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Unique-Public-8594 t1_j0l1g0e wrote

Credible and medium?

Grief is hard. It hurts. People leave sometimes a huge void. The heart yearns for contact but I doubt mediums are credible. Reach out to friends and family to help you heal. If you are struggling, any good hospice will make free grief counseling visits and offer free support groups even if your loved one who died was not on their service.

Hope you find comfort in those around you, hobbies, the passing of time, and/or counseling. The struggle is real.


toad_goblin t1_j0l9wc9 wrote

People playacting as mediums, psychics, or soothsayers are con artists taking advantage of vulnerable people during some of their most trying times. Do not let someone fill their pockets over your grief. I'm sorry for your loss and I wish you the best during your healing. Please don't take these comments as hate or negativity. No one wants you to be taken advantage of. Well wishes.


SockGnome t1_j0l2vap wrote

I'd recommend you find a therapist and/or a support group.


icunucme2 t1_j0l3js3 wrote

This isn’t for therapy but I appreciate the concern/advice and agree that’s what folks should do who are grieving and struggling. My grief is managed. Just seeing if there’s someone others recommend that I can test out myself because most are BS, but some aren’t.


BingBong022 t1_j0l2b7b wrote

Macys has small, medium, and large


Sodomy_Clown t1_j0l4j4w wrote

I’m willing to get some dry ice and make shit up for money?!


skippyspk t1_j0l2baq wrote

If you really believe in this, a Ouija board is much less expensive and reusable.

There are no shortage of bad actors that will happily take your money and feed you a line of bullshit. Don’t part with your hard earned cash.


icunucme2 t1_j0l3bp5 wrote

To be clear: I don’t believe mediums aren’t mostly con artists but I’ve personally experienced one that I told nothing to and never met before and she told me about people in my life she’d have no way of knowing about. So that’s why I asked for a credible/personally recommended medium. And even then, I’ll be the final judge of their credibility.


pittconcerts t1_j0ltl1h wrote

Then go back to the one you used. Obviously you buy into this sort of thing and went to one you like, so why change? I’m sorry for you loss, but you kinda answers your own question with this.


icunucme2 t1_j0ltzwg wrote

Bc it was like 20 years ago? But yeah, let me pull out the yellow pages to find her number and give her a ring. Why didn’t I just think of that?!!


pittconcerts t1_j0lv0ql wrote

I’d be remised if I didn’t urge you to find a different avenue of dealing with your loss (i.e., a therapist, grief counselor, or group meetings), but different strokes for different folks I suppose. Seriously though, strongly consider seeking out a different option with a trained professional or a personal friend/family member who knows what you are going through. As for your reply, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, so I’ll err on the side of caution and just say everyone replying on this post is likely trying to help you and help avoid being taken for a ride by a potential con artist. No need to be curt.


[deleted] OP t1_j0l3xlw wrote

Don't go to Cumberland Farms. They only have small and large.


bbpr120 t1_j0lb633 wrote

still cheaper than visiting a con artist or confidence trickster.

And you get a soda out of it.


MikeMac999 t1_j0l9jsm wrote

The more credible mediums are the ones best schooled in reading people and presenting common situations and events in terms vague enough that someone who wants to believe can easily shoehorn their experiences into these vague suggestions. They then read the mark (that would be you in this case) for cues as to how to proceed further along with whatever suggestion they make that appears to have landed. You see the same thing in astrology: ascribe common strengths and weaknesses to each sign and it’s easy to see yourself and others in them, if you want to believe.


BuntCarf t1_j0l53po wrote

We're all out of mediums, are you okay if we put it in a large?


Billiam201 t1_j0l7p8c wrote

I prefer the Dulith Trading medium. Far superior to the mediums from Macy's. Heavier fabric, too. They're down on Bald Hill Road in Warwick.

Unless you mean psychic mediums. Then there is no such thing.


techsavior t1_j0lkwsi wrote

Are you looking for the “John Edward cold psychology” type?

Or the “telling Pee Wee Herman that his bike is in the basement at the Alamo” type?


smallfranchise1234 t1_j0lt6xm wrote

Surviving death on Netflix, has an episode or maybe the whole series on mediums and stuff.

One of them lived in Massachusetts. Don’t remember any specific details but maybe a quick search and you could look into them?

It was interesting,


User0098237490 t1_j0lf4gk wrote

I’m as credible of a medium as any of them out there. I’ll gladly take as much of your money as you’re willing to give to tell you exactly what you want to hear.


tibbon t1_j0lv9rv wrote

My recommendations are average or mean at best


Blackbird8919 t1_j0lkwbv wrote

Honestly really disappointed in this comment section. People with gifts like these actually do exist. Just because there unfortunately tend to be many fakes, doesn't mean the real ones don't exist. I wish I could give you a recommendation but unfortunately the only true and tried medium I knew passed away years ago. I was one of her students but unfortunately I do not have the gift of mediumship. Nor do I know of others that do. I only read the cards as of now. I'm sorry others have been unkind with these comments. A grief counselor is definitely a good idea but I understand not what you're looking for. A reiki healer wouldn't be a bad idea either.


BingBong022 t1_j0lr4fc wrote

I know right! What will these nonbelievers say next that the tooth fairy and Easter bunny aren't real? It infuriates me, at the mall yesterday I sat on Santa's lap and wished for a wand from Ollivanders on Diagon alley.


Blackbird8919 t1_j0m3pjx wrote

Not the same thing but go off some more. You don't need to make other people feel stupid for what they choose to believe in. You could just keep scrolling. 🤷🏻‍♀️


BingBong022 t1_j0n232r wrote

Harry, you're a wizard! Wingardium Leviosa


exultirb t1_j0l1yfp wrote

Give Roland Comtois a try.. check out his FB


TheOldestMillenial1 t1_j0l3nxb wrote

Met her in March at a psychic night event. She made me believe mediums are real.


NYCNark t1_j0l4msi wrote

I am a sceptic abt these things, but I’d love to hear your story. How did she make you believe?


TheOldestMillenial1 t1_j0laa2x wrote

My husband's grandfather "came through" her, I guess you could call it. She, in detail, described his home in Alabama down to the sunflower patterns that his grandmother used to decorate the house with, knew his dog's name, and described a picture of him standing in front of the house with the dog that my husband showed to me later. She even told him about the time my husband, as a child, broke his grandmother's favorite table and the grandfather lied and said it was him so my husband wouldn't get in trouble. It was unreal, the things she told him. And he was a skeptic too, like you, and walked away with a new perspective.


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_j0labdp wrote

There are two main types of Sunflower seeds. They are Black and Grey striped (also sometimes called White) which have a grey-ish stripe or two down the length of the seed. The black type of seeds, also called ‘Black Oil’, are up to 45% richer in Sunflower oil and are used mainly in manufacture, whilst grey seeds are used for consumer snacks and animal food production.


NYCNark t1_j0nf9kt wrote

Thanks for telling the story! Sounds very spooky! Sorry ppl downvoted.


UnderfoldedBlanket t1_j0l4hz7 wrote

My recommendation would be: Don’t mess with mediums; the spirits they channel are most likely dark entities (demons) pretending to be your loved one.

I wish you well 😁