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3_Words t1_j9jcpxy wrote

I honestly can't tell if this is a cutting critique against negative gender norms or just some sexist drivel.

welcome to 2023 I guess.


EPJ327 t1_j9jej8s wrote

I think the usage of "female" as a noun indicates the latter.


3_Words t1_j9jhf94 wrote

ah, but is it bigotry or satire.


romniner t1_j9l2fub wrote

From the meriam-webster dictionary, under "female" usage as a noun.

In the 14th century, female appeared in English with such spellings as femel, femelle, and female. The word comes from the Latin femella, meaning “young woman, girl,” which in turn is based on femina, meaning “woman.” In English, the similarity in form and sound between the words female and male led people to use only the female spelling. This closeness also led to the belief that female comes from or is somehow related to male. However, apart from the influence of male on the modern spelling of female, there is no link between the origins of the two words.


LordAvan t1_j9mo2f7 wrote

I don't see how this response is relevant. Their point was that the word "female" in the OP is used in an irregular, potentially chauvinistic, way. The etymology of the word is irrelevant to how it was used in this case.


romniner t1_j9msu7v wrote

I directly responded to EPJ327 having asserted that using female as a noun was maybe? derogatory rather than it being the literal root and origin of the word.

As a noun it simply means woman or girl.


LordAvan t1_j9muw52 wrote

Yes, that is it's literal meaning, but the point is that it is uncommon to use female as a noun in reference to humans except when speaking clinically or when chauvinists use it as dehumanizing language. The word "women" is the much preferred option by most women, so the use of "females" in this context suggests that OP may have been speaking derogatorily.


romniner t1_j9mv694 wrote

Usage is mostly cultural rather than derogatory. It's safer to take people at the meaning of their words rather than inferring a meaning that isn't justified.


interesting_square t1_j9n4tm9 wrote

Plenty of non-native speakers on Reddit who would miss colloquialisms like the appropriate use of the word woman vs female


probably_poopin_1219 t1_j9kzo46 wrote

This sub just keeps getting worse


Dingus_McCringus t1_j9l2xnu wrote

Welcome to reddit in 2023...


Rapture1119 t1_j9n1ayb wrote

Idk about that, the other subs I follow are more or less continuing as expected. This one took a nosedive recently for sure though.


Booji-Boy t1_j9l3nj5 wrote

Look at this fuckin' Ferenghi over here.




thefamousdrsexy t1_j9lntnw wrote

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's noticed that a lot of these modern-day garden-variety YouTube misogynists sound JUST like that one really ugly race of capitalist-parody Trek aliens


fStap t1_j9ko7b8 wrote

Most people prefer natural bodies over tons of makeup and plastic surgery


Dinklemeier t1_j9kjvlv wrote

Well for the unwashed poors out there, you can always.. you less and exercise..


Amekaze t1_j9l4hbu wrote

This might be right but it feels wrong. Some thoughts should stay thoughts.


fockewulf190 t1_j9m5r6e wrote

Natural bodies appeal to humans that acknowledge and accept that perfection is an illusion used to manipulate.


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