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lightknight7777 t1_ja3r9wh wrote

The cloaca is not an anus. It is a distinct orifice. "Anal" implies "anus".

So, I would argue that no bird sex is anal or vaginal. It's all cloacal.


SerDuncanonyall t1_ja3tudr wrote

“Write that down, write that down!”

Rule 34 artists


rulloa t1_ja3uquq wrote

Oh god, we've created a monster. What have you done?


The_Undermind t1_ja3vdfd wrote

The very definition of Rule 34 means it already existed. No sense in being remorseful


harold-lay t1_ja46l1b wrote

LIES I have went down the rabbit hole and found something NOT R34’d


kai325d t1_ja4fwo3 wrote

Ok, tell me what it is and I can guarantee you I'll find R34 of it


Tanliarian t1_ja4ip5l wrote

The other half of the rule is that if porn doesn't exist you must create the porn.


Itzchappy t1_ja4k72b wrote

Well it's on the internet now so there gotta porn of it somewhere on here.


Johnnycrabman t1_ja420n6 wrote

I don’t know, but nobody wants to see Shady no more.

Edit: obviously people do want to see Shady, they don’t want to see Marshall.


Temassi t1_ja4elcu wrote

God, and the monster has so many tentacles....


TavisNamara t1_ja490u1 wrote

You're acting like they don't already know and ignore it because they find it way more fun to slap a three foot horsecock on a bird.


iamqas t1_ja4a072 wrote

I'm ashamed to know this but... I assume you mean Rule 35 artists


Thompseanson7 t1_ja3wr29 wrote

What about ducks?


latetowhatparty t1_ja3yw2t wrote

Actually yeah…now I feel lied to. Which is it?


lightknight7777 t1_ja498lk wrote

42 second mark:

That's only going in the corresponding orifice.


GodwynDi t1_ja4f8cn wrote

I love that video. I was hoping it would be that when I clicked the link.

Did you know he is making videos again?


lightknight7777 t1_ja4gc18 wrote

New ones? That's great news, thank you!


GodwynDi t1_ja69k3p wrote

Yep! Completely new ones been up on YouTube. Resumed again past year or so. Maybe longer. Time flies.


lightknight7777 t1_ja4955a wrote

Have you seen a duck penis? It's a cork screw. I'm not sure they can have any sex besides in the designated orifice.

42 second mark. I'm sorry, but you asked:

I figured from the context of the OPs statement that they are only discussing the cloacal subset. Otherwise their comment totally falls apart.


Thompseanson7 t1_ja49vwt wrote

Trust Ik what a ducks penis looks like, and ducks are still birds lol. It’s also just a silly little shower thought


patricio87 t1_ja4e5p7 wrote

Have you ever noticed ducks are only bird that doesn’t run away from humans?


Oohbunnies t1_ja45fs9 wrote

I shall have this translated into Kanji and tattooed on my arm, "It's All Cloacal."!


MakeAionGreatAgain t1_ja46drl wrote

And also, not all birds.


lightknight7777 t1_ja4834y wrote

That's correct. I just figured with the context of what the OP was saying that they were only talking about the cloacal subset.


pUdepoD t1_ja49s67 wrote

What does that mean for me then? I’m attracted to Dee from It’s Always Sunny.


OlinOfTheHillPeople t1_ja4ipkx wrote

That kind of bird uses a different system:

Do them

Establish low rating

Encrease power


DrInsomnia t1_ja4cluu wrote

This is not true. From their earliest embryological development, animals have mouth and anal openings. It's representative of the tube-like critters from which we first evolved. In some animals other orifices develop, but mouth and anus are generally present unless secondarily lost. The cloaca is an anus with additional functions, which is not uncommon in the animal kingdom.


lightknight7777 t1_ja4ed7f wrote

It's the tissue from all 3 tracks. In no way can you just claim It's the anus or the vagina or the urinary tract. It is distinct from any of the three it is a merging of. A cloaca is not an anus.

That's why there's a distinct term from anus for it.


DrInsomnia t1_ja4ifqr wrote

There's a distinct term for it because it serves more than one function. But it developmentally starts as the anal opening, and continues to serve as the anus in an adult. This is really all semantics, but from a developmental biology standpoint it is an anus that has acquired other functionality.

Edit to add, from the Wiki link: "In deuterostomes, the original dent becomes the anus, while the gut eventually tunnels through the embryo until it reaches the other side, forming an opening that becomes the mouth."

Vertebrates are deuterostomes. In bird development, that original "anus" becomes the cloaca.


lightknight7777 t1_ja4iida wrote

That doesn't make it an anus. It's not.

Semantics is what words mean. Of course it's semantics.


DrInsomnia t1_ja4j8ck wrote

Yes. And a cloaca is an anus that has taken on additional functionality in some groups. In fact, in mammals the original mammalian ancestor likely had a cloaca, which split into separate openings (in some derived groups). But embryologically it all starts with the anus.


r-NBK t1_ja4gegh wrote

Careful, if we talk about it too much it will be colloquial.


Vulpes_lgnis t1_ja4e3qi wrote

I know this fact but for literally all the wrong reasons


hawkmech67 t1_ja4ilf3 wrote

I love when the comment has more upvotes than the original post.


UnedibleHulk t1_ja3eitp wrote

For clarity, when a bird shits on your jacket, just because it's white does NOT mean it's creampieing while flying...


Shreddersson t1_ja3fgl7 wrote

ughh Im nearly there ughhhh

Wtf this is my new shirt!!


hornylolifucker t1_ja42o14 wrote

For some reason whenever I look at birds all I think is “French fry?”


DisconnectedThoughts t1_ja48kk8 wrote

OP could have spent 1 minute to Google how birds reproduce to determine this wasnt even remotely close.

I really need to lower my expectations of people.


StateChemist t1_ja4b4ra wrote

I think the problem is they only didn’t 45 seconds instead of the full minute.


notmyplantaccount t1_ja4jaqb wrote

r/showerthoughts isn't little epiphanies so much as morons posting things they think sound deep, but take about 15 seconds for others to point out are idiotic and wrong.


FooBarU2 t1_ja40c6n wrote

by the way, fellow mammals: kangaroos and opossums have the same plumbing.. i.e., they too, have cochleas


DarthPeteMitchell t1_ja415yo wrote

*cloaca. Cochlea are in the ear canal.


DrInsomnia t1_ja4d2fr wrote

They do have cochleas (all mammals do). But birds don't.


Rymundo88 t1_ja43iam wrote

>they too, have cochleas

And that's why you never hear them coming


quokkabee t1_ja46r2w wrote

Since kangaroos, opossums, and birds all have cochleas, this is technically correct. The best kind of correct.


HarryBaughl t1_ja44q78 wrote

We talking about marsupial kangaroos or mammal kangaroos?


FooBarU2 t1_ja4qnxl wrote

FYI, and as I am sure you know, mammals that have the dual plumbing ports (for liquid and solids... #1 and #2 respectively LOL) are called placental mammals.

And marsupial is the other referenced my my post along with odd monotremes which are how duck billed platypuses are categorized.


HarryBaughl t1_ja506ov wrote

Interesting. I always thought that mammals and marsupials were different because of the lack of mammaries.


[deleted] t1_ja3akvd wrote



DoobleTap t1_ja3e8lt wrote

Emm it's a cloaca joke?


[deleted] t1_ja3fc90 wrote



DoobleTap t1_ja3g8kr wrote

I thought you were the sex and reproduction expert. Birds have one hole for everything called a cloaca, hence the joke.


Liamiamliam2 t1_ja3ujvx wrote

I've been watching Bottom a lot lately and thought you meant girls


LittleFairyOfDeath t1_ja49q4e wrote

As others have pointed out they have a cloaca so anal would not apply.

But that doesn’t matter because you made think about this and for that i hate you


The_Star_Bringer_527 t1_ja47394 wrote

The mod bot literally says shower thoughts,not thoughts had in the shower


DeadHED t1_ja460ln wrote

Shitting, passing and fucking all in the same whole just sounds convenient really.


bangladeshiswamphen t1_ja4hr96 wrote

Some people think about really dumb, very inaccurate things in the shower.


Whats-Upvote OP t1_ja4ujwo wrote

Well I don’t have a phone to research in there. This is why it’s a shower thought.


Showerthoughts_Mod t1_ja39n8v wrote

This is a friendly reminder to read our rules.

Remember, /r/Showerthoughts is for showerthoughts, not "thoughts had in the shower!"

(For an explanation of what a "showerthought" is, please read this page.)

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playr_4 t1_ja4iz0c wrote

I just love how most of the posts on showerthoughts are just completely wrong.


Whats-Upvote OP t1_ja4uuux wrote

Isn’t showerthoughts supposed to capture the strange and imperfect things we spontaneously think about in the shower?


playr_4 t1_ja520cy wrote

Yeah, but usually it's about realizations of said strange things and imperfections. Not just making up something in your head and saying it out loud.


Whats-Upvote OP t1_ja58noq wrote

Do they have sex with their poop hole? That is the level of criteria I have in the shower. Maybe you should try r/Facts


playr_4 t1_ja59fh8 wrote

....not all the time, and not all birds.