Submitted by Clamdiving t3_zcr12e in RhodeIsland

When you want seafood ( 🐌 🦞 littlenecks or fish) where do you get it? I don't mean like restaurants. I mean fresh stuff like I hit the docks in Galilee for crabs and lobsters. For shellfish I actually dig those myself.



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blueplasticgirl t1_iyy0luo wrote

I've been going to Anthony's for years. Good quality stuff there.


wormholeweapons t1_iyy048y wrote

Dave’s market is the best if you can only get to a big grocery store.

But there are local fish mongers throughout RI. Any of them will have the same stuff.


derpbeluga t1_iyy1xjo wrote

I'd love to buy directly from the fishermen. How does that work? You just hang out at the dock until a boat shows up, and you ask them?


RedditSkippy t1_iyy51sd wrote

If this is a possibility, I would like to know this, too.


rye8901 t1_iyy7dn7 wrote

You can only buy certain things directly from fishermen, Shellfish not among them.


derpbeluga t1_iyy7i4f wrote

Why? Are there laws against it?


rye8901 t1_iyy7jt5 wrote

Yes it’s a food safety thing


derpbeluga t1_iyy7w1t wrote

I'm not sure how it would be safer if a distributor bought it from the boat, delivered to a retail store, and then I buy it there?


Clamdiving OP t1_iyye9ui wrote

Taxes is the only legit reason. If I sell from my boat nobody sees it. If it goes through a wholesaler then taxes were paid


Clamdiving OP t1_iyydy1g wrote

Exactly. I am approached on occasions while I'm unloading my boat. Some people become regulars while others are 1 time deals.


lavendergrowing101 t1_iyyai5b wrote

Andrade's in Bristol is the best fish market


darekta t1_iz0lh8i wrote

This and the two Fearless Fish Markets in Providence


RedditSkippy t1_iyy4ym3 wrote

There are three very legit seafood markets in my little East Bay town. Just find a local guy.


Clamdiving OP t1_iyydlkk wrote

I never need to find a guy. I am the guy people find. I'm wondering how other people do it.


le127 t1_iyykojt wrote

For shellfish I go to Twin Shellfish on Apponaug Cove in Warwick.

There are still a good number of locally owned and run fish markets around the state. That's my first choice rather than a chain grocery store but Dave's Marketplace is a good choice if you do not have access to a specialty market.


Pockettzz t1_iz0efss wrote

Go down to Newport to their state pier (Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard) and ask around. I get my fresh ass monk fish and lobsters from fishermen down there. Granted some of them are friends but they’re good people who will personally sell as well Or you can dip into Newport lobster shack as well. ALSO ANDRADE’S IN BRISTOL IS TOP TIER