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Aramor42 t1_jabtsap wrote

In Dutch we say either iegrek (don't know if that's how you spell it, but that's how you pronounce it) or Griekse IJ (Greek Y, except we use the other Y sound which you get by writing ij)


superkoning t1_jac5cmx wrote

but only for the special cases. When a Dutch persons says the alfabet, he/she will say "ij" (no idea what that is in English phonetic).

ijs = ij s

Het IJ.


Aramor42 t1_jac5ll4 wrote

True, when reciting the alphabet. However, in my experience, when you're spelling something out people usually say iegrek or Griekse IJ.


superkoning t1_jac61wk wrote


Spell "ijs" ... "lange ij - s"

Spell "eis" ... "korte ei - s"

Spell "x + y = 5" ... "x plus ij is vijf"



Spell "dyslexie, hymne, gymnasium, idylle, mysterie, pygmeeën, symfonie,symposium, symptoom, ypsilon." ... then I would say "griekse ij" and maybe maybe "ygrek" ... as there are no dots on the y (unlike ij)


Aramor42 t1_jac72f7 wrote

Yeah but the exceptions are actually with an y. Ijs and eis are not spelled with an y, so when spelling those out one wouldn't say ygrek or Griekse ij.

I was only talking about the letter y, not ei or ij.


coconutting_ t1_jac7xmt wrote

rarely used but still used is also ypsilon, but i think its the most uncommon kind (some people here use it all the time tho)