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RedditSkippy t1_iwcig2c wrote

I saw the ProJo alert this morning. On one hand, what else is new? On the other, is this guy legit? He’s getting fired and suddenly alleges a cover-up? I don’t know what to think.


GoxBoxSocks t1_iwcnpb5 wrote

This is what the modern usage of ACAB is trying to point a finger at. This union has a history of cover up and firing/demoting of whistleblowers to serve it's own self interests. And thus there's no such thing as a "good cop" because they rid them from duty when they stand up to bad cop behavior. It's a racket.

Is this guy legit? It remains to be seen but this is a familiar cycle.

Oakland chief wrongly fire for whistle blowing

State police whistleblower fired for speaking out about Ronald Greene beating

Fired Texas Cop Gets New Try at Whistleblower, Retaliation Suit

Behind the Blue Wall of Silence

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Proof-Variation7005 t1_iwctr9a wrote

I don't disagree with you but after reading on why this cop was fired, I don't think there's a good argument this cop was fired for retaliation. This is what got him fired

The only real question with that is how the fuck did it take 5 years


Coincel_pro t1_iwcjq2t wrote

Yeah it's hard to parse out what happened since everyone has it in their best interests to lie in this whole story.