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therealDrA OP t1_ivn2lng wrote

It sure is. The death gasp of Fung at a faded, dying Cranston "institution." As a Cranstonian so embarrassing...and so sweeet!


Uncle_Tony96 t1_ivn2wem wrote

Talk shit about Fung, sure. But talking shit about Twin Oaks is crossing the line


BiddahProphet t1_ivo8g14 wrote

Twin Oaks is overrated and I'll die on this hill


longislandtoolshed t1_ivocbfy wrote

My first and only time I went to Twin Oaks was after a funeral for someone I didn't really know. There were unlimited free drinks and I had a giant chicken parm. Pretty view of the pond. There was also this really cute husky dog that was chatting me up. 8/10 experience


mightynifty_2 t1_ivoqafm wrote

Twin Oaks is properly rated. It's overrated by the old, underrated by the young. Not as good as it used to be, but a decent dinner out.


BiddahProphet t1_ivoriun wrote

I disagree. I went and got chicken Parm there once and it was literally a sysco chicken round patty. Don't try to sell me that shit in Cranston where there are about 100 good Italian restaurants

Even their turkey club is uninspiring


drewtee t1_ivpseat wrote

We used to go 8 or 9 times a year and it was always fun bringing out of towners there, since it's such an old school place (and the food was always great). I would say since the pandemic the food has taken a drastic turn for the worst. Like mentioned below, their chicken parm is made with a battered frozen patty now. Their veal is fake unless you specifically ask for 'real veal'. We had a first timer order chicken marsala last month and it was downright gross (I've had this in the past there and it was decent). The service is always great but with all this Fung/Trump stuff and the quality of food we ain't going back any time soon.

Cassarino's has been our go-to since we've been soured on Twin Oaks the last few times.


Jehaine t1_ivqm32u wrote

There was a change of chef a year or two ago. Food is just not the same since.


PM_ME_YOUR_LUKEWARM t1_ivnkd7o wrote

Had Fung come out and said he supports abortion, and then dealt with party consequences afterwards, he definitely would have won.

It was too close a race.

The fact he did not come out and support abortion says a lot about what he truly believes.

And Twin Oaks seems like the perfect environment for that; aged, stubborn, & outdated.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_ivo7w56 wrote

I think he tried to waffle the abortion issue too much but the simple reality is nobody is going to believe that a Republican is going to break rank on that issue or really anything really. You can’t say you’d vote for Kevin McCarthy, have him help you fundraise, then expect people to believe you’re going to somehow be the one to stand up to him.


PM_ME_YOUR_LUKEWARM t1_ivql8al wrote

I'd believe it if they were explicit about it.

Hell I would love someone who thought for themselves and didn't vote on party favor.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_ivqmz8v wrote

For a job like this, it's insane that journalists and debate moderators aren't asking the simple question of "Are there any specific issues where you feel you would NOT support your party's national platform?"

It works to find if there's Republicans who would go on record and say "No, I would not support any federal abortion ban" as well as Democrats on something like guns or whatever. It has potential for followups and really pins a candidate down. And yet everyone who had Magaziner and Fung on the record this past year completely whiffed on asking it.


crackawhat1 t1_ivno5am wrote

Does twin oaks still do the whole no female wait staff? Or did they finally do away with that.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_ivn30tn wrote

I'm sure he's eying other races to lose next time


dc_dobbz t1_ivp62mm wrote

Ever since the courts supported loaning your campaign money and paying it back with donations losing has become a winning proposition (assuming you have the money to start with).


dc_dobbz t1_ivp63fl wrote

Ever since the courts supported loaning yourself campaign money and paying it back with donations losing has become a winning proposition (assuming you have the money to start with).


derpbeluga t1_ivn052b wrote

I haven't been this happy in a while.


RandomChurn t1_ivo2ds0 wrote

Same: I literally did a fist pump "YES!!!" here alone in the dark in my room with my pupper 😆


boulevardofdef t1_ivoni6z wrote

I threw my hands in the air, awkwardly looked up at the camera, and yelled: "ENOUGH ALREADY! GTFO, Allan Fung!"


thehillshaveI t1_ivn0msm wrote

what's funny is he'd have had a shot at governor this time i think

i do enjoy watching him lose either way


NitronicFury t1_ivn0w75 wrote

He legitimately could have beaten McKee for governor. Instead you ran in a D+18 district for a federal office after losing statewide office twice. Oh well, goes to show you the level of forward thinking we “missed out” on


QuirkyWafer4 t1_ivn8a9i wrote

Even though I’m relishing in Fung losing, this still was a very close race in a D+18 district. There was only a 3% difference between him and Magaziner.


boulevardofdef t1_ivoolse wrote

Fung really was a strong candidate and Magaziner is kind of a dud, but that wasn't enough to overcome the district's huge partisan lean.


anotheronebytesdust t1_ivnn7aw wrote

Tbf I’m from this district and am pretty surprised he lost. Believe it or not, northern Rhode Island is MAGA country.


NitronicFury t1_ivnnqiz wrote

Oh I know, I’m also from RI-02. I do live in one of the coastal blue towns, but if you drive five minutes north or west from the beach you see it gets pretty red really quick.

The thing is though between South County + 1/2 of Providence this race was 100% Magaziner’s to lose. And we’re starting to see the polling error giving Fung so much confidence is a nationwide trend as Democrats outperform House expectations


derpbeluga t1_ivo5twu wrote

I wonder if it has anything to do with how these polls are conducted. I don't know a single person under 50 who has a land line or even answers their cell if they get a call from a number they don't recognize. If these polls are done by phone, then it would make sense that mostly republican voters participate.


Throwaway1231200001 t1_ivoq5my wrote

I've been getting poll text message surveys since before the primaries so they don't just rely on the landline/unknown call game


derpbeluga t1_ivoqnb6 wrote

Oh good the know. However, the same thing might be happening. I personally would never reply to a text message asking me about my political views. I would assume it would be similar to one of those fake "Should illegal immigrants receive stimulus checks, vote now" online polls that in reality are just ads to get you to donate money to some political candidate.

Older people might be more inclined to respond.


boulevardofdef t1_ivoodem wrote

The problem for Republicans here is, as the saying goes, land doesn't vote. If you drive around Northern RI, you're going to see a lot of red and not a lot of blue. But that area is relatively sparsely populated. The population centers in Providence, Warwick and Cranston (where Fung is the popular former mayor and only won by 3 percent) make it very difficult for a Republican to win this district even if most of the land leans to the right.


mhhkb t1_ivn37iy wrote

The inside scoop is that the state GOP doesn't like Fung all that much and tried to sandbag him with Patricia Morgan last time he ran for Gov. He's not white and blonde enough for them. Or whackjob enough for them.

If he stayed a Democrat (he was one, but the racist Ds in Cranston didn't want him when he tried to run for City Council), he would win in landslides no matter what race he chose. Maybe now Fung can wake up and realize that unless he goes 100% gun nut nazi, he'll never be a successful Republican.


therealDrA OP t1_ivn4rmz wrote

They cleared the field for him this year. Bob Lancia was railroaded with a pitchfork (not that I mind) to step out of the race.


boulevardofdef t1_ivonrki wrote

Yeah -- Congress was more important to the national GOP, though, and they heavily recruited him for this race.


lolabeanz59 t1_ivnetqr wrote

He definitely had a better chance at CD2 than the governor. He’s already run for governor twice and lost both times.


kimmerman_ t1_ivr4geh wrote

He couldn’t help himself when the congressional seat opened. Anything to work with his GOP heroes.


DiegoForAllNeighbors t1_ivn5k6m wrote

Well done Mayor Fung. Republicans simply need to concede close elections for the country to become more safe and stable.


RoboDSGNR t1_ivnmt1m wrote

id vote for some repubs if they are moderate. but that doesnt exist rn


rdleaks t1_ivok4id wrote


mightynifty_2 t1_ivory1n wrote

Congrats on proving another flaw with conservative strategy- bringing up math without understanding how statistics works. Most cities in the US are blue, which means it's not surprising that cities with high homicide rates are run by democrat mayors, since most mayors of big cities are democrats. This is like saying "The most common letter in cans of alphabet soup purchased by customers at this store is O" without factoring in that the store had a sale on SpaghettiOs.

What's even dumber is that the article is trying to claim that this is due to 'defunding the police' when the cities with the highest number of cops per capita are NYC, Chicago, Philly, D.C., etc. Have you ever stopped to think before posting propaganda?


OldTimeyFapGhost420 t1_ivn6t9h wrote

Hopefully he doesn't get wasted and murder someone with his car.


SeveralPineapple1988 t1_ivolg9g wrote

Didn't help that all of Fung's campaign ads were just slam pieces about "silver-spoon Seth" and nothing about what he actually stands for. If your entire campaign revolves around "The other guy is bad. Don't worry about what I will or won't do, that's all you need to know." Maybe you shouldn't hold any office whatsoever.


mkmck t1_ivo5k07 wrote

You are a three time loser now Allan...take the hint. Cranston may love you, but RI doesn't. Go away.


HeadyBeersBrah t1_ivojwd5 wrote

Which is bizarre, didn't he put Cranston in a horrible financial situation for years?


mhhkb t1_ivq5866 wrote

Nah, he inherited a disaster. He actually did a good job turning it around and getting the city on a stable path.


DrewCrew62 t1_ivpxckl wrote

He only needs to lose one more election to match the Buffalo Bills with 4 consecutive L’s in a finals


therealDrA OP t1_ivpy7lq wrote

Oh dear God, I can't take another race against him.


mooscaretaker t1_ivoj3qc wrote

I wonder what this means for the statewide GOP. They need to rethink their candidates


DrewCrew62 t1_ivtktb1 wrote

That was my thought about Kalus especially. Like there’s ways republicans can win state offices in New England, and it’s not by running someone whose political idol is Ron desantis. Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire have all had Republican governors as of late, and I know for mass and Vermont at least, we’re fairly moderate people chill on social issues. It really makes me wonder what the local party is thinking when they pull shit like this


x237C t1_ivw5i5s wrote

This election showed that the national GOP needs to do the same. The GOP will need to rejoin reality and have a platform beyond own the libs before they will be seriously considered by anyone beyond the base.


Yelling_Jellyfish t1_ivn8778 wrote

Maybe the third time is a charm and he'll go away for good.


narrat t1_ivo1dlm wrote

Did people want Allan Fung? No Fungin’ way,


Essarray t1_ivnphgd wrote

Yay! The low bar has been met!


lateroundpick t1_ivov6j3 wrote

And how about stop running for office and just go away finally.


Kraft-cheese-enjoyer t1_ivq4o0u wrote

This was probably the best chance for a Republican to win a noteworthy election in this state.

RI-2 is probably districted as well as possible to maximize republican votes.

Fung is a very well known name, Magaziner was a dud/no-namer (though I was impressed by Seth's debate performance).

Also, the Democrats are historically very unpopular right now due to political beta of inflation and rising interest rates.

I voted for Magaziner but would have been ok with Fung. I do believe he's a moderate republican like Charlie Baker. Actually glad to be able to vote in an election where it felt like my vote made a difference.


Status_Silver_5114 t1_ivnp5nh wrote

Thank god. This should be breaking not the completely expected McKee result.


radarmy t1_ivog9le wrote

Weed shops are legal in my town now, all the rest is window dressing. Just kidding, kind of.


HeWhoIsNotMe t1_ivoqpt9 wrote

I guess those silly commercials trying to make him "one of us" didn't work.

"What about the chowda"?


dollrussian t1_ivq1dvw wrote

So do we think he’ll stop running or is he going to turn into Pat Cortelesso 2.0


therealDrA OP t1_ivq3c4z wrote

He is kind of demented...he thinks of himself as a "superhero in khakis" after all. I would guess he will run again because "my god they miss me!"


thejeffloop t1_ivrlvzb wrote

Thank you fellow RIers for voting.


BigGucciMel223 t1_ivst4hc wrote

If you notice only degenerate “educated” white liberals and leftists are showing dislike for fung in these comments:


fishpigs289 t1_ivoaktl wrote

This is a perfect example of people voting based on party and not the candidate. We all know who the best candidate was.


mightynifty_2 t1_ivos2vi wrote

> We all know who the best candidate was

I have no idea who they are- they either didn't run or didn't win their primary. Seth was certainly the better of the two main options though.


mdurg68 t1_ivrq3h8 wrote

I think only a Google or Facebook algorithm or maybe the NSA knows who the best candidate is. Definitely not any of us humans.


HiHo-Silver t1_ivoghml wrote

And now we freeze and pay astronomical heating bills! Thanks Seth!


jaydizz t1_ivoj8k2 wrote

Thankfully, that only makes sense in a Fung commercial, because in real life US House Reps don't set prices for home heating...


mkmck t1_ivop52u wrote

Are you really stupid enough to believe that either one of them can do the first effing thing about energy prices?


HiHo-Silver t1_ivopeo0 wrote

What has any of these people down to help us don’t call me stupid! Don’t be a jerk we are all going to experience higher energy costs due to the agenda of your party I am an independent. But I am not better off right now. Maybe you are I am on a fixed income and cannot absorb any more increases.


mkmck t1_ivor6mv wrote

Energy is a global market ..prices aren't set in the US House. If you think they are, you are stupid


mightynifty_2 t1_ivoshxp wrote

If only we were on a completely US-based system where we got power for the cost of maintenance alone. Something like getting power from natural resources like the sun or the water without needing to work with foreign powers. That would mean fluctuations in the global market wouldn't affect energy prices in the US! And since we wouldn't be using a depletable amount of energy we could call it something like... Renewable energy! Yeah, if only there were a party championing the switch over to that kind of system.

Oh wait...


HiHo-Silver t1_ivot98s wrote

Germany already tried this and they had to go back to natural gas give me a break. Shutting down Coal plants without a viable solution will simply cause rolling blackouts across the entire grid people are not stupid. I have solar panels they’re 15 years old and they’re not putting out max efficiency and factor at 50% and wind up in a landfill another couple years leaking toxic chemicals into the ground so don’t give me this nonsense about switching over to green energy when it doesn’t exist yet put it in place first and then switch over don’t choke off of energy supplies. we are sitting on massive stores of natural gas it’s far cleaner than oil. There’s no reason to choke off our own energy production and buy it from foreign countries. People across the country are struggling to put food on the table and you guys thing here in Rhode Island it’s no different where are you going to put all the solar panels in Power Rhode Island in the middle of a blizzard. Think people be logical not emotion. There is no system in place you can’t just shut off 28% of energy in this country without a replacement


mightynifty_2 t1_ivoufqv wrote

It appears that have a fundamental misunderstanding of both green energy and the English language.


HiHo-Silver t1_ivpb9mp wrote

Injured and typing with one hand give me a break. I see you’re from Rhode Island and are taking guitar lessons I’m in the band contraband duo I play lead acoustic guitar and sing played all over Rhode Island for the last 20 years. Private lessons might be a better way to go. I teach because it’s important to know what guitar player strengths are and weaknesses are to improve them. There are plenty of great guitar players who are teaching and in Rhode Island I would look at that. We can agree to disagree on energy. Biden is squashing energy production here in the United States. And that increases inflation and harms people in fixed-income.


mdurg68 t1_ivrpt4y wrote

Not really, the energy industry is not investing capital because they got burned pre Covid going into Covid. Remember how we were out pumping everyone? The Saudis weren’t backing down either. Huge world oil glut then shutdowns happened. They took a short term beating. In this past year they have been making record profits. Do you think there is any incentive for them to pump more? Drill more? Produce more? Basically put out more money which drives the price down. Everyone paints the red vs blue picture, but it’s rich vs poor, power vs powerless. You’ve watched too much right wing tv and viewed too many memes and are now one of the brainwashed. Read some oil industry bulletin boards, or some business related articles on oil industry to gain an actual real understanding.


g_rich t1_ivqb8di wrote

There is only one party working to move the country to renewables and that party is not the Republican Party so you should be happy with who won. Renewables are the only solution to the fluctuating energy prices and the sooner we get them in place the better, Fung would have just been another Republican working against renewables and the Republican agenda would not bring down the cost of energy. Their solution which are just more pipelines and more drilling would do little to bring down costs and come with a significant environmental impact which is then left for the taxpayer to clean up, while also lining the markets of big oil along with those in Congress who support them.


g_rich t1_ivqa8e0 wrote

You are aware that oil and its byproducts are sold on the global market and the prices are set by the free market, something Republicans like to champion. So unless you are willing to admit that the free market has failed and that commodity prices should be set by the government then there is little that can be done by any one person or party in Washington to lower energy prices in any meaningful and long term way (well there is one solution and we'll get to that). If anything the US is in a much better position than most other countries when it comes to energy supply and pricing and there is only one party working on a long term solution to the global energy problems in the form of renewables and that party is certainly not the Republican's. So if you really want to address the energy problems then you should be happy with who won because that's one more person in Washington working on an actual solution, Fung would have just been another Republican working for the oil lobbies and an obstacle rubber stamping legislation working against renewable energy.


BenBos15 t1_ivofc8l wrote

Due to mail-in convenient...


mkmck t1_ivopijz wrote

Oh, so you believe voters like, for example, our military members serving out of state, shouldn't have their vote count? How fascist of you.


DrMonkeyLove t1_ivpflba wrote

Damn! Why do Republicans always do so poorly when we let more people vote?


Jeb764 t1_ivpz38t wrote

Republicans only win when people don’t vote.


Hellion102792 t1_ivr9gjc wrote

Almost like lying to people has consequences. Maybe repubs could've had a chance if they didn't spend the last 2 years ejaculating conspiratorial bullshit about eeeeviillll mail ballots into their base's eager mouths.