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Ill-Ad-532 t1_j946kfw wrote

Mine isn’t, I have a white dog that sheds everywhere so my lint is a bit lighter than I think it would be otherwise


josh35767 t1_j94cmku wrote

Well, that dog hair is technically part of your wardrobe if you’re wearing it all the time.


Davebobman t1_j96a0vp wrote

If --> when

As a dog owner, they are constantly coated in dog hair... unless they have a hairless dog.


packersfan823 t1_j96eenu wrote

I feel that, I have white rabbits.


Standard_Zucchini_46 t1_j96m6bu wrote

Do you follow them ?


packersfan823 t1_j96rc4x wrote

I did. My girlfriend took Ozzy in the car and I followed in the truck when we moved houses. I followed them from the part of Florida that is on Central Time and is really lower Alabama to Tampa. I never did see Laurence Fishburne in pince-nez, nor did I ever see Carrie Ann Moss in skintight leather, and that's just a travesty.


Standard_Zucchini_46 t1_j96ue0q wrote

Maybe you took the wrong pills. Either way , good luck.


packersfan823 t1_j9by0hx wrote

All I know is, I took a pill and the side effects turned my piss blue, my nose hair got mange, and now I have the uncontrollable urge to slap people and whoop like Ric Flair.

Wrong pill indeed.


chriso1999 t1_j94l7tz wrote

I mean, you’d have to wear your entire wardrobe only once without cleaning the filter for that to be true. I swear I’m fun at parties


por_que_no t1_j95n88v wrote

Me too. Fun that is. The color of the lint is the average of all 'shedding' clothes tilted to the color of the items that are shedding the most.


frog_at_well_bottom t1_j9802kb wrote

And only if every item you have shed lint evenly (proportional to their surface area.)


Haru_thefifthnerd t1_j94pzfr wrote

If you’re one load away from an electrical fire - yes

Otherwise it’s just that load which should be similar colors if you’re washing according to the instructions


KingScorpion98 t1_j94tjyz wrote

I have always knowingly done laundry wrong, and I don't care. Everything that's not greasy work clothes goes it at once 😂 I guess that's why I'm not allowed to do laundry anymore....


TheLukeHines t1_j95gy7l wrote

For real, people make a big deal about separating whites from colours. I throw it all in one load and use cold water. Way easier, nothing bleeds.


favouritemistake t1_j99iuce wrote

Yep. I wash a load of whites about twice a year when I have to make a special appearance in particularly white special clothes. Anything else goes in together.


dadamn t1_j95e57n wrote

That assumes your clothes shed lint at the same amount. But that's highly unlikely.


Robin_Banks101 t1_j95oyso wrote

Dr Karl won an ignoble prize about this. Look it up or don't. Your call.


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D3monVolt t1_j95t364 wrote

The color of my dryer lint matches the sorted color of clothes I just washed. I clean out the king tray before each use. As well as the water drawer to be almost empty, since some water is needed to properly dry


Mahgenetics t1_j95yhof wrote

I dont dry my shirts/pants in the dryer because of shrinkage


favouritemistake t1_j99iz6g wrote

How do I always end up with purple? I pretty much wear blue, green, and black… no red