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got_lukky t1_jad185f wrote

Reply to comment by HiddenCity in $10 is the new $5. by hearsdemons

In 2013 you couldn’t buy a $6 sandwich worth having


HiddenCity t1_jad1b5y wrote

15 years then.


got_lukky t1_jad1kvl wrote

Lol, it’s just weird that we say 10 years right now and we feel like it’s early 00’s. Or at least I do. Really 10 years is the new 20 years rn. The 00’s are as close to the 80’s as we are to the 00’s


HiddenCity t1_jad1q06 wrote

I think we are just getting old... mixed with the covid timewarp blackhole


Rapture1119 t1_jadw86v wrote

Yeah dude that covid timewarp really fucked me up. It was not a joke lol. Like I could be fully convinced that we spilled over into another timeline at some point during covid cause that’s the only thing that explains why my sense of time is SO FUCKED UP now 😂😂


ShinaiYukona t1_jaejv37 wrote

Subway still had their $5 footlongs at some locations back then. Not that you're wrong or anything, just 2013 is a lot better than 2016 where every location had stopped selling them altogether.


got_lukky t1_jaelxbx wrote

True facts. I didn’t realize how bad it had got, but they be expensive these days