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huh_phd t1_iwr2347 wrote

Call any urgent care center and ask. They'd know.


kayakyakr t1_iwr3wxh wrote

There's a flu going hard up here. Apparently hit Norwich CT real bad this week and the urgent care clinics are filled with no appointments until next day.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_iwr4zl9 wrote

With it being November, it's pretty much a given that influenza is ramping up.


BobJacobs2022 t1_iwrbl1x wrote

The new Covid varriant has GI issues with it. Seeing a ton of Strep but not so much Flu these days.


glassandcats t1_iwrnd1t wrote

I just had one so I’m going to say yes. Tested negative for Covid so I don’t think it’s related to any new variant.


craftyxena73 t1_iwrofm5 wrote

My kid just had a stomach bug that lasted 24 hours. The school nurse said it’s something that’s going around


omjy18 t1_iwrq4xd wrote

Had 3 people at the bar I work at call out because of it in 1 day. There's something going around right now for sure


SharpCookie232 t1_iwrwmq3 wrote

I'm on the Mass / RI border and our school is getting slammed with the stomach virus. It's just starting to ease up.


Easywind42 t1_iws2i68 wrote

Went from 70-30 out. Tis the season for sicknesses


Budderfist632 t1_iws4h0x wrote

My father went to the mall yesterday and after eating food there he was up all night having to go to the bathroom.


LionMcTastic t1_iws9rla wrote

There's a lot of sickness going around everywhere. I can't take my kids to the playground without getting sick for 2 weeks


SuddenlySimple t1_iwsbndx wrote just confirmed it for son had it on Monday and a friend that has been here came over this morning with the same symptoms...felt and looked tired and said his stomach was nauseous


djdiskino t1_iwsrc5y wrote

Stomach bug swept my whole house followed quickly by sore throats, coughs, congestion .. pretty much sucked.


401jamin t1_iwu08yv wrote

Rsv went around hard. Most of my kids daycare got it. Last I heard Covid at home tests don’t pick up new variants. My wife had Covid 3 weeks ago and tested negative on everything except pcr.


Angelicsunshine t1_iwus0xw wrote

Flu, virus, cold, covid, allergies, it's illness roulette right now


silverhammer96 t1_iwuwfum wrote

There’s always a slew of flu/stomach virus outbreaks during this time of year


Ok_Caregiver_2056 OP t1_iwwb9wc wrote

Oh no!! I didn't know that!! Actually 5 people I know tested positive for Covid with an at home test when they started getting flu like symptoms. I haven't been around them and no fever or flu symptoms here. But I'm sure tons of covid infected people test negative with those home tests.


RealKing17 t1_iwxavog wrote

I can say that I came to RI for the first time a week ago and came home with a cold. The first in 2 years 😅