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TheRushConcush t1_j9jc9w9 wrote

So you assume something is simple because you are not aware of specific complexities, even while you know that they may be there?


3_Words t1_j9jduhr wrote

this pretty much sums up what I was about to type up

honestly, I have been in a crowd of people and been overwhelmed by the incredible fact that every single damn person in that crowd has a life just as detailed emotionally charged and important as the one I happened to be living, it's amazing that billions of stories are playing out right now on our little blue ball.


midnightyen t1_j9k4rxk wrote

Oh I agree! Sometimes I think of people as lines and how many I intersect daily (unknowingly) and how many is the one and only time our paths will cross.

And that visual just blows my mind.


3_Words t1_ja1am02 wrote

sorry for the 3 days later response but that's a really cool way to think about it