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Jeb764 t1_iuj34xt wrote

Oh WBRU such a shame brown closed you down.


Claym0ar t1_iujp0zi wrote

RIP BRU. My commutes will never be the same.


jerk--alert t1_iuj3ria wrote

oh man i miss WBRU


JasonDJ t1_iujo351 wrote

They are still around as an online station.

Makes sense. Who the hell owns a radio?


N0VAV0N t1_iujs7o6 wrote

Anyone who drives a car


JasonDJ t1_iujsqg3 wrote

People listen to terrestrial radio…for music?

That just seems so weird to me.

Like, I can get sports or talk radio. Music radio nowadays is just such shit. It’s the same short rotation with 10% of the airtime for ads and 20% of the airtime for shitty aimless banter and heavily-diluted (and usually heavily-opinionated) “news”.

It’s amazing mobile streaming has totally killed the platform.

ETA: yeah obviously talk radio news is heavily opinionated but at least you know what you’re getting. Typical music station jocks aren’t who I’d trust for any semblance of “news”.


EllisDee3 t1_iujb677 wrote

That drunk driver one only works if you read it with an RI accent.


brewce47 t1_iuj7kar wrote

BRU was the BEST!!


argument_sketch OP t1_iujuwvd wrote

Back in the 70s I honestly switched between them and WBCN. BCN was radical back then. Living in Rhode Island I could get both.


eastcoastflava13 t1_iuj5ndn wrote

I want that 95.5 sticker!


Substantial-Ad8078 t1_iujbkkg wrote

The cool thing about the 94 HJY one is that they still play the same exact music!


ThislsMyAccount22 t1_iujhy61 wrote

“WBRU: it’s like an orgasm for your ears, without the messy cleanup. “


Rickshmitt t1_iuj9ih7 wrote

I had a 103.7 The Edge one for awhile lol


N0VAV0N t1_iujscst wrote

What was 99.7? The X? Or wasn't it the edge?


dotknott t1_iujy6an wrote

It was both! WDGE (1995–97) and WXEX (1997–99) the edge was modern rock, X was hard rock.


Brodyftw00 t1_iujgxu3 wrote

We need to bring WBRU back!


BrendanBSharp t1_iujgc1q wrote

RI 104… with Red Decker in the morning! The summer of ‘85 was such a good time.


Eaatcoast508 t1_iujvci5 wrote

I’ll never get over WBRU shutting down


Remarkable_Baseball7 t1_iujzt6e wrote

I loved WBRU so much I even did a job shadowing there in seventh grade. I still have the lobster shirt!


radioflea t1_iuk3aw4 wrote

The NBC one should now read..

Where is Sinclair 10 Family!


PotentialAd1295 t1_iujd2sp wrote

I'm old enough to remember Jb 105


FawmahRhoDyelindah t1_iujw423 wrote

Same here... first radio station I actively listened to. I was about 10 or 11. Then switched to HJY a couple years later.


york100 t1_iujgb6v wrote

Great collection! Here's one of my favorite RI bumper stickers.


-steeltoad- t1_iujkku9 wrote

I can still hear the melodic station call 'JB105' as clearly now as when I was listening to it in bed with the headphones on while I was supposed to be asleep


GlowingAgogo t1_iujrwih wrote

Came across this post as I'm wearing my Save the Bay tee-shirt!


argument_sketch OP t1_iujv875 wrote

I thought I had the “pave the bay” one too, but I can’t find it 😊


12stringPlayer t1_iujsbv7 wrote

I worked as a DJ at both WBRU and WJMF, love those stickers!


overthehillhat t1_iujv6yt wrote

Came here to find "Hi Neighbor" Have a Gansett?


FawmahRhoDyelindah t1_iujwddj wrote

Beautiful collection... they look pristine. Must have been stored well.


argument_sketch OP t1_iuk50ly wrote

Im sort of weird with memorabilia. Im not a pack rat, and I dont have gobs of boxes. But mags, newspapers, concert stubs… dont take up much room


chip008 t1_iuk2kx3 wrote

When I was in HS the early 2000s, I would have been so proud to have a BRU sticker on my car!


wickedtachy t1_iuk3w5r wrote

I'd love the BRU stickers


nomolosddot t1_iuk42ob wrote

I recently found my 94WHY Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son bumper sticker! Great collection you have there!


slipperysuarez t1_iujv9ji wrote

Those save the bay stickers, I think they still make them. They’re hard to come by though.


Styx_Renegade t1_iuk5q6s wrote

Can I buy a few of them off you? I want to expand the Stickerolla.


argument_sketch OP t1_iuk829o wrote

I'd give 'em to you for nothing if I had extras, but I kinda wanna keep them :-)


ericivar t1_iuk8bs2 wrote

I have some of those chrome BRU stickers saved.