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therealDrA OP t1_iww3q4w wrote

What a beautiful giraffe! Can't wait to see her.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_iwwm1ut wrote

This is a terrible way for me to learn that Sukari AND Sukari died last year. Man, what a fucking blow.


Alarmed_Nebula3917 t1_iwwwfaz wrote

Who’s job do you think it is to cut down their carcasses to put in the incinerator?


Proof-Variation7005 t1_iwwwt4s wrote

If you walk around the Johnston landfill, there's probably just 2 decaying giraffe carcasses in the middle somewhere


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxt5st wrote

I was thinking more like hundreds of black glad bags thrown in the bushes all around Atwell's Ave


JasonDJ t1_iwxut26 wrote

They have a snow leopards, cheetahs, red wolves, vultures, and an eagle.

I doubt much of them went to waste. Circle of life.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxvuzm wrote

I wonder how many old mobsters from the 70's and 80's were similarly...recycled/


degggendorf t1_iwy1rgl wrote

Yeah I kinda hope that's what happened. Seems callous at first blush, but yeah...that's how nature does it.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_iwxx7ch wrote

….are you suggesting foul play?


JasonDJ t1_iwxxpea wrote

I’m suggesting that meat is an expense for zoos and 2 tons of it wouldn’t go to waste.

People acting like a giraffe got a proper Christian burial. Like that’s the right thing to do with a giraffe carcass when you’ve got other predators and carrion birds.


Nomadhero_ t1_iwxinef wrote

What is this comment section


therealDrA OP t1_iwxkwz3 wrote

A couple alcoholics and some malcontents apparently.


FoleyisGood t1_iwz3t7q wrote

I volunteered at the zoo for years. Yes they do some good work, especially for conservation. I could listen to Lou Perottie talk for days. The keepers are amazing dedicated people. I love the new tropics building. And if I remember correctly the elephant habitat actually exceeds AZA requirements.

But it is a sad zoo. Just because they can have some of those animals there and there is an organization that says "yes, this habitat meets the minimum requirements" doesn't mean the animals are happy and healthy. There was also some shitty office politics going on around the time I left that was definitely getting in the way of progress


overthehillhat t1_ix0bt9g wrote

She was on the TV news - -

Tall and beautiful -


Alarmed_Nebula3917 t1_iwwjlsw wrote

Cool I’m sure it’s really going to dig the New England winters and living in a cage!


Uakaris t1_iwwqkzj wrote

Their habitat is actually pretty thoughtfully designed. Their indoor space is temperature controlled and has a specialized rubber substrate on the floor, which is healthy for their feet. They get any care and medical attention that they need from their keepers nearly around the clock. These three giraffes are well loved and well cared for.


Alarmed_Nebula3917 t1_iwwtumf wrote

I’m really not a crunchy animal activist type of person, but the last time I was at the zoo it occurred to me that it’s unnatural or even cruel for an animal to be extracted from its outside natural/intended setting, like I remember looking into the polar bear exibit and the bear looked sick and was frantically pacing back and forth the enclosure, it was almost identical to my dogs behavior in her last days before she was put down, so that good medical attention bs is really just for monetary gains so the animals can be on exhibit for longer and the zoo can get maximum usage from the animals, in nature the animals would isolate somewhere to die, but in the zoo they are going beyond their expiration dates in a place with poor quality of life for them


therealDrA OP t1_iwxu0s5 wrote

They don't have polar bears at RWP Zoo.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxu94l wrote

The last one died in 2005. Now the eagle exhibit is there.


therealDrA OP t1_iwxuszc wrote

Ah! Before I lived here. I wish they would adopt some more polar bears since they are so endangered with climate change.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxvq0m wrote

They definitely seem to be going more toward the "pull the kids in" philosophy these days and less toward education or hardcore conservation. Sure, I guess camel rides and feeding the giraffes are educational, and I can see why they're using those to boost revenue. Not sure what the zip line is teaching anyone. Can't say that I think the new rainforest building was worth it...although it sure comes in handy when you're visiting during the winter :-D


spitechicken- t1_iwy4q4a wrote

There is an entire education department that does standards aligned conservation programming and probably reaches thousands of kids a year


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwy9wvw wrote

I'd be interested who they're reaching out to and how they're doing it. My son's in 8th grade, and I can't remember anything sent along to parents in Warwick. Any kind of thing like the Zoo Camp I've heard about directly from the Zoo...just like the yearly Zoobilee, sleepover events, October festivals, pumpkin event, etc...because when you're a member, they always want to remind you how to send them more money :-D


therealDrA OP t1_iwxxwxe wrote

As you say, these things increase revenue which I trust allows for better care for the animals and improvements in zoo infrastructure which also benefits our animal friends. RWP Zoo just received I believe 5 million for improvements from the city of Providence. Serving the city and region by providing educational infotainment to children and adults creates goodwill resulting in additional tax supported funding which should further improve conditions for the animals. Some of the malcontents in this discussion just bitch about everything and fail to see the things that are going right and the improvements being made. I acknowledge shortcomings for RWP zoo, but the trends are positive. RWP in general is a treasure of lil Rhody.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwyanci wrote

>. I acknowledge shortcomings for RWP zoo, but the trends are positive. RWP in general is a treasure of lil Rhody.

I actually worry a bit about the trends. The "new" Treehouse and kids play area was nice at the beginning, but now it feels more like just a waiting room for the pay rides. The new rainforest area is nice enough, although maybe a bit crowded.

It feels almost like they're idling...but of course that could be because of the whole COVID thing these past years. I'd hate for them to end up like they were in the 80's.

Of course, they're getting penguins back. I'm not happy that they traded off the seal exhibit for it, but maybe they'll knock it out of the park.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxtuvk wrote

>The Masai Giraffe population has declined by 49-51% in the past 30 years, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

And you can also add "avoiding being killed out directly and indirectly by asshole humans" on that list of "horrible" things they avoid in a zoo.


Jeremys17 t1_iwxdjf3 wrote

As far as I know some zoos are a holding place to rehabilitate animals before being released back into the wild. And even if the living conditions are sub optimal I think it’s worth it for allowing children which is the primary target audience of zoos to go there and see them in real life and have a different respect and interest in them


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxtit1 wrote

>it’s unnatural or even cruel for an animal to be extracted from its outside natural/intended setting

Yeah. Not having to worry about starving, or being eaten by predators. What a hell that must be.

> like I remember looking into the polar bear exibit and the bear looked sick and was frantically pacing back and forth the enclosure, it was almost identical to my dogs behavior in her last days before she was put down, so that good medical attention bs is really just for monetary gains so the animals can be on exhibit for longer and the zoo can get maximum usage from the animals

So...almost 20 years ago. Apparently, you really like the aged whine.


degggendorf t1_iwy1xlh wrote

You live in a cage in the New England winter, man


Syncope7 t1_iwyxrcg wrote

Hi Buddy! I hope you’re ready to inhale the fumes of I-95! Just like Home!


SageFrancisSFR t1_iwwkpsa wrote

It’s a sad zoo. The zoo is sad.


FoleyisGood t1_iwyu0d6 wrote

Former zoo docent - I totally agree. The majority of us agreed!


SuddenlySimple t1_iwx08zd wrote

It used to be OK with a lot of greenery for the animals back in the 80's.

I went alone a few years ago and it was the most depressing site I had seen in a very long time...dirt animal here and seemed so lonely and uncared for.

It was very sad..I concur.


SageFrancisSFR t1_iwxsrbk wrote

Doesn’t matter how much we get downvoted, the zoo is sad. The animals are lonely and depressed. It’s not a good zoo. It’s a zoo with great marketing in a very nice location.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxtljh wrote

>Doesn’t matter how much we get downvoted, the zoo is sad

3 minutes in, you're already whining about being downvoted?


SageFrancisSFR t1_iwxtr7u wrote

3 minutes into what? I made my comment 6 hours ago. It always happens when saying something critical of the sad zoo on this sub.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxtz19 wrote

Sorry...I hadn't realized you were an original whiner


SageFrancisSFR t1_iwxu60u wrote

This is whining? Heh. Alright.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxuhfz wrote

>This is whining? Heh. Alright.

"Doesn’t matter how much we get downvoted"

I mean, whining, martyr fetish, whatever you want to call it.


SuddenlySimple t1_iwyrncr wrote

I don't care about down votes.

I literally walked thru that zoo a couple years ago....just like I did back in the 80's.

Back in the 80's like I was more greenery...less DIRT....more visible caretakers for the animals.

When I went in 2019 there was not a "worker" in site and I would say 85% of the animals were not even up walking....either hiding or laying down....very, very sad.


SageFrancisSFR t1_ix21j1o wrote

People really don’t want to hear this. Hahaaa. 🤷‍♂️


holy_stroller t1_iwxpvxg wrote

The simulation AI is getting a little too on the nose.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxuezi wrote

Just as long as it doesn't start spawning the animals with extra feet or toes or fingers or whatever, like DALL-E


SuddenlySimple t1_iwwzxao wrote

This is a shit hole zoo and I feel bad for this spectacular giraffe.


Howfreeisabird t1_iwxlfoe wrote

This is seriously the only comment that matters bc it’s so spot on. Downvote but it’s true


therealDrA OP t1_iwxpnuy wrote

I was there recently and thought it was a very nice facility.


degggendorf t1_iwy2fdp wrote

It's definitely nice as a human visitor. I'm far from an expert, but I think in the range of zoos, they're solidly on the "display animals for profit" side of the spectrum than the "doing actual conversation work" end.

In contrast, from what I understand the Mystic Aquarium's animals are rescues that cannot be rehabilitated to survive in the wild, and they're what end up on display. But for all those individuals you see at the zoo, there are dozens of others you don't see because they're rehabilitated and back in the ocean.


spitechicken- t1_iwy4zef wrote

They catch and release timber rattlesnakes infected with fungus and also breed and release them, breed and release American burying beetles, breed and release New England cottontails, and took in like 200 turtles that were about to be trafficked and are prepping them for release


degggendorf t1_iwyxmp8 wrote

>They catch and release timber rattlesnakes infected with fungus and also breed and release them,

That's worse!


SuddenlySimple t1_iwys8cc wrote

I haven't been to this aquariam in ages, my Father used to have the pass for the year...and it was nice and entertaining back then....

Me wanting to take a trip there now and see what it is like now.....hope I'm not disappointed as I was with the RWP ZOO.


degggendorf t1_iwyxksv wrote

It's certainly a decent aquarium, but keep your expectations in check - their actual conservation work means they're not investing everything in displays for humans. But I also haven't been in ages either.


SuddenlySimple t1_iwyy2qz wrote

Last time i went was about 10 yrs ago and they werent doing the shows anymore which bothered me because in my mind the shows helped justify the prices.

I will have to check their website thank you flr reminding me of a GEM from my childhood.

Yeah the animals are enclosed there also but seems they took into account accommodations


SuddenlySimple t1_iwys2g8 wrote

Can you expand on what you thought was nice about it?

When I went in 2019...most enclosures were "empty" (and they charge quite a bit of money to walk thru their empty zoo).

There was more dirt in the living quarters of the animals than water or foliage.

Every animal I tried to view was either hiding or laying down far away from the spectators.

I left there feeling SO SAD for the animals because I had been in 1980's and it was much, much better and the animals were much, much happier.

I never agreed with "zoos" to begin with...but because I brought my kids there when they were little I wanted to have some Nostalgia and I seriously left there so SAD.


therealDrA OP t1_iwzktog wrote

There are many contradictions in your comments simple. For example, you complain about the shows being taken away at the aquarium yet those shows are some of the most inhumane things done to animals. Yet you are complaining about animal treatment. You complain about animals "hiding" but maybe they were resting rather than being forced to parade around. They have comfortable spaces to just be themselves. Meet the animals on their terms not is not all about you.


SuddenlySimple t1_iwzlma9 wrote

I dont care what you think about my thoughts and i think animals love to play and be rewarded.

I said its a shit hole compared to how it used to be and im not lying.