 year old punk was speeding going 100 something down the freeway in his shitbox when he lost control at a bend , slammed into the freeway wall on his left , then ricocheted to his right , T-boning another drive who was in his lane just minding his own business. Caused the victims car to flip over a few times and it landed on its roof.

The man was able to climb out of his car with all the assistance of the other enraged drivers who had just seen what had happened. Literally every person who came up from behind pulled over to give a statement to the cops.

I still feel sorry for the guy, he was driving an older well kept SUV , I could clearly see he had newish tires on. When they checked him out and asked him if he wanted an ambulance he waved them away. I regret not walking over to him and explaining that once the adrenaline wore off he was going to be in a world of pain come the next day. (Although I do understand not wanting to pay for the ambulance especially if it could be out of pocket, remember other guys driving a shitbox) .

At the very least I was able to give them the entire footage of the punk speeding , rounding the bend and then losing control. While he did pull over I hope he doesn’t get to drive till he’s 30.

These days we almost have to do the job of the police if we want justice but man does it feel GOOD.


NateJTB t1_jcvvh7t wrote

Some extra tips here, since you mentioned assisting a driver out of his rollover car and also his refusing an ambulance ride.

  1. If you end up in an accident, do not exit the vehicle unless there is apparent danger to you. You don't know the extent of your injuries and, in worst case, moving could sever your spinal cord and cause immediate death or paralysis.

  2. Similarly, do not attempt to move an individual out of a car in an accident unless there is apparent life-threatening conditions, e.g. gas leaking or the engine is on fire.

  3. Although you may feel fine after an accident, in cases where the collision was particularly violent and especially rollovers, you SHOULD get medically examined, even if no life threatening injuries are immediately apparent. IF you do decline an ambulance ride to the hospital, you CAN AND SHOULD still get a ride to a hospital either from the police or from a friend/family. Getting checked out is worth it.

  4. If, after thorough examination, you appear to be unharmed, you will still be in a state of shock. Do not operate a motor vehicle for a couple hours and get someone to give you a ride back home.

Stay safe.


barsoapguy t1_jcvvtds wrote

Excellent points, thank you for the reminder about not leaving the vehicle. 👏


Lonely_Ad8983 t1_jcxl6x1 wrote

As a epileptic if I get in a car accident I won't get out of my car just in case I hit my head and if I heard right no matter what happens in an accident I will / can be held at fault for it due to my condition.


barsoapguy t1_jcxovzy wrote

If you have a dash cam clearly showing you not doing anything to cause an accident I’d like to see them pin that on you, unless it’s illegal for you to be driving.


Lonely_Ad8983 t1_jcxpl39 wrote

Mass and RI are self-reporting states I'm not supposed to drive for 6 months after an event


Lonely_Ad8983 t1_jcxpppn wrote

If I understood my doctor's correct the other person can claim I caused it by driving erratic or some such nonsense I have to look at it again


[deleted] t1_jcw3k8p wrote

I have a video of a group of guys smashing open the windows to a storefront, robbing it, and driving away. Vehicle and plates are in crystal clear high definition. Vehicles matches the plate’s registration.

Providence PD was just annoyed. Didn’t even look at it. Told me that unless I’m filing on behalf of the store owner, they don’t care and that I need to leave.


kamikazekenny420 t1_jcxqd8g wrote

Cops don't give a shit about "petty" things like that. Worse thing you could have done is reported it to the cops. Now when the driver who got hit goes for retaliation, they are gonna be at the top of the list to get questioned.

Solve your own problems because the cops won't.


radioflea t1_jcw7t8w wrote

We’re you able to get plate #s? That would be most helpful the motorist who’s vehicle sustained damage.

PPD aren’t the most effective but insurance carriers usually are. The cities under heavy surveillance as well so hopefully it was caught on film.


BernedTendies t1_jcy3lkd wrote

Cops don’t give a shit about anything except collecting a paycheck and then a pension. They can’t get fired for not doing their job, and the job sucks so why would they bother?


overthehillhat t1_jcvgp24 wrote

I saw a hit and run where a pedestrian died in Prov

I immediately went in to a store (B4 cellphones) and told them

within minutes 5 or 6 plainclothes vehicles were at the site relaying radio info to cruisers who arrived minutes later

maybe cellphones have screwed things up?


5XTEEM t1_jcvwazb wrote

I don't think we can reasonably blame cellphones for the failure of police to protect and serve.


TzarKazm t1_jcvy26c wrote

"Protect and serve " is the motto of the Los Angeles police department. A lot of people think it's THE police motto because it's in a ton of movies and TV shows. Most towns either don't have a motto, or have a different one. Fall River's motto is "we'll try".


5XTEEM t1_jcvz468 wrote

Well the more you know. I still think it doesn't have to be their motto to be their job.


TzarKazm t1_jcvzir1 wrote

No argument with that. It's just a common misconception that I try and let people know about when I see it.


Single_Wolverine_488 t1_jcyfvfh wrote

Maybe just mind your business if the Toyota had a problem with it they can report it


BernedTendies t1_jcyhcc4 wrote

It’s the right thing to do, you uncivilized dork. Someone was just hit, was probably in shock, and you’re critiquing someone trying to help the situation?


Single_Wolverine_488 t1_jcyi285 wrote

Losing sleep over a small hit and run it’s not like the bumper came off or anything I mean if it helps you sleep at night I guess lol I can’t imagine myself going out my way to get someone arrested (even though they wouldn’t) & like I said probably small damage probably a scratch just is crazy to me there’s cameras everywhere if the person felt the need for all that they could get it done themselves just sounds like Karen negative Nancy vibes


Single_Wolverine_488 t1_jcyi97q wrote

I’d rather call my insurance and get my 1-2 months of chiro instead of crying for someone to get arrested be happy pussy


BradyTrump20 t1_jcwchu2 wrote

Nobody likes a rat.


Smrgle t1_jcwh6cm wrote

Found the Jeep driver


[deleted] t1_jcwhkba wrote



Smrgle t1_jcwjwc7 wrote

It’s literally 2023 and you’re still calling things gay as an insult? Does your mom know you talk like that?


BradyTrump20 t1_jcwlyii wrote

I have two dads thanks for assuming my family dynamic. Now give me a safe space please.