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argonfvr t1_ja5rd9e wrote

It’s very clear because every leader is always making sure that they’re bigger than their neighbors and therefore, can invade or meddle in their business.


Rat-king27 t1_ja5tos4 wrote

Ye pretty much, we're the most damaging thing on this planet, heck almost all of the other invasive species are only around because humans moved them somewhere they shouldn't be.


scorpiochelle t1_ja7wnqw wrote

I never thought about that but you're right. Without us, "invasive species" wouldn't even exist. Damn 🤯


SR-Blank t1_ja5tt4i wrote

Careful, a lot of people take this kind of speech personally.


eruborus t1_ja642s4 wrote

I do! Intelligent life is the only true light in the darkness! Humanity carries a torch. I hope we reach the stars and find others.


Viendictive t1_ja6dehu wrote

You’re not wrong in some cases, but you can’t deny we are natural.


AzureTheSeawing t1_ja6ie1x wrote

Invasive species aren’t aliens, they’re perfectly natural creatures that just exhibit hostile behaviors that dominate an area.


asdf_qwerty27 t1_ja658yc wrote

We are the dominant species of the planet, and the best hope for a continuation of earth biodiversity when the planet is no longer habitable.


scorpiochelle t1_ja7wwyv wrote

But it's literally our fault if the planet becomes unhabitable... So we're the heroes because after we kill everything on earth we can put some of it back? 😂


asdf_qwerty27 t1_ja85feg wrote

Lol the earth has maybe a billion years at best to support complex life without us. Then the Sun heats up and makes our climate change look like a joke


[deleted] t1_ja5spim wrote

You just watched Agent Smith’s speech to Morpheus on YouTube didn’t you?


frencherfrench t1_ja6lf7d wrote

I’ve always not cared about global warming, because that just means eventually we’ll all die and the earth will get to recover. We’ll either get it right or die not trying.


realEggs t1_ja5vw2k wrote

Cancer is a better metaphor. We spread and consume resources until the environment is demolished and unable to continue supporting life.


eruborus t1_ja63gzd wrote

Cancer is unregulated growth. Life is growth in balance. There are clearly efforts we have to curb overpopulation and climate change. The efforts have debatable efficacy but things in the West have significantly improved in the past 100 years.


CyanideandAsdfmovie t1_ja6jcyn wrote

Climate change won’t stoP

And then we a die


eruborus t1_ja6l301 wrote

This may be true but I would bet that the planet life adapts to change as it has with every extinction event.

Having said that we are probably only 1-200 years from a self sustaining off-world colony. 1000 years from interstellar travel. These timescales are miniscule to the planet. Exciting stuff!


CyanideandAsdfmovie t1_jab7ikl wrote


Mars can’t grow food.

They figured that out.

We’re f’ed

Also, climate change will fuck up the coasts in at most 50 years


eruborus t1_jacq6h8 wrote

Just because we haven't solved a problem yet doesn't mean it can't be solved!

Earth never guaranteed safety. At one point we could get hit by a meteor or the volcanoes could create another extinction event. Or we could cause some serious climate change. But if the past billion years tells you anything is that life finds a way to survive against monumental odds. Humans will prosper!


Grouchy-Face-3012 t1_ja6c71p wrote

Humanity will drive itself into the ground and go extinct until then we will continue to breed like rats.


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frieshie t1_ja6g19f wrote

Ok so it's the very first thing in the breakdown of the rules. I wasn't sure so I used the helpful auto mod link lol.


lifeofenteopy t1_ja6unrc wrote

This isn't a shower thought. This is someone who's dealing with the very thought of validating their existence. They have a nihilistic view of themselves and their species. This person doesn't need to post on redit they need genuine help


Smellthiel t1_ja6ktp2 wrote

This is a very shallow, underdeveloped, brain lacking statement. I suggest thinking about what you post before actually posting it