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I heard commentary this morning that Kalus seemed like the stronger candidate after the debate. I found that surprising; most of the time she was shouting utter nonsense, like her “plan” to simply change energy prices via executive mandate…yeah, good luck with that.

Obviously I’m personally biased against Kalus (I don’t care too much for either one, tbh) but I’m wondering if she actually managed to sway anyone. Thoughts?



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anal_gland_expressor t1_is0i5au wrote

Republicans want a federal abortion ban, want to ban books, take away Social Security, and sow division and hatred by marginalizing vulnerable people. Never vote Republican.


DrMonkeyLove t1_is2f1os wrote

The Republican party is morally and intellectually bankrupt. I can not fathom ever voting for a Republican again.


Afitz93 t1_is1zlsp wrote

It seems like the current state of all government in this country is to sow division. Nothing gets more votes than painting the other side as almighty evil. So instead of never vote republican, how about don’t vote for a single person who currently holds office of any kind. We need to start fresh.


WhatsGood401 t1_is1gm4o wrote

Where is your source, anal? I was under the impression they wanted abortion at the state level, want to look for other options aroubd social security and don’t engage in identity or gender politics


anal_gland_expressor t1_is1ipyu wrote

Lindsay Graham called for a federal abortion ban a couple of weeks ago. Looking at other options for SS is code for ‘you’re on your own’ and if it wasn’t for panicking about trans people, Republicans would hardly have anything to clutch their pearls over. My sources are a pretty even handed google news aggregator.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_is1uz01 wrote

Republicans have become discussing at the federal level a nationwide abortion ban if they take over the governmental trifecta. They've also had a platform of privatizing social security, basically eliminating it for much of the population, since Reagan that they constantly fuck around with all year then quietly drop at election time because of the unpopularity of that policy among their voting base.

The problem is many people vote and know politics only from the theater and don't actually look at voting records, watch things like C-Span which are unfiltered views of government, or actually keep up on the nuts and bolts of politics to know how their platforms and actual actions differ. An example being the amount of Republicans in Congress that vote against disaster relief aid or infrastructure spending, then their own politicians who voted against those policies go on the news and tell their voters how hard they fought to get that money for them even though they voted against it on the record, and their voters lap it up.

edit: In regards to Social Security, there was a report yesterday discussing interviews with multiple GOP members that would be in the running to service as chairman on the House Budget Committee who are all openly planning on using the budget deadlines as a hostage if they take back the house to decrease Social Security spending, stricter accessibility limits, and put work requirements on near every social expenditure, effectively removing those benefits for people who truly cannot work.


unidumper t1_is109oz wrote

Holy crap loosen your tinfoil hat. Yeah no hustler or other porn books in kindergarten. As for SS with democrats allowing everyone and their brother to get SSDI its less $$ available for the whole SS pool, its unsustainable. Hate and division ? Democrats look at everybody as a block. We aren't Americans to democrats we are Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans ,lgbtq community..nothing but division


[deleted] t1_is1bg41 wrote



unidumper t1_is1ziiw wrote

Lotta reaching into the some point we need to stop whipping out a history book to claim victimhood today...


Vegetable_Eye_190 t1_is0k2tk wrote

Obviously a typical person not doing the research on your statements and just regurgitating the liberal media outlets fake news rhetoric.


Cinema_King t1_is0lscb wrote

Republicans are openly anti-choice and will very likely impose a federal abortion ban if they get the chance, they’re constantly trying to get books about gay people and other topics that offend their delicate sensibilities banned, and social security has been in their crosshairs for years.

You don’t need to watch “liberal” media to see that, just paying attention to what they do is enough. When presented with two sides Republicans almost always choose the most evil one.


anal_gland_expressor t1_is0klwj wrote

There is no liberal media. The media are giant corporations that skew right. Everything I said is happening and every GOP candidate will gladly go along with their fascist bosses.


dman_usa t1_is0pmh1 wrote

define fascism.


sc00p401 t1_is0xqgc wrote

The Republican Party since Joe McCarthy.


anal_gland_expressor t1_is11eo2 wrote

Look it up. We’re right there buddy.


dman_usa t1_is1w6ug wrote

Fascism If you read that definition and say to yourself “YUP thats republicans in 2022” you need a history class


Flounder3345 t1_is1z3ro wrote

  • Far-right ✅
  • Authoritarian ✅
  • Ultranationalist ✅
  • dictatorial leader ✅
  • centralized autocracy: arguable, but certainly with the election-denial bullshit, this certainly seems the GOP's end goal
  • militarism ✅
  • forcible suppression of opposition ✅
  • belief in a natural social hierarchy ✅
  • subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race ✅
  • strong regimentation of society and economy ✅

checks out to me.


Cinema_King t1_is26x2g wrote

If you read that and think it doesn’t describe Republicans you’re too far gone to reason with.


WikiSummarizerBot t1_is1w8jm wrote


>Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy. Fascism rose to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. The first fascist movements emerged in Italy during World War I, before spreading to other European countries, most notably Germany. Fascism also had adherents outside of Europe.

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Good-Expression-4433 t1_is1w5n9 wrote

"often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition"

Fascists rely heavily on propaganda and culture war topics to rally their base, viewing themselves as the centers of moral and ethical authority, and the outgroups, which only they are allowed to define, as inherently evil.

Republicans in office have been heavily weaponizing this, which is why their political platforms have increasingly become culture war topics and little to do with actual governance. The goal is to centralize power into their authority and punish/eliminate the outgroups to continue the power consolidation.

In the US's case, it has a very religious overtone, akin to the movement that resulted in Hungary's Viktor Orban, a figure coveted by the American right. The fascist movement there has resulted in immense damage to their country, especially minority groups that are openly viewed as non human by the government and state run media there, while continually consolidating the power to Orban and his selected group. The American right openly states Orban and Hungary are the model to move the US towards.


dman_usa t1_is21bgj wrote

I mean after 2020 yeah your right the Democrats in office have been heavily spreading misinformation to the Amercian public


Comet_Empire t1_is187kj wrote

None of those statements are incorrect though. GOP has been incredibly vocal about ending abortion on the federal level for at least a decade. K McCarthy has spoken about ending or privatizing S.S several times, privatizing S.S (ending) has been a GOP goal since Reagan. There are more laws banning trans/LGBTQ kids from sports than there are trans kids. Don't say Gay in Florida. Which point of theirs is incorrect? Since you have clearly researched it all extensively.


mkmck t1_is69oiy wrote

Another fine example of right-wing nutbags projecting their behavior on "the other guy". Regurgitating fake news is what Fox exists for.


buddhamanjpb t1_is0lpqb wrote

Kalus seems like she's only running because she has a personal vendetta against Dan Mckee. It's weird.

That being said, as usual we're reduced to voting for two candidates that just aren't that great. Similar to when Raimondo was in office.


techsavior t1_is1jhl3 wrote

Kalus is running here because she wants to hold mid-high level office anywhere.

She moved in after her announcement.


idkwhatimdoing25 t1_is0qzx5 wrote

I honestly went into the debate looking for an excuse to like Kalus because I do not like McKee and would love the chance to vote for someone else if they were even half way decent. But frankly she lost my vote. Her "plans" were all vague, buzzwordy messes. She wants to improve education, okay cool, but she doesn't say any exact specifics on how. She wants to lower energy costs - by using executive mandate but then goes on to say she doesn't think executive mandates are effective when she talks about housing. She refused to even discuss if she would be open to supporting Trump in 2024 or not. She skirts around her only very recent RI residency. She says she won't change RI laws on abortion but is vague on if she'd fight a national ban. She wants to lower taxes but also spend more on eduation, small business funds, housing, etc. but has no plan to pay for that other than vaguely saying she'll "balance the budget".

tldr: Kalus doesn't seem to have any solid policy plans other than opposing McKee. She has correctly identified the big issues in RI (education, housing, energy costs) but she hasn't outlined any concrete plans to actually fix those issues other than she'd do it differently than McKee.


wormholeweapons t1_is0ywe5 wrote

If I could get past the fact that she is literally not a Rhode Islander in any way. All of these things are glaring reasons to not support her.

But even before all of that, I mean she literally has no idea about anything in our state and wants to govern it? Dafuq? Who’s brilliant idea was this.


Muezza t1_is33xoz wrote

She probably thinks Benny's is a breakfast place.


beerspeaks t1_is15t1h wrote

The national Republican party's agenda doesn't fly in RI.

She can't say the shit that she actually believes because it would 100% submarine her chances of winning. Instead she has to rely on vague buzzwords to try and capitalize on the fact that McKee is a generally bad, unqualified candidate.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_is16kqd wrote

She is just going to end up being Virginia's Youngkin if she won. Run as a moderate while touching on culture wars without announcing any actual plans, wins and goes full MAGA after she's in office.


Hellion102792 t1_is1aymf wrote

People like Kalus know they don't need to provide a detailed platform, she's not running for the average citizen. I had the displeasure of having to attend an event for the Lt Gov candidate and got the same vibe from him. The crowd was all well-to-do people with nowhere to be on a weekday afternoon and he made it a point to remind everyone how his opponent wants to raise taxes on larger corporations.

The whole idea of candidates like her having a "platform" is a facade. It's nothing more than a wink and nod to the ones who can afford to put them in their pocket. She doesn't elaborate because she doesn't need to, her supporters hear the subtext loud and clear.


WordofDog420 t1_is0sc6u wrote

I’m against anyone who can’t pass high school being in office. Never mind the fact that her primary home is in Illinois.


m1327 t1_is18jke wrote

Can't pass high school? Didn't she graduate Umass with an Economics degree? (Honestly wondering what's true).

Edit: Ok, I did some of my own research. I'm still probably not voting for her, but let's not say she can't pass high school when she was recognized by Umass.


>The awards are designed to recognize students who are academically accomplished and who have contributed to the university by exceptional achievement

> Ashley M. Kalus, a finance and legal studies major, from Boston, Mass.


SgtRockyWalrus t1_is2bm1w wrote

She literally said during the debate that she was failing high school. She must have gotten her shit together, but it was a weird admission for her to bring up out of nowhere..


m1327 t1_is2csu9 wrote

Ahhh now I understand where OPs comment is coming from. Thanks.

I do remember that part of the debate, it was during the public schools / school choice / private schools discussion.

I didn't see it as her saying "I failed out of high school" or what OP suggested "I can't pass high school". It came off more like "I struggled through the school system like a lot of kids do".


SgtRockyWalrus t1_is2e160 wrote

No problem, or at least that’s where I assume the comment came from.


brenden77 t1_is4a6wa wrote

Overall, i'm ok with school choice, so long as local kids get the first choice locally.

But i'm sure the Republican first choice would find a way to segregate schools in some way.


CulturalElection8861 t1_is0pqqf wrote

McKee seemed low energy. I hate that he is the only sane option.


WordofDog420 t1_is17e98 wrote

I don’t get the low energy complaint. Do you want someone hyper in office?


Good-Expression-4433 t1_is1ru26 wrote

One note I'd like to make on it is that politics are rapidly becoming more involved and at the forefront of our daily lives with more and more topics becoming political. It's rapidly becoming an ever more consuming theater.

People om the right often buy into the theater and machismo and other entertainment factors which increases turnout. Culture wars are entirely theatrical platforms made to whip viewers into frenzies over nonexistent issues.

On the left side of things, more of the politicians seem to be pretty mellow low key personality moderates. This would have been fine years ago but they're being drowned out by the endless circus on the right as they're not in the news throwing haymakers and trying to actually whip voters to the cause.

McKee is largely an empty suit and while he may not be great or terrible, doesn't do or act in a way that inspires much confidence. I think expecting every leader to be some high energy cult of personality is unrealistic and toxic in the long term, but Democrats need more politicians like John Fetterman from PA or even Gavin Newsom of CA that are at least showing a willingness to throw hands, politically, in the current climate where civil rights and even democracy are becoming more at risk.


fishythepete t1_is1bq3s wrote

Sort of. Effecting change as an executive is hard. You need to be able to get people on board with your plans.


WordofDog420 t1_is1n0mr wrote

I agree but I’ve had great leaders that are extremely mellow at large companies I’ve worked for, so I don’t get the whole “low energy” thing. I’m not saying I love McKee or think he has a quiet type of confidence but low energy just seems like a Trumpian buzzword to attack someone who isn’t hyper aggressive.


william1Bastard t1_is1q79g wrote

So let's elect a volatile corporate shill. Sounds like a winner.


fishythepete t1_is221qs wrote

You must have responded to the wrong comment.


william1Bastard t1_is24t8h wrote

Ashley Kalus was bought and paid for long before she entered politics. She's a big mouth cuckoo bird. Is that clear enough?


fishythepete t1_is26y3l wrote

What the fuck does that have to do with having high energy being a good leadership trait?


[deleted] t1_is2hrlw wrote



mkmck t1_is67880 wrote

What the fuck does that word salad even mean? What is a "band magazine"? He voted against "you are rights?" Just how fucking wasted were you when you typed that nonsense...or are you just as dumb as dumb gets?


The_Dream_of_Shadows t1_is0yx7b wrote

I didn't watch the debate, but I could probably recreate exactly how it went down with little effort, and your description validates that thought.

The two candidates are just very transparent, in their own separate ways. McKee is low-energy because he knows that he's probably going to win regardless, and because he's just a milquetoast moderate RI "Democrat" with very few ideas and an aim to coast through his term. He knows that he's "the best we've got" at the moment, and that Kalus is basically all bluster, so he's not going to bother expending much effort to beat her, because all he has to do is spout the basic anti-Republican, vaguely-progressive talking points, as this will automatically put him over the edge with most voters.

Kalus, meanwhile, is just an opportunist: she sees RI as an easy target for injecting a bit of the right-wing resurgence Trump brought about in 2016, and she's basically shoehorned her way in because no other Republican would even bother to try and oust a governor from a state that staunchly votes blue (regardless of how barely leftist RI Democrats actually are). She strikes me as something of a grifter, which is evidenced by the fact that she's hardly a Rhode Islander, in practice or in name. She's basically throwing shit at the wall to see if it will stick. If and when she loses, my guess is she'll leave the state and go back to Illinois.


SgtRockyWalrus t1_is2bdw0 wrote

If she loses, I guarantee she flips her Newport fixer-upper for a few hundred grand profit within a matter of months.


wormholeweapons t1_is0ybii wrote

I missed the debate. I thought it was at 8. Not 7.

That being said. I don’t like McKee for many reasons already stated by others. I just think he’s a bit of an empty suit. Will he screw anything up? Probably not. Will he do anything of value? Probably not. He’s just milquetoast.

Kalus is just AWFUL. I don’t even care that she’s Republican. Or who she supports or idolizes (not that those things are ok with me) or even that her stances on things don’t align with my own.

She just…I mean you bought a house here like a week ago and now want to govern the state? You’ve never really held any office before. You have no credentials or qualifications. I mean what kind of candidate is this? Can she pass a basic civics test? I know many of them can’t. But come on.

As far as I am concerned. You have to know what a coffee cabinet is. Can tell me your favorite spot for weiners or who has the best calamari. You better know the difference between New England, Manhattan, and RI chowder. And if I ask you about Rocky Point - you better not say “I live that lighthouse” or something equally stupid. It’s one thing to be a political outsider. It’s an entirely different thing to be a state/region outsider. She might as well be from Mars and running for governor.


Jack__Squat t1_is146mo wrote

> what kind of candidate is this

Just like 45. Never held office before, not qualified, blasting out the buzz-words Fox-viewers want to hear. I honestly think RI will be a shit-show if she gets in. If it's McKee at least things will likely stay the same.


[deleted] t1_is1ip8g wrote



Jack__Squat t1_is1jz3c wrote

> Because "things staying the same" isn't a terrifying thought?

Compared to what the Republicans are doing, no it's not.


[deleted] t1_is1onf8 wrote



Flounder3345 t1_is1yaie wrote

Inflation: Trump spent his whole term bullying the Fed to lower interest rates to suit his own ends as a real estate mogul, and improve people's perception of the economy. No brakes on when inflation starts, rates have nowhere to go but up.

Afghanistan: Are we talking about the withdrawal? the one Trump negotiated with the Taliban? Can't seem to remember whose administration that war was started under. Whole thing's probably their fault.

Foreign perception: Trump literally had the whole room laughing at him at the UN. the man was a giant clown baby and spent 4 years tanking our reputations with our allies so he could cozy up to Kim, Duterte, Putin, and Erdogan.

I don't have a handle on the whole "energy prices" situation as it seems pretty complex and there's likely myriad factors at play there. given you're just regurgitating fox news crap, whatever you think the issue is with "the border", i doubt it matches reality. Let me know when congressional Republicans do anything other than use it as a cudgel, though. Don't see them on board with doubling the number of immigration judges, which seems to be most credible people's first step to unfuck an incredibly broken and strained system. Nevermind additional reforms.

Anyway, feel free to continue making an ass of yourself. Just thought it was funny the first three things you said "couldn't be blamed on Republicans" were, in fact, entirely their fault.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_is1txme wrote

But what is the Republican's plan to tackle these issues? Because much of the GOP platform, whether federal or state level, is a high emphasis on culture war to keep people distracted while their platform around tackling things like inflation is so extremely vague or not even possible. At the same time, we know exactly what their plan is when it comes to attacking rights and services we have and often take for granted.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_is1tkdw wrote

Defunding schools, eroding abortion rights, eroding LGBTQ rights, reduction in safety nets and social spending, continuing the war on the drugs.

These all core tenets of the Republican platform, while they have no actual policy ideas, Kalus included, for tackling things like energy and inflation. Democrats haven't been great but a vote for Republicans is basically giving a placebo for "white grievance" while kicking the actual problem cans down the road instead of facing them, while making life significantly worse for women, minorities, and the elderly and disabled.

Virginia is literally seeing this already under Youngkin who ran as a moderate in VA, went full MAGA the second he took office with his own actions, and appointed Miyares (their AG) who is causing massive fires in VA.

Kalus is just another Youngkin. Run on culture war and vague platforms with no solid plans, then get power and run roughshod to further their political career within the party. Fung is and will be doing the same fucking thing in the congressional race if he wins.


dman_usa t1_is1uz5k wrote

wait hold up you think Youngkin ran as a moderate LOL


Good-Expression-4433 t1_is1vbun wrote

Youngkin's whole platform was that he was a moderate that also dabbled in culture war topics. It's how he was able to secure votes in blue districts as the suburbs saw him as a "return to the common sense Republican" and people rarely dug beyond the surface level of his "moderate" platform.


dman_usa t1_is21ilm wrote

I would cool Youngkin a common sense Republican


mkmck t1_is690za wrote

>And who gives a shit where she's from

Voters. She will find that out quite clearly in a month or so.


brenden77 t1_is4afdy wrote

She should have started with City council first is what you're saying. lol


PantsPoopington t1_is1spsf wrote

She’s from IL and votes in FL, wtf?!? Hard pass on this fraud Rhode Islander. Beat it Kalus.


m1327 t1_is2d8ct wrote

She's not from IL, she lived in IL. She's from Mass originally as far as I understand it.

But yes, she had a house in IL and Florida, bought a house in RI (I think Newport?) and sold her house in IL.

To me, growing up in MA is good 'nuff to understand the region. But I get why people think she's an "outsider".

I'm not voting for her, but I think we should try to keep the facts straight for everyone that's in this race. I won't argue against anyone who feels that growing up in MA and going to college there makes you an outsider here in RI.


mkmck t1_is68izc wrote

Sorry...if you're running for governor of the state, you need to be from the state, not registering to vote in that state a few days before you declare your candidacy, and when you still didn't have a primary residence in that state. That is classic carpetbagging.

And no, someone from an abutting state still does not meet that basic requirement just because they are in the neighborhood. Not sure what facts you think aren't straight, but it's pretty simple - she's not a Rhode Islander, and has no business even being in the race for governor.


m1327 t1_is6lb9u wrote

> Not sure what facts you think aren't straight

Guy said "She's from IL". I'd say she's from MA. That's all. As I said before, you can feel free to think this means she's not from here. To me, since I also grew up in MA and now live for decades in RI - I'd love to see RI become more like MA in many ways.


PantsPoopington t1_is30aj3 wrote

Fair points. I guess it really could be anyone. Just feels like one year in any state just isn’t long enough to know enough about it to run for such an important position.


TheThinker21 t1_is1zzz3 wrote

It's really quite simple for me. As a father of two daughters, any candidate that fucks with a woman's right to choose will not get my vote. I don't care if the alternative means more corruption or the state gets shittier, blah blah blah. I've lived here my entire life. Your skin gets a little thicker with the shittiness RI brings.

Fuck with abortion rights or the ability to get one by any means, you don't get my vote, idc


MaxrayMan t1_is1tvb6 wrote

Kalus’ comments about never supporting “tax payer funded abortion” (amongst other issues) is a dealbreaker for me. Tax-payer funded abortion is code word for lots of things, including the healthcare plans for RI state employees, the largest employer in the state (for better or for worse.) So her policy would impact a significant number of women’s abjlity to secure necessary healthcare services.

I will be voting for McKee


Leftbehind25 t1_is2r1ka wrote

Didn’t watch the debate. However; a women running for a major office who is against women’s rights (abortion) definitely doesn’t get my vote no matter what side of the aisle she sits on.


lovemesomereddit t1_is17gvv wrote

She was simply more articulate than McKee. Other than that, she seemed like a condescending shit bag who’s only thought was what can I say that will make cavemen constituents go “YEAH, WHAT SHE SAID!!”


mcsteam98 t1_is3a1tb wrote

While McKee is an awful candidate, I don’t see a reason to vote for a woman who carpetbagged just for the sake of holding office. Moreso if they don’t have any level of an actual game plan.

Where the hell is Bob Healey when you need him to run again?


Swamp_yankee_ninja t1_is11uro wrote

Well, on the one hand with McKee is business as usual, good ol’ boy politics at it very best. On the other hand with Kalus, she hasn’t been a Rhode Islander long enough to be in the good ol’ boys club. In reality people in Rhode Island vote the same way every election expecting a different result. In the end, it doesn’t even matter. It’s a big club and we ain’t in it.


kflanagan_9739 t1_is1rldo wrote

I didn’t watch it. I don’t like either one but if I have to pick one I’m picking McKee. The way I look at it is I’m voting against Kalus.


slipperysuarez t1_is0x1bz wrote

They are incredibly different people. I don’t know how anyone could be on the fence.


Homelessjoe16 t1_is1xf4a wrote

Is there a link to the whole debate?


brenden77 t1_is49hft wrote

If Kalus was pro-choice i'd vote for her. But she's not, so i just cannot take the chance that she won't try to ban abortion in RI. Sorry, not sorry.


Jmac3366 t1_is4vucy wrote

Exactly if republicans realized that one issue is killing them they would probably win in parts of the northeast but they won’t give it up


brenden77 t1_is5du72 wrote

It's the most idiotic hill to die on too. Forcing your own beliefs on other people. Forcing women into hell little by little. Like what is so wrong with allowing people to live their own lives and make their own decisions?


jdmess401 OP t1_is62n3v wrote

That’s an issue Republicans struggle with in general. All their ideas on immigration , abortion, LGBTQ, etc, are based on a refusal to accept that their reality is not the same for everyone.


LeftSpell532 t1_is8qnzi wrote

Only 15% of Rhode Island voted in the primaries we had a great candidate but not enough people voted for him now we got to choose from two idiots. I refuse to vote for someone who just bought their third house and their idol is the governor of Florida. Only one choice really


jrprov1 t1_is0pxnt wrote

Very few opinions are changed by debates, especially this late into the campaign. The underdog (in this case, Kalus) hopes to do just that, but it rarely succeeds. The favorite usually agrees to debate to not look afraid but usually uses the debate to try to fire up his or her own base in order to keep the lead.


william1Bastard t1_is1m7g2 wrote

She seemed the stronger candidate, yet she was yelling nonsense most of the time. Hot take.


BobJacobs2022 t1_is3756k wrote

I'm old enough to remember when you talked politics you just laughed and said that person sucks and I'm not voting for them and move Now....its an all out vial, name calling, personal attack on the person you disagree with....judging by these comments, the hate and divide is alive and well and not going anywhere. Dang!


overthehillhat t1_is1uul4 wrote


Very disappointed - -

I was told Charlie Hall and Doreen Collins might stand in for them - - -



manicmonday122 t1_is2q1k2 wrote

McKee is what is wrong with this State, just a good old boy. There is a very good chance that he will be removed or forced to resign with the FBI investigation. At least Kalus has some ideas. McKee is just an empty suit.


mkmck t1_is6au58 wrote

She should take her "ideas" to her home state and get the fuck out of RI. We don't need her and sure as hell don't want her.


manicmonday122 t1_is6fc11 wrote

I'll take her over McKee any day of the week. This state is known around the country for corrupt politicians and McKee is keeping right up with the tradition. He has no ideas, he is the reason the Pawsox left, and now he signs on with Grebien for Tidewater Landing which everyone says will cost the taxpayers millions in additional taxes because it will never self-sustain itself. He is also going to toll passenger vehicles when he loses in court for the truck tolls.


dman_usa t1_is0ptya wrote

Kalus just sounded flat and McKee again just looked happy to be there. Wasn’t really prepared to answer the hard questions neither of them. But happily vote for Kalus over McKee.


Fine-Loquat t1_is0zajx wrote

I just noticed your comment karma was negative 100 🤣🤣🤣 Makes sense!


degggendorf t1_is16shb wrote

That's where it maxes out when showing a profile's total; actual is a much bigger negative number.


Fine-Loquat t1_is1etax wrote

That makes even more sense! Trolls must be sad they can’t get all the hate


dman_usa t1_is1wq9f wrote

lol how cute u think im a troll lol. Just warning this subreddit now of NOV McKee isn’t a safe W


mkmck t1_is6bwi0 wrote

That's because he's a 20 year old that thinks he knows everything. He is, in fact, a fucking idiot.


Wonder_Simple t1_is0glwp wrote

She swayed me


degggendorf t1_is0m7cv wrote

I guess that's the new scheme from the Right...pretend to be undecided, then declare that x thing changed your mind. I've seen it several times in this sub, always with R candidates """winning me over""".

I suppose the idea is to not immediately out themselves as a wool-over-their-eyes republican to try to retain some shred of credibility, while still trying to build support for their candidate.

But they're clearly too foolish to realize that their comment history is public and we can all see their persistent conservative frothing all along.


Wonder_Simple t1_is0s98d wrote

Lol, why on earth would you vote democrat when you know what it brings? Rhode Island is such garbage and it’s because of terrible policies and corrupt democrats. Voting Republican would bring the pendulum back to center, but whatever dude


degggendorf t1_is0tvzw wrote

Ah, there we go. Thanks for proving my theory correct right in this thread.


Wonder_Simple t1_is19lcq wrote

You’re naive. Your theory is moot. You can call me republican but you’re wrong. I’m not affiliated with any political party. I think critically and care about the future. We obviously see the future in two different ways. I think the progressive agenda is terrible and there is more than sufficient evidence to prove it.


degggendorf t1_is1avnt wrote

LOL, you say you care about the future yet you don't vote in any primaries? That seems awfully self-defeating and hypocritical.

It also seems like you're still failing to grasp what I am saying here anyway. My point is that the debate didn't change your opinion at all, you were always going to vote for Kalus. I haven't said anything about what my opinion is, or what anyone else's opinion should be...I'm just calling out a deceptive practice I have seen exclusively from one side.


Wonder_Simple t1_is1juv4 wrote

I am actually able to vote in whichever primary I prefer. I actually voted in the democrat primary for the least insane candidates there are. I could care less what your opinion is.


degggendorf t1_is1l0me wrote

Ah okay so the dishonesty extends beyond reddit


Wonder_Simple t1_is1m4xy wrote

Lol, whatever dude. You need to worry about your own life


degggendorf t1_is1ntop wrote

Hah nice, yeah more hypocrisy....

> You need to worry about your own life

from the author of such classics as:

> why on earth would you vote democrat when you know what it brings?"

You are truly a paragon of minding your own business lol.


wormholeweapons t1_is10mzu wrote

Wait wait wait. Hol up. You think it’s only democrats that are corrupt in RI?



babith t1_is37fyp wrote

Maybe they’re too young to remember Buddy 😆


Wonder_Simple t1_is196rs wrote

Democrats are the only politicians in RI, republicans make up less than literally 5% of all politicians at every level.


degggendorf t1_is1biip wrote

> republicans make up less than literally 5% of all politicians at every level

What's your source for that? For elected officials that apply to me, 25% are republican and I'm not even in a particularly conservative town. Burrillville has 4/5 town councillors affiliated with the republican party.


mkmck t1_is6besp wrote

Shit man...affiliated? They are full-fledged Trump worshipers. The TC here is a bad joke, but they play to the residents. Burrillville is a beautiful town, firmly entrenched in the 1940's.


degggendorf t1_is6dfkw wrote

Thanks for the extra detail...I was being conservative (heh) with my language since I'm not familiar with Burrillville local politics and only quickly looked up the party alignments.


mkmck t1_is6e6yw wrote

It's horrible up here in that regard. These morons (and by that I mean most of the residents) adore Trump, and hate anyone who doesn't. There is even one clown that drives around with 2 flags on the back of his truck...Old Glory, flying next to the traitor's rag. These ignorant fucks don't even know what ironic means.


wormholeweapons t1_is1ortw wrote

Not sure if you heard that. But it was the point flying over your head.


sc00p401 t1_is0xlz2 wrote

Kalus is a fascist, McKee is a liberal. Both are right wing. That's not bringing the pendulum to the center at all.


mkmck t1_is6b3xx wrote

Why on Earth would RI want a governor who adores Trump and DeSantis, thinks women shouldn't be able to make their own choices with their body, and who has lived here for about 20 minutes?