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100FootWallOfFog t1_j9ps7hk wrote

Try louder, they probably just can't hear you well.


K2thJ t1_j9px327 wrote

So, intense eye contact is not the key...


timmyboyoyo t1_j9q2rii wrote

More intense


K2thJ t1_j9q4rdc wrote

Maybe if I just bonk them on the head first. Kinda wake up their conscience


Warmandaloof OP t1_j9pxqoj wrote

No. You can communicate this way without even being next to them


Melopahn1 t1_j9twwd7 wrote

Eye contact is a known sense its called the sense of sight and is therefore not "telepathy".


K2thJ t1_j9q54bd wrote

I'm joking around. I can't say I have the gift, but my mom actively practiced this with a friend in the 70's. They'd pick a time and think about an object. Then call eachother on a rotary phone to see if they were connected. I didn't doubt her then and only a little, now. She was something else