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Hi, my husband and I will be moving to Rhode Island probably next year or a year and a half. We’re coming from Western PA. Budget is at or below 2.5k/month, we only need a 1 bedroom. It could probably be raised if needed though Main things we want are a lot of things to do nearby (we are city people coming from a small area, it sucks) and an area where people are welcoming to newcomers. I’m very extroverted and love meeting new people, but my area is very cliquey and if you’re not from here, they automatically don’t like you. It’s not that I don’t put myself out there, it’s that people just are not welcoming in return. I’ve been to the state quite a few times and have had good experiences as well as friends there, and have been to many cities (in the northeast in general and New England) so I don’t think it’ll be much of a culture shock in the bigger areas Thanks!



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RandomChurn t1_iyqi1kk wrote

Fox Point is a neighborhood on the East Side of Providence. Lots of tiny eateries, cafes, bars, bookstores, shops, drs. Three groceries, if you count Trader Joes. All walkable. Parks, two rivers and the bay. Easy walk to Brown/RISD museums and libraries, and on down to the city center.

2,500/mo for a 1br should be plenty as long as the market doesn't continue to go insanely nuts.

Not sure of the ratio but the people in Fox Point are a mix of multi-gen natives, Brown / RISD grad students from around the globe, and a lot of transplants. So, there are a good number of newcomers. That helps with making friends, although I am a transplant myself and found it just as easy to make friends with native RIers as anyone else.

I love it here.


Status_Silver_5114 t1_iyqj1ef wrote

Just make sure you aren’t on an undergrad heavy street (ie power) / stick to the outer edges of fox point or the east side -Hope village to get away from campus.


Bronnakus t1_iyqphat wrote

To the other 100 threads that asked this question this month


Sparkleshart t1_iyqpjpr wrote

It’s impossible to answer this question when you don’t give any information about yourself other than you have a good budget for the area. How old are you? What are your interests/hobbies? “Things to do” can mean anything.


edge_ofthe_world OP t1_iytdm1h wrote

I’m 21, husband is 22. We both like shopping and going out to eat, watching movies etc.


consblabit22 t1_iyqhowh wrote

West End of Providence. Neighborhoods between and around Atwells Ave-Broadway-Westminster St.


Dave_A1322 t1_iyqwlkq wrote

North Kingstown has nice apartments for that price. All brand new basically too. Ranging from 1900-2500 and up. Plus you’re not stuck near the crowd in Providence.


subtle_likeatrex t1_iyr1282 wrote

East Bay all day! Warren is my favorite town, but Bristol and Tiverton are great, too. Plus, it's only 20 min to Providence and 30 min to Newport. Great food, great coastline, fun community events, and very friendly people. I absolutely love it here, going on 8 years.


kittyluxe t1_iytbd3o wrote

agree! love the east bay! moved here from metro Boston 15 years ago


BlueMoon-9786 t1_iyqrtwb wrote

Hi and welcome to RI! My husband and I moved here 18+ years ago from Western PA. There is a big difference culturally between living in Western PA vs. RI so don’t underestimate the culture shock. You have the same challenges with getting to know people, the pace is fast to the point it’s overwhelming, and the driving is so different that you may want to consider going back to driver’s Ed (half joking on that one). However, people are much more open here to making new friends - plus there is so much to do - which is why we stayed.

Places to live - East Side of Providence (Fox Point is great, avoid areas near Brown U.), Western Cranston near Atwood Ave area, Pawtuxet Village (Cranston/Warwick line).

To get to know people - Join the local Facebook group for the area you live in/interests you have to get ideas on activities and events.

Good luck!


MissSophiaPetrillo t1_iyqtscj wrote

Take a look at this playlist! I work for a realtor and we're working on a community series all over Rhode island. I'm wrapping up 3 more videos this week for East Side of Providence, the East Side and Pawtucket

We go into detail about types of homes available, price points and all the fun things to do in the area, and they're all under 2 minutes :)

I hope this is helpful!

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feelsmagical t1_iyqx3f4 wrote

Are you looking for somewhere walkable? Close to the ocean? Family oriented?


edge_ofthe_world OP t1_iytdqox wrote

Both of the first two. Don’t care about it being family friendly, no plans for kids


laterbacon t1_iyqz0hw wrote

Take a look at Oak Hill in Pawtucket, Fox Point in Providence, and Edgewood/Pawtuxet in Cranston. All 3 have most of your daily needs in walking distance, plus good access to RIPTA (RI's statewide bus network)


strugglebus984 t1_iyr67tq wrote

You don’t say what type of community you are looking for. City or suburban? Walkable or car? Apartment or House?


edge_ofthe_world OP t1_iysqjji wrote

City, walkable but I don’t mind driving to get to places either, and it doesn’t matter


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Syncope7 t1_iyqmze9 wrote

Great hikes around Central Falls! The falls Are full in the late spring, when the snow melts. Great hiking over there.


WetNetBet t1_iyqzvrh wrote

No cliques here just Nobody likes eachother lol


lavendergrowing101 t1_iyrm7c8 wrote

Need a ban on these posts, there's enough of a back log for everyone moving to Rhode Island for the next few years.


Beachbabe1186 t1_iyt6i9z wrote

Welcome! I hope you can come visit before moving because everyone has different favorite neighborhoods! Overall you’ll likely want to be in Providence if you want a walkable city experience.. there’s some great apartments downtown now you can check out.. my husband used to live at the promenade and liked it though it has since changed names. Other neighborhoods that are cute and still walkable to places are near hope street, wayland square, and fox point. Wayland is the most “uppity”, fox point a little hipster, and hope street somewhere in between.. I used to live a block away from the seven stars hope street area and loved the walkability, but also enjoyed that it maintained more of a neighborhood feel than downtown offers. It’s all personal preference!


kittyluxe t1_iytca04 wrote

RI has a lot to offer! you may want to rent a place monthly for the first year and explore. it takes time to grasp the personality of each nook and cranny. "neighborhoods" are small and distinct. You may love a block and 2 streets over is a totally different vibe.


Null_Error7 t1_iyqw9y8 wrote

New England hates new comers. Good luck ya transplant