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sporkemon t1_ixbagwg wrote

a know-a-guy competition, where contestants are given an objective and tasked with calling people they know to accomplish the goal. challenges might include getting a low number vanity plate from the dmv, pushing through your restaurant's liquor license application with the town, getting your congressman to write a letter talking about how great your kid is to brown (the kid won't get in), etc. anything that makes you say "hey, I know a guy!" is fair game.

also, naming all 39 incorporated cities and towns in rhode island. you'd think it'd be simple, but it's hoddah than you think! bonus points for putting them on a blank map at the same time.


johnny_cash_money t1_ixbdv9q wrote

Alternatively, name every village in South County without accidentally naming an entire town.


Guyincognito4269 t1_ixcbrsy wrote

That first one definitely. I was talking to someone the other day about how we should change the state motto to I know a guy.