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HungryLikeTheWolf99 t1_j9prrqd wrote

Hmmm... Well, I suppose we can all fly by just flapping our arms, but nobody has flapped hard enough yet.


Warmandaloof OP t1_j9py800 wrote

We can actually fly through space on UFOs, but ya know. They like hiding that from us.


K2thJ t1_j9pppoj wrote

Yeah, I'm pretty tired of getting weird looks when I'm trying to tele-communicate w someone


100FootWallOfFog t1_j9ps7hk wrote

Try louder, they probably just can't hear you well.


K2thJ t1_j9px327 wrote

So, intense eye contact is not the key...


timmyboyoyo t1_j9q2rii wrote

More intense


K2thJ t1_j9q4rdc wrote

Maybe if I just bonk them on the head first. Kinda wake up their conscience


Warmandaloof OP t1_j9pxqoj wrote

No. You can communicate this way without even being next to them


Melopahn1 t1_j9twwd7 wrote

Eye contact is a known sense its called the sense of sight and is therefore not "telepathy".


K2thJ t1_j9q54bd wrote

I'm joking around. I can't say I have the gift, but my mom actively practiced this with a friend in the 70's. They'd pick a time and think about an object. Then call eachother on a rotary phone to see if they were connected. I didn't doubt her then and only a little, now. She was something else


BillHicksScream t1_j9ptop2 wrote

We can all breath underwater too, but nobody knows how to do it right.


Warmandaloof OP t1_j9pxtgn wrote

Maybe someone knows how to do it, but keeps it a secret from everyone


Dasf1304 t1_j9tir37 wrote

Why would anyone do that? How would that even work?

Like physiologically speaking, how would a human person, Homo sapiens, extract dissolved oxygen from water using their lungs?


Warmandaloof OP t1_j9twljc wrote

Yeah, idk about that one. I don’t actually think we can do that, but I definitely think we can do other things by tapping into energy fields within the earth. It’s all science in the end. It’s not crazy to think that there are things we don’t know about human existence. I do think there are people who know some things (free energy, communicating “telepathically”, etc) but they don’t speak about it out of fear. This world revolves around money and power. There are very evil people who don’t want humans to be self sufficient.


Dasf1304 t1_j9u55xn wrote

That’s not science. What energy field are you tapping into. You have a profound misunderstanding of energy fields, human biology, and physics. You’re just using words that don’t apply. Also what would evolve from the African plains that would have to tap into some fucking energy fields


Warmandaloof OP t1_j9ua1mn wrote

I’m not an expert on how this works. I’m not a scientist. If you’re actually interested look into the conspiracies. Look into Dr. Steven Greer. Open your mind to the possibility that what you have learned may not be all that exists.


PotatoePotatoe42 t1_j9pxxq7 wrote

Why would you out us here like that. You could have easily grouptelepathied it.


Warmandaloof OP t1_j9py49t wrote

Hahaha, I WISH I knew the secrets of how to actually do it. Maybe one day


PotatoePotatoe42 t1_j9pyi6b wrote

Oh that's why I replied back here on Reddit. I thought you weren't listening.


Melopahn1 t1_j9tx7j9 wrote

Telepathy :the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

If you just change the definition of telepathy than sure this could be true. But if you actually go based on what "telepathy" means... then no.


If i just ignore the definition of Peanut butter, and pretend Peanut butter actually means "intuition especially pertaining to interpersonal communication" then I can say:

Everyone on the planet is capable of communicating via peanut butter but everyone uses speech cause its easier. < This statement is now true in the magical land of "fuck words and their meaning".


Showerthoughts_Mod t1_j9pnbed wrote

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Dasf1304 t1_j9tj024 wrote

How do you think that would work? Fucking brain waves? There’s no mechanism for it. You can’t just make convoluted shit up and then act like you’re some visionary for saying something that doesn’t make sense


Warmandaloof OP t1_j9tsohr wrote

I do believe there is a mechanism for this but it is kept hidden. This thought did not come out of thin air.


Dasf1304 t1_j9txxfp wrote

How would it work? Why would anyone hide it? Your conspiracy needs to have some legs to stand on. Your world building is all off


HelmsDeap t1_j9tqivp wrote

My ex girlfriend hit her head on some concrete about a year ago.

Her personality changed completely. She went from a sweet, pleasant, and rational girl to talking about what color people's auras are and all kinds of random bullshit. She gets furious when confronted about any of this stuff but she doesn't stop coming up with weird shit to say.

All that to say this sounds just like something she would say now.


Warmandaloof OP t1_j9ttbb2 wrote

Damn that’s very sad. It may seem like I’m crazy or hit my head, but I’m truly just open minded about life and human existence. I don’t ramble on about this stuff to others. I don’t go too deep or take it too serious. I just think there’s a lot we don’t know about this world and human existence in general. They did a lot in the past that we cannot scientifically explain. Researching and thinking about this stuff is fun for me


HelmsDeap t1_j9tustr wrote

If it's mostly entertainment for you then that's good. You seem like a kind person, take care.