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This is Rhode Island (the ocean state) where can I find the real fresh, swimming last night fish catches? Idk why but in my head I picture all of southern RI as a large boat dock with guys throwing fish around and catching them in newspapers etc. what I would really like is to go pick out this fish and that fish and have it bring home a few cuts and have it be fresh but not have to buy 100lb of it. Tired of getting my fish at market basket where it’s been frozen and thawed over and over. We live minutes from the ocean. It has to get better than this.



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InfiniteChicken t1_j2n8li3 wrote

Fearless Fish is the best. Stu sends out weekly newsletters where he talks about how and why he buys certain fish, and how the ecology, industry and marine laws work. I don’t think you can get better fish in RI without buying from a fishing vessel (or catching it yourself).

Andrade’s in Bristol is also good. Tony’s Seafood in Seekonk is good for clams and oysters. You can also find many fishing vessels on Facebook (they all typically have ‘F/V’ in their name. For example F/V Briana James is one). RI changed some regulations during the pandemic, and you can often buy directly from the boats, now.

I moved here a few years ago and spent a lot of time wrestling with this same conundrum: it should be so much easier to get quality local seafood. But it’s a lot like shoreline access: there are a lot of regulations and established practices designed to enrich various business entities above all others. But with the places listed above, I’ve been able to affordable access amazing local, sustainable catches that never show up in big stores: Skate, tautog, John Dory, monkfish, sea robin, cape shark, razor clams, even whelks and urchin. All caught here.


Easy_Light_1598 t1_j2p8bnc wrote

Also, fearless constantly stocks sushi grade fish! Which is tough to find around here. We often grab a chunk and do crudo, you can make your own just as good as Oberlin!


InfiniteChicken t1_j2pwjev wrote

Fearless is the only place I trust to assess sushi grade. I've ordered there before only to have him tell me the fish came in not up to his standards, so he unfortunately can't sell it to me. A+


rye8901 t1_j2n1ykk wrote

You can buy fresh fish right off the boat at Galilee


AmazingTast t1_j2n0na5 wrote

Good fortune market has live fish


Good-Expression-4433 t1_j2n43jp wrote

Yeah this is where I usually go. Their meats are surprisingly good in general, I love grabbing ramen and curry stuff while there, and getting fish for roasting is always easy without the breaking the bank.

I don't have any knowledge on RI otherwise though and just started going there because it's super close.


LeetPleeb t1_j2n6vxu wrote

It's ok there, but the fish on ice are not as fresh as I like. Too many cloudy eyes and strong fishy smell


Easy_Light_1598 t1_j2p3e6d wrote

The first time I went to good fortune, a fish threw itself onto the ground and flopped in front of me- can’t get fresher than that!! Also I love that store so much it’s like going to Disney and I always spend so much. Incredible produce too!


bentlarkin t1_j2twpa0 wrote

I’ve never been to Disney, does it smell like Good Fortune?


fate_is_a_sandstorm t1_j2n7fpj wrote

Fearless Fish has two locations in Providence and they have daily fresh fish (along with some frozen options). Awesome quality that’s worth the price. They’re my go-to whenever I’m craving monkfish or don’t want to drive to southern RI for oysters


derpbeluga t1_j2n8n2b wrote

>Fearless Fish

They have a great selection, but those prices seem high. Live lobster 1.5lbs+ is $25 per pound! That's $10 at Dockside Seafood in Warwick. Fresh swordfish for $32/lbs, while I pay $12 /lbs.


Silentjosh37 t1_j2nttpl wrote

Prices are higher but so is the quality. Also the information given about what they are selling is better. Not that Dockside isn't selling quality seafood, it is just different.


externallyshrugging t1_j2myu34 wrote

If you're in South County check out Champlain's in Galilee. If you come up to Providence go to Fearless Fish (it is absolutely worth it)


sulbert137 t1_j2oaujk wrote

Anthony’s in Middletown is solid


_CaesarAugustus_ t1_j2n117h wrote

In Wakefield Ocean Catch has a blend of fresh, and fresh-frozen. Just have to look at their descriptions, and ask questions. Sometimes it can be difficult to find fresh because of the way the markets and wholesalers work.

To order for delivery you can check out this link They’re locally owned and operated. The Local Catch has some great options.


Silentjosh37 t1_j2nuecp wrote

Fearless is pretty excellent, Tony's seafood in Seekonk is really good, Dockside is good as well.

Dave's has some decent seafood as well depending on the location.

Captains Catch in Warwick and Providence are pretty decent as well. Just depends what you are looking for I guess.


mossattacks t1_j2oe4lu wrote

Not technically RI but Seawell in Pawcatuck, CT always has fresh fish and you can buy directly from fishermen at the docks in the Stonington Borough


Spf85 t1_j2o3i1b wrote

Go down to the docks at galilee


nonosejoe t1_j2mzso0 wrote

Wilfred’s in Woonsocket is legit fresh off the boat.


ABeeLoo5 t1_j2n2zx1 wrote

Also R&D in Woonsocket! Best quality seafood!


winter-14 t1_j2nxyri wrote

Also Ferry Wharf Seafood at the BI Ferry in Galilee. They usually have at least 4 varieties of oysters, and let you select them yourself. Positive experience all around. Parking right in front, even on the craziest ferry day.


Distinct-Ad5751 t1_j2obmti wrote

Love Ferry Wharf - it’s my go to for all seafood. They’re closed until March 1, Fyi.


SoftwareDev401 t1_j2odc17 wrote

I go to Sea Well in Pawcatuck, CT (just over the line from downtown Westerly)


overthehillhat t1_j2p24o6 wrote

Say it again =

Gardner's in Wickford


we USED to have

RI Fish in Prov


LeetPleeb t1_j2mzlet wrote

Not technically in RI, but Tony's Seafood in Seekonk is not bad. Finding fresh fish here is actually pretty hard


canalguyopen OP t1_j2n0lcb wrote

Im starting to see this. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult when our state is surrounded by water and fishing seems to be such a huge part of the southern ri economy.


LeetPleeb t1_j2n6nkp wrote

It's def strange. But I think one issue is that the catch has been getting smaller and smaller. So most of it is going to commercial buyers and not much left for retail. And there's not much infrastructure here to facilitate it (like having a fisherman's wharf type sales cooperative location to sell from)

Edit: it's weird your reply is getting downvotes


Syncope7 t1_j2n70v3 wrote

Rhode Island’s GDP is $55.4 billion. The RI Fishing Industry draws in $163.4 million, which is less than 1% of $55.4 billion. I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that fishing is a large part of the RI economy.


somegridplayer t1_j2n8wui wrote

>RI Fishing Industry draws in $163.4 million

Is it really that small these days? New Bedford on it's own is over $450 mil. But NB's fleet is bigger than all of RI basically.


somegridplayer t1_j2n8ohj wrote

At that point you might as well make a (half) day of it and head to Kyler's and Fisherman's Market in New Bedford and get breakfast/lunch/dinner downtown.


LeetPleeb t1_j2nr8le wrote

Ah, yes, Seekonk, distant gateway to the Cape


avidreider t1_j2p7hg4 wrote

Andrades Catch in Bristol


bambooboi t1_j2pczt6 wrote

You need to show up early to the piers in Newport. Like 5a early. Its possible to buy direct from fishing boats. Did this early one Thanksgiving for lobster when i had out of state family coming. As fresh as it gets.


WafflesTheBadger t1_j2pltdn wrote

Highest quality: Fearless Fish. The cuts he sources are just gorgeous. This is 100% the place to go for sushi-grade, no contest.

Best value: Tony's Seafood (but their selection is super limited because they just closed for renovation. They do offer delivery though, which is a plus!)

The one that got me into seafood: Local Catch (super tasty and good quality just more expensive than Tony's. They're also super friendly and offer home delivery as well.)

These are the main three where the quality is consistent + are the most convenient. There are plenty of others that are solid. There are also plenty to avoid so I'd stick to the ones everyone has recommended in this thread.


le127 t1_j2ni0ed wrote

"Tired of getting my fish at market basket..."

Where do you live? You are probably driving by a specialty fish market on your way to Market Basket. IMO fish is just too specialized a product to buy at a chain supermarket. In a pinch stores such as Market Basket, Dave's, and Whole Foods can be OK but there are still many independent seafood markets all around the state. For seafood, I'm going to a seafood market. Many good suggestions have already been made but I did a couple of quick lists below. (disclaimer: I'm not endorsing Yelp, it was just an easy way to generate a list of providers)

Not only are your odds of getting fresher fish better at these independent markets, a number of them are family run by people who want to provide the best and freshest seafood they can.


[deleted] t1_j2o8pz1 wrote

Zeke’s Creek in Jamestown. Though it’s only open seasonally, so no use right now, but it’s the best. It’s a bait and tackle shack on the side of the road with some of the best/freshest seafood from local fisherman.


lavendergrowing101 t1_j2rp2ah wrote

Andrades in Bristol is the best quality for your money, and extremely nice people