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DryGaming14 t1_jabj9my wrote

I think there is a similar thing in Europe with the letter Z where it is pronounced like "Zed". Correct me if I am wrong


Aedaru t1_jabvafv wrote

As far as I know it's only some English dialects eg American English that say "zee". Most other languages, including English, say something closer to "zed"


DeadBornWolf t1_jabjn9j wrote

Well yes, German does pronounce “Z” as “Zett”, so I guess there is also a language which pronounces it with the softer ending “Zed”


enceps2 t1_jabk8xt wrote

That would be english.


DeadBornWolf t1_jabljkh wrote

Well, I know that you can pronounce it “zee” or “zed” but i’m never sure with one is british english and which is american english. but maybe i can memorize it this time 😂


MrsBox t1_jac6f8k wrote

English is zed. Simplified English is zee.


magpye1983 t1_jac0nga wrote

As an aid to your memory, have this funny phrase

“You’re off your ‘ead, zed”


LiqdPT t1_jabzyzy wrote

Literally every other English speaking country other than the US. Including Canada.


Deoxys2000 t1_jac38f4 wrote

"Zed" is still considered one syllable right? Or were you just commenting on how letters have different names in different countries?