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therealDrA OP t1_iwxuszc wrote

Ah! Before I lived here. I wish they would adopt some more polar bears since they are so endangered with climate change.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwxvq0m wrote

They definitely seem to be going more toward the "pull the kids in" philosophy these days and less toward education or hardcore conservation. Sure, I guess camel rides and feeding the giraffes are educational, and I can see why they're using those to boost revenue. Not sure what the zip line is teaching anyone. Can't say that I think the new rainforest building was worth it...although it sure comes in handy when you're visiting during the winter :-D


spitechicken- t1_iwy4q4a wrote

There is an entire education department that does standards aligned conservation programming and probably reaches thousands of kids a year


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwy9wvw wrote

I'd be interested who they're reaching out to and how they're doing it. My son's in 8th grade, and I can't remember anything sent along to parents in Warwick. Any kind of thing like the Zoo Camp I've heard about directly from the Zoo...just like the yearly Zoobilee, sleepover events, October festivals, pumpkin event, etc...because when you're a member, they always want to remind you how to send them more money :-D


therealDrA OP t1_iwxxwxe wrote

As you say, these things increase revenue which I trust allows for better care for the animals and improvements in zoo infrastructure which also benefits our animal friends. RWP Zoo just received I believe 5 million for improvements from the city of Providence. Serving the city and region by providing educational infotainment to children and adults creates goodwill resulting in additional tax supported funding which should further improve conditions for the animals. Some of the malcontents in this discussion just bitch about everything and fail to see the things that are going right and the improvements being made. I acknowledge shortcomings for RWP zoo, but the trends are positive. RWP in general is a treasure of lil Rhody.


KyloRenCadetStimpy t1_iwyanci wrote

>. I acknowledge shortcomings for RWP zoo, but the trends are positive. RWP in general is a treasure of lil Rhody.

I actually worry a bit about the trends. The "new" Treehouse and kids play area was nice at the beginning, but now it feels more like just a waiting room for the pay rides. The new rainforest area is nice enough, although maybe a bit crowded.

It feels almost like they're idling...but of course that could be because of the whole COVID thing these past years. I'd hate for them to end up like they were in the 80's.

Of course, they're getting penguins back. I'm not happy that they traded off the seal exhibit for it, but maybe they'll knock it out of the park.