Submitted by theovertalker t3_z56z7w in RhodeIsland

We’re going to be buying a new Honda in the next couple of months. Do you have a recommendation for an decent dealer in Mass or RI, somewhat close to Providence?

We’re ruling out Greico, who have been sued by the state attorney general.



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BlueMoon-9786 t1_ixuesol wrote

Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk. Really good sales experience and service team. They take care of your RI paperwork with the DMV too.


dantronZ t1_ixuosvg wrote

I second this. Great service here, and they went above and beyond to solve a problem with a faulty car sold to me by Greico. Definitely avoid Greico


radioflea t1_ixveet2 wrote

Herb Chambers service department is quite pricey but worth it if you want Honda specific technicians.


IDecidedtoSmile t1_ixwslej wrote

Terrible people. Overcharging with dealer marks ups like crazy. Called about a civic type r and they wanted 19500 over sticker and a non refundable partial payment. In my experience all Honda dealers are charging over MSRP and playing shenanigans with prices. Most want over sticker even with the rise in interest rates and looming dip in the market.

If you’re gonna go to herb chambers of balise and pay 5-7k over sticker for A Honda, go to Speedcraft Acura and get one at sticker price. Same cars but nicer and no stupid games.


azi1611 t1_ixv2sw5 wrote

Herb chambers BMW in Warwick was not a good experience for me. I almost ordered a car with them and they wouldn’t allow me to order the car without 3k of dealer options . It was pretty annoying. So I went with a different dealer that let me order it for msrp.


greyace78 t1_ixwctas wrote

BMW Warwick isn't a Herb Chambers store. It's Inskip


azi1611 t1_ixwfkst wrote

True u right my bad. I know the Cadillac and Alfa dealer there are Herb, I assumed bmw was too. Guess not


koidrieyez t1_ixumshz wrote

Stay away from Balise Honda in Warwick. Had to cause a scene in their showroom to get my keys back after asking politely 5 times. Heard nothing but good things about Cardinal in CT.


Null_Error7 t1_ixuq8uy wrote

I 2nd avoiding the balise auto group and anything they own (Hurd). They ruined a new vehicle’s paint during a clear coat job in 2012 and sold me a lemon in 2019 and refused to let me out of the deal.


anxiousinfotech t1_ixuyyhv wrote

They bought my local Toyota dealer a while back and have absolutely ruined service. I've heard some absolutely cringeworthy sales lines in the showroom too. I would not buy any brand of new car from a dealership they own.


JasonDJ t1_ixw1r3k wrote

Never going back to Balise.

I bought a used Grand Cherokee there like 15 years ago. Pointed out that the coolant light was on and the oil pressure gauge kept reading low during the test drive. They assured it would be fixed before pickup.

The coolant was full when I picked it up but the light came back on the next day. The oil gauge never worked right.

I brought it in and was told there’s a blown head gasket. Wanted to charge me full price for repair a few days after purchase.

Like, dude, I pointed out the coolant issue during test drive and you just topped it off and called it a day. I’m not paying full price for a head gasket repair the same week I bought the truck. That’s why you go to “big” dealerships and not Joey’s House of Cars, you expect vehicles get inspected and repaired prior to purchase.

Had to fight with them for a while to get it fixed. They offered me a Volvo that just got traded in with dash lights like a Christmas tree and reeking of cigar smoke.

What a shady ass group of people.

I’ve never been unhappy with Tarbox (aside from some distaste over SRS repairs but that’s a manufacturer/R2R issue and nothing to do with that shop/dealership in particular).

We bought our Odyssey at Silko last year and have been pretty happy so far. It’s a bit of a trek from RI though.


hooksie t1_ixy45ug wrote

Balise wanted me to pay $5000+ for a full camshaft replacement. Banchwerks took a look at it and realized it was a $60 sensor.

Oh, Balise also told me my timing belt was worn out and about to snap. That car didn't have a timing belt, it had a chain.

Worst auto group in RI.


Mrmojorisincg t1_ixv529a wrote

Greico sucks, good choice


LionMcTastic t1_ixxhvhr wrote

Yeah, definitely not going back there again. Sneaky rat bastards


rye8901 t1_ixugqvm wrote

What is Grieco being sued for?


[deleted] t1_ixuh1tk wrote



dantronZ t1_ixup4io wrote

they sold me what was supposed to be a new car. I found out about 4 years later when the paint started to wear away that the car was in fact in an accident. I had never been in an accident. They showed me where the car was repainted and how to tell. I brought it to a few places for more opinions. I was told that if a car is hit on the lot and they deem that it's less than $5,000 in damages, they can fix it and sell it as new without telling the buyer.

Greico are shady fucks. Honda of Seekonk repainted my entire car for free, which they didn't have to do. They are amazing.


UncleJimmee t1_ixv5kwm wrote

yeah they tried to switch cars on us. then when it was supposed to certified used it turns out it wasnt. skip greico.


radioflea t1_ixvest8 wrote

They are a trash dealership in every way possible. I’m not sure how they are still in business.


TheAngelPeterGabriel t1_ixul9st wrote

We got my mom's Honda at saccucci in portsmouth. Granted it was almost 15 years ago, but it's not greico so yeah.


UncleJimmee t1_ixv5fny wrote

came to say saccucci. great experiences (except theyre allll the way out on the island. lol. )


GardRail t1_ixvbb9g wrote

Yes, Saccucci is owned by women. Check it out. Worth the drive. Just FYI there is no Honda inventory in New England. Prices are super high.


DogByte_2021 t1_ixw7ogc wrote

Bought a Civic from Herb Chambers in 2009. Got a good price, but had to negotiate for hours. We finally let our six year old son start playing in the cars in the showroom and touching everything, they hurried up and closed the deal. :)


le127 t1_ixug084 wrote

Bernardi in Natick. I was forced into the used car market last year, perhaps the worst year to buy a used car since Henry Ford was rolling out Model Ts. After 3 weeks of looking and checking dealers in four states to find what I wanted I wound up at Bernardi. The vibe was unlike any other car dealer I had visited in decades of driving. The staff was friendly, chill, and helpful. As the saying goes, YMMV, but my experience was certainly positive.


fishythepete t1_ixumnbm wrote

Bernardi also sells more factory extended warranties than any other shop in the country because they offer them close to cost and with reasonable payment terms, at any time post sale, instead of having the F&I guy try to sell them at a huge markup when they’re closing the sale. They do business the right way.


le127 t1_ixuplqj wrote

That's interesting. After finishing with the salesperson I was dreading the final stop with the F & I guy as this is usually like a mashup of a snake oil peddler/evangelical preacher/door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. It went just like everything with the sales team, the pitch was relaxed and very low key. No high pressure or pleading at all.


IDecidedtoSmile t1_ixwsuw6 wrote

In my experience all Honda dealers are charging over MSRP and playing shenanigans with cars. Most want over sticker still even with the rise in interest rates and looming dip in the market. If you’re gonna go to herb chambers of balise and pay 5-7k over sticker for A Honda, go to Speedcraft Acura and get one at sticker price. Same cars but nicer and no stupid games.


bonvct t1_ixwjx9l wrote

Herb Chambers


smoooothpants t1_ixvmkdk wrote

Saccucci Honda in Middletown is a good one


lnicole1994 t1_ixw4hrb wrote

My family always goes to Saccuci and we’ve always had a good experience!


PapaFrancis119 t1_ixwbc3z wrote

Bought our Honda from Silko on rt 44 in Raynham. Had no problems or anything.


gravytrain2112 t1_ixwekfo wrote

We’ve purchased and leases the 3 pilots from Boch Honda in Norwood. If you’re purchasing/leasing new high volume dealers usually have a bit better pricing. If you’re leasing I also highly recommend edmunds forums. You can get the pricing info on the model so you can calculate the monthly price yourself.


tibbon t1_ixv174n wrote

Honda… car, motorcycle, snowmobile, generator…?


theovertalker OP t1_ixv7erq wrote

Car, which I hope was implied. Snowmobiling a little spotty in Providence.


le127 t1_ixvb6hm wrote

lol outboard motor, private jet, lawn mower...?