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BMorris2526 t1_iu64vnz wrote

Really getting sick of the corruption in RI


Hot-Cry920 t1_iu8qs32 wrote

Not just RI, MA is also full of corruption with these marijuana licenses. Its fucking bullshit let anyone open a shop if the property meets zoning requirements. No instead you need millions of liquid cash to even sniff at a license


My_Sp00n_is_too_big t1_iu6kuo1 wrote

Don’t worry voting Democrat is going to fix the problem. Republicans bad. Racism. Homophobia. Something something Bernie Sanders.


distortionisgod t1_iu6n4eo wrote

Get the fuck outta here with that. Anyone who really knows RI knows corruption is rampant and one of the only bipartisan things in our politics.


My_Sp00n_is_too_big t1_iu6vlri wrote

Oh that’s true. But breaking one party control, even once, would help.


bambooboi t1_iu7nx4r wrote

Any even vaguely conservative comment on this sub is perfunctorily downvoted. Don't fight it.

But yes, republican/democrat...corruption has no bounds in rhody. There's a non-existent republicN party in the state, hence fewer opportunities for flagrant corruption.


Beezlegrunk OP t1_iu647yy wrote

"The state police investigation found Conti and [known organized crime figure Raymond 'Scarface'] Jenkins were secret business associates in an illegal marijuana startup, called Organic Bees, which regulators shut down earlier this year in part because the venture failed to disclose everyone involved in the company, including the two men.

Conti on Wednesday denied any involvement in Organic Bees, despite a mountain of state police evidence suggesting otherwise.

'Mr. Conti had no role in the business organization, Organic Bees,' Conti’s attorney, Jimmy Burchfield Jr., said in a statement. 'Mr. Conti has been employed by the House of Representatives honorably serving under four speakers since first hired in December 2006.'

A spokesperson for House Speaker Joe Shekarchi said Wednesday he had no knowledge of Conti’s involvement in Organic Bees and gave no indication it would affect Conti’s $136,000-a-year job on his staff. On Thursday, however, Conti resigned from his State House job just hours before Target 12’s report.

While state police evidence shows Conti played an integral role in trying to get Organic Bees off the ground, he faced no direct penalties when the enterprise fell apart. But Jenkins and two others were arrested and charged in connection with the business.


Jenkins wasn’t the only mob figure linked to Conti. State police documents say Conti attended several events with members of the New England Mafia, including one where so-called 'loyalty payments' were paid up to mob leaders.

State police said the attendees included Edward 'Eddie' Lato, who they say was recently named 'underboss,' an underworld promotion that also has not been previously reported. He was previously identified as a capo.

Former State Police Col. Steven O’Donnell, who spent years investigating La Cosa Nostra in Rhode Island, described loyalty payments as 'almost like a political campaign contribution to a mob guy.'

The idea that an aide to the House speaker has been attending such events, O’Donnell said, is 'absolutely astounding'.”


mhhkb t1_iu672hg wrote

I recommend reading this story in full of you haven’t.


Wooden_Exit2957 t1_iu6ogn6 wrote

Is this where we congratulate Eddie Lato on his recent promotion or should I start a new Post?


Beezlegrunk OP t1_iu7ht41 wrote

When did mafia nicknames get so lame — Edward “Eddie” Lato?

What happened to “Eddie the Knife” or “Eddie Big Shoes” or something like that …


aly-moon t1_iu7vxey wrote

He's Eddie "the honey pot" or Eddie "the wasp" or Eddie "the bees knees". There. I fixed it!


Oafus t1_iu873jv wrote

How about Eddie “Queen Bee”…disregard, that’s a different Eddie.


newbiePVD t1_iu6qj9u wrote

Just a thought ,call house leader Skekarchi 401-222-2447, your state senator, your state rep ask their staff if they favor legal penalties for hiding involvement in a marijuana business (no penalty now). Ask them if they would start a legislative committee to investigate Conti. God knows what else he's done to influence gov for mob. I did & told em I'm voting.


Previous_Floor t1_iu71xd2 wrote

They probably laughed after getting off the phone.


newbiePVD t1_iu8wpuz wrote

not exactly. senator Ciccone staff enthusiastically said yes to penalty for hiding involvement. It was a few hours after conti's resignation & they didn't know what to say about investigating him. If a number of voters call with same complaint believe me they don't laugh. I've seen Mass pol reverse policy and apologize abjectly on TV to unhappy voters. Another idea if enough voters ask McKee on campaign trail or on phone to reject Skekarchi's appointees to marijuana commission, McKee will rethink his position. Obviously Skekarchi has a hiring problem. Skepticism is just useless


316714407 t1_iu710e7 wrote

Seems like they wanted to get caught. Meeting on state property??? Speaking about the a bakery…on HOPE street?! Hope street?! The east side?! The mob…on the east side??? Yea that “business” never stood a chance. Feel like these guys names should’ve been Rocky and Mugsy.


Beezlegrunk OP t1_iu7hf74 wrote

Or, like most people in Providence, they figure the law doesn’t apply to them


omjy18 t1_iu7gxac wrote

It's like they don't make enough money with all the other corruption stuff like roadworks, construction contracts, and who knows what else that they thought "hey let's get into literally the most publicly watched thing right now, that'll end well"


StinkyDingus63 t1_iu97dpn wrote

It’s crazy to me that the mob is still somewhat active these days. I thought they all died off or we’re in jail.


deadl0ckx2 t1_iu6wmqr wrote

Corruption? In RI? No!?!?


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_iu7jnqm wrote

The most surprising part of this article is that a job described as "One day, you’re dealing with policy,” he said. “The next, you’re helping deliver the sandwiches.” Is 136k a year?

I am very very pro solid gov't salaries, but that sounded pretty high for how the role was described (esp relative to the very reasonable salaries given to elected representatives part time and not high enough salaries of many other state workers).


Swamp_yankee_ninja t1_iu92kny wrote

This is only the Tip of the iceberg, they are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.


Beezlegrunk OP t1_iu9h32f wrote

Can you elaborate slightly less metaphorically …?