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Boring-Pudding t1_jad5vvv wrote

My phone gives me snacks?

I mean, it can order me food, but then I'm waiting an hour before I eat. But my backpack snacks are immediate. Same as my water bottle.

My phone doesn't let me drive my car, though. The keys in my pocket do.


nowhereman1223 t1_jad5wvz wrote

How does the ability to call someone negate the need for tools food clothing? or the ability to keep said phone working?

If the things you put in your backpack are redundant to that level you are doing it wrong.


Mentalfloss1 t1_jad92ot wrote

Like water, hat, gloves, food, cough drops, ibuprofen, toothbrush and toothpaste?


Pabst_Malone t1_jadi5uw wrote

I don’t know bud, my backpack has 72 hours of food, water, micro shelter, extra clothes, fire starting tools, a firearm, a first aid kit, and most importantly, emergency liquor. My iPhone can’t do any of that.


azula1983 t1_jaep1yt wrote

tell me you have never been camping without telling me you have never been camping.

Also water, food, waterproof jacket and pants. some spare cash in case pin is not functioning.


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Sailor-Gerry t1_jad9uny wrote

Is there an app that makes my phone a waterproof jacket? Or a bottle of water?


NoLimepls t1_jad8hsm wrote

Kids in the US can't shoot with a phone so they carry their guns in their backpacks. Internet told me that.