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We are deciding between two different apartments and I wanted to know if anyone had any opinions on if one location would be safer than the other by a lot or anything. One location is in Portsmouth and one is in riverside, the riverside location doesn’t have a lot of sidewalks but seems like it’s a really safe area too. Which would be better for an adult woman who will be staying by herself half the time who would need to take her dog on walks everyday.



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RandomChurn t1_j23i3i4 wrote

Just to play devil's advocate here:

I moved to RI as a single woman with a dog. Knowing what I now know about RI, I would recommend Riverside over Portsmouth.

Now, I don't know much about Portsmouth because like most people here, I've mostly only driven through it. It doesn't have any "destination" activities, places or restaurants worth seeking out. It's basically a dull, barren suburb with nothing to do.

Yes, you can go to Newport. But half the year that's crawling with tourists and partiers. Hell to park or navigate through its traffic during the season. Having grown up in a similar place, that gets annoying. And is not particularly safe for a woman on her own.

Let's consider Riverside. It's a cozy quiet neighborhood next to all that Providence and its East Side have to offer. Bike path, parks, amazing restaurants by the dozens, and esp relevant to you, OP, who will need to find things to do alone 50% of your time, the Greater Providence area offers much more than the bedroom-community of Portsmouth where I cannot imagine it's easy to make friends.

Libraries, glassblowing and other arts classes, university-hosted events, music, museums, outdoor cafes -- in a totally different atmosphere than Newport that's either pretty dead off season or insane with partying tourists in-season.

Also, way better for doing things with a dog. Just compare the number of parks big and small. There are lots of charming little neighborhoods on the East Side to explore with a dog (as I do every day; I live in Fox Point). If you will have a car you can bring doggo over to Fox Point / East Side, park and just amble through College Hill neighborhoods, down to either river or the bay. In Riverside itself you have the bike path for walking too. It's a spectacular asset for a woman walking a dog.

In season in Providence there are outdoor markets with artisans and farmers. Lots of specialty markets big and small. If you are interested at all in food, OP, there's no comparison.

Just in terms of being a stranger knowing no one who will be alone 50% of the time, Greater Providence will be a lot less lonely than being marooned in Portsmouth.


overthehillhat t1_j23injb wrote

marooned in Portsmouth

This is exactly the reality = =

(lived in RI all my life)


Leather-Monk-6587 t1_j23s99w wrote

Yo, RandomChurn, that was very thoughtful of you to be so thorough. You are also right on point.


sailri t1_j23kd5s wrote

To say that you can’t drive in Newport for half the year while loving up the proximity to Providence, for someone living in Fox Point, misses something quite obvious.

Traffic on 195 twice daily exists. Traffic one mile away at 95 exists. Riverside has great access when traffic isn’t an issue though. But backups at the end of the parkway are daily.


nbreadcrumb t1_j243e2v wrote

Honestly, after all the places I’ve lived, traffic in Providence is not bad at all.


WarExciting t1_j23rctf wrote

True. 195 and 95 are so fickle. One day you might coast through with time to spare. All it takes is one asshole is the S curves and you’re stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam. Or heavy rain; why would anyone build a highway that wouldn’t drain!!


ComfortFrenchFry t1_j24juj7 wrote



bbpr120 t1_j28zsok wrote

when was the last time you saw the Atlantic Ocean flooding RT 95??? Never, that's when.

Too bad it was "ocean proof" or "rain proof" and RI had to go with the ocean proofing option. In retrospect, not such a bright idea... But it fits coming from the state of Warmer/Cooler and "Vote Buddy- A man of Conviction".


Status_Silver_5114 t1_j23l6qv wrote

There are workarounds to the parkway just like there are workarounds to 195.


Even-Vegetable-1700 t1_j23veym wrote

Having lived in RI for 60 years and 15 of those years in Riverside, I agree with this assessment. And there is a nice little dog park at Haines Park. Best wishes wherever you end up. DM me if you would like to discuss it in more detail.


omjy18 t1_j240kfv wrote

Grew up In portsmouth and you're completely right haha


somegridplayer t1_j23nqu9 wrote

>Yes, you can go to Newport. But half the year that's crawling with tourists and partiers. Hell to park or navigate through its traffic during the season.

Uh, when? Holidays? That's anywhere. Normal summer weekends? I suppose if you get stuck in the 138 beach traffic at noon. And parking has never been an issue in Newport during the summer. There's ALWAYS parking on either end. Hell, there's parking front and center during the boat show.


rustybullrake t1_j24at1a wrote

>parking has never been an issue in Newport during the summer

lol what

Edit: since you're doubling down, here's the results of a quick Google:

>In summer, especially weekends, Newport tends to be congested with traffic and on-street parking is difficult to find.

>We know that parking in Newport during the busy summer season can be a challenge.

The Mooring

>Parking here in the summer is a classic case of supply and demand: not enough spots with a high demand of drivers looking to park.

Newport Daily News


LibraryScneef t1_j24qn95 wrote

Do you ever go yourself? You can find parking in spring street most days of the week


rustybullrake t1_j250zge wrote

I know a guy and park in a private lot off Bellevue which circumvents the issue.

I just can't believe that anyone would try to wholly deny that parking is difficult during peak tourist season in a colonial era city built around horse and pedestrian traffic, and try to play it off as a personal problem. Get real!


neveradullmomenteh t1_j23kqpj wrote

I live in Riverside, operate my business here and I love it. Friendly town, 5 minutes from Providence and 10 minutes from Seekonk, Mass for shopping. 10 minutes from hospitals, 20 min from airport. Schools are great, 2 great veterinarians, our little town center is being revitalized and is doing well.


Status_Silver_5114 t1_j23lbzg wrote

It’s also way more affordable than Portsmouth. People go to Portsmouth for the water and to buy a house in a school district. Not a lot happening. Riverside is way cooler and much closer to everything else.


SuddenlySimple t1_j23jxqj wrote

Riverside for activities close by Portsmouth for solitude


Double-Diamond-4507 t1_j23xqsm wrote

I would chose Riverside. I lived in East Providence for 5 years, and loved going to the carousel and the park across the way. I find Riverside very family and pet friendly. There is always something to do and see in Providence, just a few minutes away, compared to Portsmouth


shellster7 t1_j24bbii wrote

Riverside is great for dogs and their humans. Very walkable, clean and quiet. Bike path, Sabin Pt, Rose Larisa park, Haines park. Borealis coffee. Close to Providence and Seekonk. I lived there for many years and trying to move back. Good luck with your decision.


deadl0ckx2 t1_j232wye wrote

Portsmouth is much safer. That’s not to say Riverside is unsafe, but the most dangerous area in Portsmouth is going to be much safer than than any area of East Providence.


Adorable_List3836 t1_j23il98 wrote

The trade off is that unless they are working from home or working in Portsmouth/Middletown/Newport their commute is going to suck and the summer traffic will also suck. Riverside doesn’t have that problem, you can get to 195 in less than 10 minutes, if I was making a choice I would be looking at the Riverside/Rumford area or maybe even Warren.


Respiratory t1_j23e945 wrote

I would chose Portsmouth. I don't want to upset anyone who lives in Riverside. But, for just one consideration, Portsmouth is near Newport.


barsoapguy t1_j24ot0i wrote

Well in that case why not Middletown which is even closer.


Delicious_Grape1313 t1_j24g58z wrote

I, too, am a single woman with a dog desperately seeking an apartment. I’d absolutely choose Riverside over Portsmouth. Best wishes! I wish I could find something.. as soon as I filter “with dog”, I lose about 85% of the listings.


Jmac3366 t1_j23qten wrote

Both are very safe areas the trade off will be summer traffic in Portsmouth from Newport vs everyday traffic on 195/95. Walking a dog in Portsmouth is gonna depend on the area as there are lots of areas that aren’t ideal for that.


StayKlassic t1_j24h6rd wrote

Resident of riverside here just moved last year with my wife, it’s delightful! Lots of kind folks, plenty of park space and the bike path is wonderful. Socially there’s some spots to go within town but providence is a hop skip and a jump away! There’s a handful of bars with fun things going on and decent enough Chinese food (besides Dragon of riverside) to keep you happy when it’s thanksgiving you get covid so you don’t want to cook. If you join the neighborhood, you’ll certainly find some charm around its streets!


Ph886 t1_j25lx9y wrote

Taconeando is good, I do miss China Gourmet though.


StayKlassic t1_j25p03e wrote

I recently discovered their birria based hidden restaurant and it’s so gooooood! China gourmet is good it’s the closest to good general gao’s chicken I can find out here


401jamin t1_j24cwii wrote

I live in east providence, rumford to be exact. Grew up here with tons of friends in riverside. It’s super safe. Nothing happens in riverside. For Portsmouth I have no info.


lavendergrowing101 t1_j24dq4y wrote

Both of these areas are among the "safest" places to live any where at any time in human history


PhysicsDapper7265 t1_j24i9jz wrote

My vote would go to Riverside as well. Like others have said, many parks, love love love the bike bath, and cheaper living. Close to Providence and also the Warren food scene that doesn't get as much credit as it should.


Mdad1988 t1_j24iz66 wrote

If you do your own thing with a dog Portsmouth is probably nicer


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Mdad1988 t1_j24jelg wrote

I also have dog, but I'm a man in Smithfield, Portsmouth is the way.


blueplasticgirl t1_j24tczs wrote

I'm currently living in Newport in a one bedroom and I go to Middletown/Portsmouth all the time for various things like Clements Market, my PT, my dentist, shopping, some nice French bakeries, coffee shops, hiking trails, etc. I'd personally vouch for Portsmouth just for proximity to lots of nice areas like Bristol, Newport, etc and it doesn't put you too far out from Providence IMO. I honestly don't even go to Providence very often since there's been plenty to do around here. It's just so scenic and there's so many nice restaurants, shops, cafes, etc. Narragansett is just over the bridges too. Maybe I'm just biased because I grew up in South Country and it's incredibly safe here. We never locked out doors and I never had to lock my bike up if you can believe it.

I don't know much about Riverside but East Providence is very nice yet still wouldn't exactly call it perfectly safe. I don't even leave a small bag or really anything visible in my car when I park in Providence or the surrounding areas and I used to live in Bushwick. Depending on where you move, you'll be off the 60 bus so you could take that around if you're concerned about parking. I take the bus or bike during the summer sometimes to avoid the parking situation.


Ri_Surf t1_j24tzcp wrote

Portsmouth is very peaceful and quiet if not directly on a main road. It is all very safe. It’s mostly residential, mixed with farmy areas and lots of water.

Your food choices are more limited as there is not too much commercial, but you can drive to Newport, Middletown, and Bristol quickly which all have great options. Plus you are close to the beach.

I can’t speak on Riverside as I never go there, but why not drive thoroughly around both areas and see what catches your eye :)

For reference I live in Newport so I am very familiar with the whole island.


bunnybates t1_j257g6c wrote

There are a couple of ways to tell. Call the local police department and ask. Also, drive by each apartment late at night and see how the neighborhoods are naturally.


tads73 t1_j247bg4 wrote

Porthsmouth, absolutely. Riverside is cheaper though.


FoleyisGood t1_j25fvps wrote

Another vote for riverside. I don't like living in East Providence but it's better than Portsmouth. Being close to Newport isn't really that attractive. It's over-hyped.

I lived in Bristol which is just over the bridge and it was a pain in the ass to get anywhere.

I take dogs out a lot in that area and you have lots of choices. Rose Larrissa Park has shoreline access. Haines park has wooded areas for exploring by the boat launch. There are some walking paths in the woods by Kettle Point that connect to the bike path.


saucyB52 t1_j26taex wrote

im no expert here or anyting but life on an island iz extraspecial'


Glittering_Ad1665 t1_j2992vv wrote

Neither place is dangerous at all to be honest. Pick either one and you’ll be just fine walking anytime of the day.


BingBong022 t1_j24y2tg wrote

Just stay strapped and you're safe