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1feralengineer t1_jadd1dm wrote

Some devices do, but for the most part there are no consequences for having a full battery (as opposed to a dead one), and having a full battery means you are paying attention (a dead one means you may not be)


pkinetics t1_jadcs99 wrote

AccuBattery on Android. Set the warning at the percent you want.


-MoodFace013- t1_jadfjty wrote

Incorrect. My phone will send out a loud alarm sound once it achieves full charge to inform me to remove the cord.


PM_ME_FUNFAX t1_jadrksf wrote

There is absolutely no way I'm waking up in the middle of the night to unplug my phone


-MoodFace013- t1_jads3bj wrote

I run my phone down to about 10 percent, keep it on and off the charger all day so it never catches a full charge, then when i go to sleep, them rare moments I do, I let it fully charge and when the alarm goes off, I am awake again for a long time.


PM_ME_FUNFAX t1_jadsv4w wrote

I charge mine all night and pull it off in the morning. My battery usually lasts until bed time when I plug it in again


-MoodFace013- t1_jadt0zl wrote

That's totally understandable. I sleep maybe and hour each day and so my phone runs non stop most days.


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Final-Sprinkles-4860 t1_jadf33g wrote

Kind of. I put my phone into battery saver and then when it’s charged enough, it turns battery saver off and notifies me.


Alx_von_H-Berg t1_jadmw0z wrote

iPhone and Apple Watch notify you when they are fully charged or above 80%.