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CatH2222 t1_ivcgvo2 wrote

My seasonal depression has begun.


gradontripp t1_ivcl4t8 wrote

Read that as “seasoned depression”, and all I could think of was how tasty my depression would be with some adobo.

Edit: Typo


CatH2222 t1_ivcmt03 wrote

I would prefer seasoned depression if I'm being honest.


Piccolo-Significant t1_ivcsml9 wrote

Legit, Carlson's Cod Liver Oil (lemon flavor, yellow cap! Just tastes lemony!). Fixed my whole shit right up.


CatH2222 t1_ivgjybj wrote

My dude, that stuff is expensive! But not nearly as expensive as therapy 😏


SNES_Punk t1_ivv4qx1 wrote

Mine hits in the summer, since i absolutely hate hot weather. Hang in there friend - it'll be my turn again soon enough.


Captain-Cannoli t1_ivcdecv wrote

I was really hoping that we weren’t going to be doing it this year


Postman1997 t1_ivciql8 wrote

I believe there is a bill currently awaiting a vote to have this daylight savings be the last one from now on


Omega-6-Ashbringer t1_ivcmmb8 wrote

To my knowledge it has already passed, supposed to start next year


PigpenMcKernan t1_ivcnpat wrote

I found out this week it passed the senate but not the house. It could pass before next spring, but I doubt it.


StonksGuy3000 t1_ivcoxzu wrote

Only needs to be passed before next fall, because we’d spring forward either way


redditkt t1_ivcnqwn wrote

Only the senate passed it. The house sat on it and hasn’t voted.


Throwaway1231200001 t1_ivcs70z wrote

We shouldn't have sunsets at 4 whatever. If we can't make DST normal, we should join Atlantic standard time


Aliriel t1_ivcjcas wrote

I hate leaving work in the dark. What time is it now? Midnight? Oh... no... 6:25.😖


overthehillhat t1_ivcclxi wrote

Is that you Paul?


Bjarki56 OP t1_ivcd2k5 wrote

You can call meeee Al!


BitterStatus9 t1_ivcq435 wrote

I want it to be dark in the morning and light at night.


TzarKazm t1_ivclr0b wrote

The fall back thing made waking up early very easy. We should do it every weekend.


knowslesthanjonsnow t1_ivd2wzl wrote

Honestly not a bad idea. Every Friday we can jump from 4pm to 5pm and then get that hour back overnight


give_me_wine t1_ivd1na1 wrote

Time for me to switch from my standard depression to my seasonal depression and stock up on vitamin d supplements


stalequeef69 t1_ivcy58g wrote

Already over this crap. Thing is I LOVE the holiday season but after New Years Day it's gloomy, dark and cold.


give_me_wine t1_ivd1876 wrote

Winter after New Years is so depressing. Everyone puts away their pretty Christmas decorations and everything is gloomy and dark. I hate putting away my Christmas tree, that’s why I left it up until February one year 😬


stalequeef69 t1_ivd1gd6 wrote

I'm that house that sets up Christmas lights and then switches to winter colors after Jan 1st. Colored lights for the holidays and blue/white till March 1st.


FoleyisGood t1_ivd6q9j wrote

By then it's steadily getting lighter later. Will still be light out at 5pm


Mrsericmatthews t1_ivcmm2v wrote

I hope the bill gets passed where we just have the permanent daylight savings time.


Business-Impress4792 t1_ivcg8vc wrote

I embrace my hibernation!! It’s the only way to get through (plus vitamin d supplements)

Also standard time is elite. Google it people


User0098237490 t1_ivcns0p wrote

Gotta prepare myself for all the “I can’t believe how dark out it is right now” bullshit that happens every year.


give_me_wine t1_ivczvlu wrote

It always feels so weird to me. It’s only 8:30PM right now but it feels so much later. I felt bad for my boyfriend last night, he works at a bar that closes at 2AM on the weekends so he had to stay an extra hour last night on top of his usual 10 hour shift 😬


overthehillhat t1_ivcg6r9 wrote

The sounds of silence? - -

Now that my role model is gone, gone, gone


Antonio_Bologna t1_ivcv8l5 wrote

I remain the lord of time by turning my clocks back one hour every hour. How many time travelers do you know with seasonal depression? Zero.


championofthelight t1_ivd3okt wrote

I guess i’m in the minority but for me the more darkness the better. I am not a fan of sunlight. Maybe it’s from my years of working third, or my severe depression.


Cinema_King t1_ivepe1u wrote

I’m not a fan of the early darkness but since I love cold weather and means that it’s close I usually like this time of year.

I say usually because this bullshit 70+ weather we’ve have been stuck with sucks. I’m getting very impatient for the cold.


Top-Effective2815 t1_ivde925 wrote

Me and my ✨ seasonal affective disorder✨ hate it.


thorusoma t1_ivdmpsg wrote

I don't know a single person that enjoys it


kdex86 t1_ivee7ng wrote

Get rid of it, and move to Atlantic Standard Time.


degggendorf t1_ivevrx3 wrote

I propose we let time drift a few minutes every day so that sunset is always 8pm.


D-Spornak t1_ivfctb6 wrote

I think it's pretty pointless.


Bjarki56 OP t1_ivg3j4h wrote

Yes, I remembered when this happened in the 70s. (I am that old.)

It was a response to the energy crisis. People did hate it. I remember a lot of parents complaining about kids waiting for their school bus in pitch darkness.


[deleted] t1_ivcqq4v wrote



nebuladrifting t1_ivcsyji wrote

I mean, you can’t have it both ways, but I think most people would prefer to not have it be dark by the end of the work day. Having 5-6 hours of darkness before bedtime also feels disorienting.


Mattias2000 t1_iveoj35 wrote

Check your self. I get up every day at 5am so it's dark for me driving to work no matter what. So I'd atleast like to have more than 2 hours of sunlight after getting home.


Klutzy-Reporter4223 t1_ivcvz1x wrote

It’s worse to wake up at 7:30 am and it’s still dark. Embrace waking early and gong to bed early!!! Hibernation time.


SnooPets991 t1_ivdwio3 wrote

That's Rhode island for yea


rendrag099 t1_ivdhvff wrote

The House has had the Senate version of the bill for 7 months and Pelosi couldn't be bothered to put a bipartisan, well-supported bill to the floor for a vote. This is one reason (of hundreds) why we're sick and tired of politicians.