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nickyd747 t1_j4o6cfs wrote

The Chicken Coop in Johnston was voted best wings in RI last year and for good reason, highly suggest checking them out


itslareng t1_j4o8aky wrote

Second this rec! Their wings are amazing.


redditbrock t1_j4phzst wrote

Damn, I live here and haven't really even heard about it. Guess after the first two wings restaurants didn't make it in that spot I stopped paying attention to it lol


Yz-Guy t1_j4pl9i9 wrote

Hmmm. I go there regularly for their chicken sandwich. I'll have to try the wings.


Puzzleheaded_Rock700 t1_j4o2r20 wrote

Pub at 2 mile in Middletown.


katieleehaw t1_j4oa6um wrote

The cauliflower bites are excellent too!

(Why the hell would anyone down vote this?)


AlienMoonMama t1_j4q37iw wrote

People downvote everything in this sub, it’s crazy.


Major_Fang t1_j4o7h23 wrote

I’m just here to say that PJs fell off


Billie_Belichick t1_j4o15sm wrote

Boomerangs in West Warwick, Thursday might be their 50 cent wing day?


boulevardofdef t1_j4on9yc wrote

I'm seriously so mad at Boneheads for closing. I moved REALLY close to them, too, but they were already gone. I'd get 'em once a week if they were still there.


Loveroffinerthings t1_j4o8jmu wrote

I’ve been liking the wings at the Mew’s in Wakefield, the smoked wings are hit or miss, but the regular wings are really good. Big, meaty, and good variety of sauces.


UneekSole t1_j4o2ww2 wrote

The wing baskets at PJs pub are good, they have some real good sauces too. Unfortunately they don't do wing deals or wings by the piece.


AleutianMegaThrust t1_j4o7i50 wrote

Dude. Once did the wing challenge at PJs. Headed to pee. Peed and realized I probably should have washed my hands first was one of the most memorable moments of my life. Came back to my table and Paul(owner) was asking why I wasn't sitting and was twitchy. I explained why and he compd a drink lol


UneekSole t1_j4o8eg3 wrote

Damn! Lol. Their hottest sauce is actually pretty good in moderation, idk if I could do a basket of those.


Brotendo88 t1_j4pecyg wrote

Apsara on Public street has really good wings. Their pepper wings are seriously fantastic, good mix of juicy and crispy.


itslareng t1_j4o8eoy wrote

Haversham in Westerly. They’re just always good and consistent, and they don’t have a weird breading (why is that a thing?).


Mr_Nuttttt t1_j4omktt wrote

I actually go around RI trying out wings. Excluding ones around New England and New York, my favorites have been Brass Monkey, and the newly opened Wing Power


lilobrother t1_j4p2qib wrote

rip boneheads


sagrado_corazon t1_j4qa60u wrote

is boneheads closed now?


lilobrother t1_j4qb7to wrote

I think so. They never totally reopened after lockdown. Then there was a chicken wing shortage and they said on their Facebook that they didn’t want to raise prices so for the time being they will not reopen. Kind of went silent after that. This is information relayed to me from my wife. I don’t know the full story but I know we only had boneheads maybe twice after lockdown. And it was takeout. We don’t even live in the state anymore. I was super disappointed we never got to sit down inside before we left.


Coincel_pro t1_j4qq7rl wrote

Ok these are not the "best" per se but worth experiencing at least once.

Han Palace in Warwick. Go at night, drink a few middling but insanely cheap tiki drinks and get the teriyaki wings. Great combo, cheap as hell. 10/10 cheap dive drunk food experience imo.


misterspokes t1_j4o6gnd wrote

Tomaselli's at Rosario in Cranston. Half price Wednesdays


zachb33 t1_j4qawra wrote

Do you mean in Providence? The Tomaselli's on Oaklawn in Cranston now has different ownership and is awful compared to what it used to be


misterspokes t1_j4qbkhr wrote

The one on Rosario Drive in silver lake, it's like right on the Cranston/Providence line


newzap t1_j4oabtp wrote

Brass Monkey is p good


evillordsoth t1_j4ofarp wrote

Hot rod cafe in new london, you wont be disappoint


jimb575 t1_j4ofvlm wrote

Bangin’ Wings in Johnston!

Trust me on this!!


ocska t1_j4og8g9 wrote

Gator's Pub in North Smithfield wins points for intensity


kylejay915 t1_j4oq4wo wrote



bi11y10 t1_j4pvp0n wrote

Fell off massively in the last 4-5 years. Definitely not the same place it once was.


LMZN t1_j4qhg9e wrote

Providence Coal Fired Pizza has one type of wings but they’re so good


RivalSFx t1_j4s3r3z wrote

Not really a wing joint but Revolution in Pawtuxet Village has great wings.


middlenamedavid t1_j4p072u wrote

Miller’s Crossings in Cranston has some of the best wings in the state, $.50 on Wednesdays too


samskeyti_ t1_j4pms7t wrote

Cool and dagger has great wings (fried in duck fat!) but they only serve Buffalo, plain, and one rotating flavor at a time. Still amazing


PipeLayer2016 t1_j4q1qvn wrote

The wings at Great Northern are the bomb


DadWagon13 t1_j4r27ef wrote

Wing Power in Smithfield had been great.