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Blackbird8919 t1_j0lkwbv wrote

Honestly really disappointed in this comment section. People with gifts like these actually do exist. Just because there unfortunately tend to be many fakes, doesn't mean the real ones don't exist. I wish I could give you a recommendation but unfortunately the only true and tried medium I knew passed away years ago. I was one of her students but unfortunately I do not have the gift of mediumship. Nor do I know of others that do. I only read the cards as of now. I'm sorry others have been unkind with these comments. A grief counselor is definitely a good idea but I understand not what you're looking for. A reiki healer wouldn't be a bad idea either.


BingBong022 t1_j0lr4fc wrote

I know right! What will these nonbelievers say next that the tooth fairy and Easter bunny aren't real? It infuriates me, at the mall yesterday I sat on Santa's lap and wished for a wand from Ollivanders on Diagon alley.


Blackbird8919 t1_j0m3pjx wrote

Not the same thing but go off some more. You don't need to make other people feel stupid for what they choose to believe in. You could just keep scrolling. 🤷🏻‍♀️


BingBong022 t1_j0n232r wrote

Harry, you're a wizard! Wingardium Leviosa