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HotConcrete t1_jd2u74o wrote

Reply to comment by tibbon in What do you do? by Loveroffinerthings

Because you left essentially the same comment twice.

“I’m 40. I have a historic mansion in Providence. I didn’t buy in a fancy neighborhood. I’m about 15 years into my software career. I taught myself everything I know about technology and didn’t study it in school.

I don’t have family money. I am maxing out my 401k. I’m also supporting my partner financially while she figures out her next steps. No hustle. No money from a FAANG windfall. I’m making well over 200k on my own.”


“I have a historic mansion in RI. Senior software engineer/security/operations person who is very good at their job. Didn’t buy in fancy neighborhood. No family money, and I don’t care for being entrepreneurial. I could make more likely, but I am lazy and have no hustle these days”

It’s common to downvote one of these comments.


tibbon t1_jd59q35 wrote

Incorrect. I was getting downvoted within minutes of posting the first one. I’m still not sure why or how I answered incorrectly