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Karl-o-mat t1_jabgqg2 wrote

For a good reason. The Ü-psilon is a "short" ü. A simple Ü. The normal Ü is used when the sound is a bit longer than the Y. So basically the Y is just an other Ü.


DeadBornWolf t1_jabhok4 wrote

But sometimes we pronounce it “J”, like in Yacht. And sometimes it’s an “I” like in “Handy” or “Baby”


jellohello13 t1_jabyb64 wrote

What? Y isn't just the short version of ü, it's pronounced long like in the word Typ. Also ü can be long or short on its own, so what do you mean, "For a good reason." Actually, the only reason y exists in german because of greek loan words. And while it is usually pronounced like an ü it's also pronounced like a y in english, due to newer loan words.