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Froggie3845 t1_ja8saaf wrote

I’d say his shell isn’t red due to the fact he was boiled, but instead that it is due to the fact that he is most likely a red ghost crab.


tiniestvioilin t1_ja9t72v wrote

Or any of the many crabs that have a naturally red shell


rowanhopkins t1_jaa2zar wrote

>Or any of the many crabs that have a naturally red shell really like money


lxkandel06 t1_jaabngw wrote

Or any of the many crabs that naturally have daughters that are whales


scorchedarcher t1_jaaby3e wrote

Bro who said his daughter is a whale?


[deleted] t1_ja9xky7 wrote



cosmiclatte44 t1_jaa1md8 wrote

Yeah Hillenburg being a marine biologist wouldn't have missed something like that.


fancybigballs t1_ja78ceb wrote

It was probably during one of his tours in Vietnam


Perpetualshades t1_ja8vyy9 wrote

Vietnam was even more fucked up than I thought.


woozzzzie t1_ja9qf8s wrote

Hey SpongeBob, what does “Anal Disembowelment” mean?


Zinko999 t1_jaa28ju wrote

SpongeBob me boy the Charlies have impaled my internal organs with a spear covered in human waste, guaranteeing infection agagagagag


jhbedsole t1_ja9t5yo wrote

That would put Mr. Krabs at 4 years old during the first Bikini Atoll nuclear test. Maybe that’s what turned his shell red, along with making all the animals sentient and anthropomorphic?


Acanthophis t1_ja9z31b wrote

Can you really say you fought in Vietnam if you were just on a ship under no threat?


djtshirt t1_ja9x82r wrote

Nuclear bomb testing in his town, without proper warning to crabs beforehand I’m sure. Makes sense.


Joneskind t1_ja7n1hj wrote

Nooooo my good dude from the internets !!

It just mean he’s a Cancer Productus

PS: What a fucking weird name to give to an animal. I didn’t know before I checked.


Vermillion_Shadow t1_ja7ut49 wrote

I mean cancer is a crab in zodiac, isn’t it? I’m not sure where productus comes in though.


jsw9000 OP t1_ja8fd65 wrote

It produces cancer, obviously.


Andreiy31 t1_ja8pox8 wrote

Well Mr Krabs produces whales not cancer


cyan_violet t1_ja8wdft wrote

He produces highly prized secret formulas as well.


AverageStormTrooper1 t1_ja8uu35 wrote

He does own a fast-food restaurant. All that fried food has got to be carcinogenic.


Lanster27 t1_ja9m9eo wrote

It’s ok because he feeds other marine animals and they usually dont live long enough for cancer to develop.


ExiledToTerminus t1_ja8q67y wrote

"productus" in this context likely means "stretched out" or "lengthened", so it basically means "stretched out crab", which is a decent description from the images


PauseAndEject t1_ja9fvps wrote

Productus crabs are notorious for appearing in 4:3, however the overwhelming majority of sealife have long since evolved to appear in 16:9


Burst_of_Speed t1_ja9b9r4 wrote

> zodiac

The word you're looking for is "Latin". It means crab in Latin.


Ultraviolet_Motion t1_ja9bvg0 wrote

Cancer (cell mutation) got it's name from Cancer (crabs) because when the ancient Greeks observed people with cancer they saw hard red growths on their skin.


Jechtael t1_jaa6sqv wrote

I read that it was because stomach cancers were described as feeling like a crab is trying to claw its way out of you.


PB4UGAME t1_ja9e5dz wrote

I just want to point out this line from the linked page:

>"This species is commonly nicknamed the Pearl of the Pacific Northwest."

What's Mr. Krab's daughter's name again? Oh yeah, Pearl. 🤔


ATAKER9000 t1_ja7szdn wrote

Would you like to buy some cancer productus?


DJs1062 t1_ja7dj66 wrote

And in the meantime his PTSD drives him insane, murdering his fellow crab buddy's for crab burgers within a restaurant that is literally a crab trap.


_gmmaann_ t1_ja8s4ey wrote

Achktually it’s technically a lobster pot. Most old crab pots are cylinders with holes on either end


F0lks_ t1_ja7k6a4 wrote

Nah, Mr Krab is just wearing a crab costume, like every other characters.

the rabbit hole is quite deep with this theory


jsw9000 OP t1_ja7katj wrote

I’ve seen this theory before and it’s disturbing how much sense it makes with the evidence


UnfinishedProjects t1_ja9knz8 wrote

Animators: aww man I made this look realistic and you can barely tell what it is.

Other animator: just make it look like the cooked version everyone knows what that looks like.

TV Conspiracy Theorists: I HAVE A NEW THEORY


Reefer-eyed_Beans t1_ja9jcsm wrote

Kept waiting for the "theory" part of it... didn't really pan out lmao. Interesting observations kinda. But once the "because"s and the "why"s start... holy shit is that a nonsensical cluster fuck of gibberish haha I mean just read the "TL;DR". So I'm gonna have to disagree with you about the depth of that rabbit hole lol.


Reelix t1_ja9zxrr wrote

Good luck trying to explain things like this where they casually swap skins.


JankCranky t1_ja9e64c wrote

He is, his shell is a costume lol. I remember the episode when it came off and he looked like a weird fleshy homunculus thing.


FantasmaNaranja t1_ja9i05g wrote

it came out cus he was shedding because he had gained too much weight


Smug-Potato t1_ja7ueex wrote

It's at Bikini Atoll, known nuke test site...he was pre-cooked from the nukes.


_Katrinchen_ t1_ja9dv8j wrote

Are you perhaps thinking about Larry the Lobster? Krsbs can be red narurally. And Larry is probably red because it's more recognizanble for the kids


Lazy_Physicist t1_ja9gtlf wrote

Or he spent so much time tanning in the sun at the beach that his shell cooked...or some other justification


djsedna t1_jaa0hm9 wrote

Lobsters can also (rarely) be red/orange as well

The title is just pure mental gymnastics and not even close to a showerthought


_curious_one t1_jaaamaz wrote

I mean it’s a showerthought in that it’s not a very deep thought and you think it up without looking up outside information.


-meriadoc- t1_jaadw89 wrote

How is this not close to a shower thought? Daydreaming about sponge Bob in the shower doesn't seem unlikely. Just because OP isn't correct doesn't make it not a shower thought. I'm sure people make incorrect assumptions in the shower all the time.


Yorspider t1_ja8jzr2 wrote

Nah he just dropped a coin in the fryer, and couldn't wait for it to cool down.


YahYahY t1_ja8xe0t wrote

Ah no I don’t think so, it’s just a cartoon and red is the color most people and kids associate with crabs.


DasMahName t1_ja8gmf3 wrote

What if it is not that that he was boiled alive but used the shell of his dead boiled eaten discarded comrade, but usually people will just break the shells into unrepairable pieces so idk


jonathanlink t1_ja9j4oz wrote

Would expect nothing less from the hardest screw who ever walked a turn at Shawshank.


Pyrochazm t1_ja9qpdh wrote

I think it might have something to do with injecting morphine directly into his tear duct.


becomesaflame t1_ja9rsne wrote

You're thinking of lobsters my dude. Crabs can be many colors in the wild, including red


CharmingMistake3416 t1_ja9yx7h wrote

He boils himself from the inside because he’s always stressed and angry.


rogthnor t1_ja9m4tr wrote

There's a reason he warned Patrick and SB away from those hooks


Hoodzpah805 t1_ja9s8a5 wrote

Makes sense since his Krab Shack is the shape of a lobster trap.

Maybe it’s like the end of LOST and they’re all just dead sea creatures.


peeniebaby t1_ja9vsat wrote

And since spongebob is square he must have been sliced up by a knife or something


ogresound1987 t1_jaa07vd wrote

Or he's some kind of commie plot to turn kids into friends of stalin


GelatinousCube7 t1_jaa6qvf wrote

He saw how much he was worth on a platter and did it willingly.


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Objective_Poetry2829 t1_ja9t9b2 wrote

There’s at least the Christmas Island crab that’s red while alive


Initial-Effect2453 t1_ja9vgd0 wrote

At least Mrs. Puff wouldn’t have to worry about Mr. Krabs meeting the same fate as her husband


todudeornote t1_ja9xf3g wrote

The OP needs to turn down the heat in his/her shower if this is the thought that comes to mind.


suyuzhou t1_jaa0m7t wrote

Whoa, careful there! Mr.Krabs might call you a racist if you continue your train of thoughts


upvoter222 t1_jaa0u0s wrote

It also means that if you throw him, he will change direction as needed to hit the nearest kart.


K1NGLyonidas t1_jaa3ls6 wrote

It would have cost you $0 fucking dollars to say that…and now my childhood has been ruined. Take my mf upvote…


KawaiiSlave t1_jaa3qjy wrote

Can't be true. He molts his shell in one episode, and he's still red afterwards.


aKnightWh0SaysNi t1_jaa7816 wrote

Have you not actually watched the show? He literally gets steaming mad on a regular basis.


asyoucommandstan t1_jaa878k wrote's bikini bottom.

Several thermonuclear weapons were detonated there.

He was boiled while still in the ocean. Which is probably why he survived.


PleaseBeginReplyWith t1_jaa898a wrote

He might not have been caught just too close to a nuclear bomb test


MobileStrawberry t1_jaab0gh wrote

He saw how much lobsters make in on the dinner table so he made his great escape and had to cash in


elizabeth498 t1_jaab5st wrote

And now I imagine Skeletor running offscreen after dropping that disturbing little factoid.


4649onegaishimasu t1_jaabhhb wrote

"Native to the Caribbean and Indonesia, the scarlet reef hermit crab is named for its brilliant red body."

So... not so much.


lindre002 t1_jaahzfe wrote

Spongebob is also rectangular, meaning he was actually a manufactured artificial sponge that was from a factory.

Seriously guys


Cockroachens t1_jab867o wrote

They live in the water underneath a beach at a location based on a real place. A nuclear testing site. Maybe the blast of one nuclear weapon was so powerful it heated up the water and boiled Larry, but he's still alive.


pokerforfun t1_jaaf6jv wrote

This is one of the dumbest shower thoughts in weeks. Feel bad for your idiocy and then go read a book.