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diamond t1_jaebby3 wrote

That was a line in the movie.

"What would you do if you were stuck in the same place, and every day was exactly the same, and nothing you did ever made any difference?"

"...that about sums it up for me."


cimmic t1_jaf3hm0 wrote

I would do something different.


Weshmek t1_jaeuca4 wrote

Congratulations, you figured out the movie's underlying message.


Dirt_E_Harry t1_jaebged wrote

I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank piña coladas. At sunset, we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day. Why couldn't I get that day over and over and over? - Phil


ManInBlack829 t1_jaebm96 wrote

This sounds like the inspiration for lost in translation.


hyenaaazx t1_jaecbei wrote

It is called a routine – people generally set it up that way cause it allows one stability, security, and comfort.


trash_panda_24 t1_jaechl9 wrote

True, but it can get rigid, stale and boring. There is definitely a trade off.


willsmithsrightpalm t1_jaee2oq wrote

I live a routine lifestyle. Planning fun stuff for weekends keeps things lively. Also thinking about not having money for 5 seconds makes me realize boredom is not so bad compared to struggling every single day or having to sacrifice meals to pay bills. In the game that is first world society, this is simply the most secure option. Happiness is all about perspective


Kindly-Might-1879 t1_jaevhz8 wrote

So much of my routine revolves around when my dog decides to poop.


PaisleyPatchouli t1_jaeqemb wrote

This is why we move house regularly.

We feel like we have had several ‘different lives’ by moving interstate, then back, then somewhere new.

We do visit and research each area first but the thought of living in the one house all our adult lives blows our minds.

I recently was contacted online by some high school buddies and my then boyfriend ( because they were planning a reunion) and it shocked me that they were all still living there, all these years later, their kids gone to the same schools we did, going to the same church… I guess some folk like that but I think I’d have gone bonkers.

Ten years is the maximum we stay in any area.

Its like the thrill of a new romance when we move, getting to know the new area.


TIFUstorytime OP t1_jaf21qs wrote

You should do a r/casualiama, I have so many questions. I assume you manage easily due to a fortunate financial situation. But how do you handle all your belongings? Do you live a minimalist lifestyle? House buying is a pain most people don’t want to go through, how do you manage the aches and pains of new home ownership and finding all the new issues that need to be resolved?


Potential-Wait-7206 t1_jaegzkn wrote

That's an example that I often use. After having done the same thing over and over again all your life, you are bound to realize that something's gotta give and that's when transformation begins. It's a if we can't even conceive of things being different. Our whole creativity is gone and we're stuck in a rut when a whole universe exists and anything is possible.


Thaser t1_jaf3rgr wrote

Im all for change, disruptions and new things in my life.. when *I* choose to instigate them. Random-ass things and other people's decisions causing change in my life, well, thats when the panic attacks start.


mslashandrajohnson t1_jaf0u7z wrote

Not this year. It’s been unusual and unexpected over and over.


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Countach3000 t1_jaeding wrote

Not really. Few people can screw up things badly intentionally just to figure out what to do next day instead.


balrus-balrogwalrus t1_jaepoeh wrote

when you eat nothing but ramen noodles and a boiled egg daily since 2019 it feels that way


TIFUstorytime OP t1_jaf25kx wrote

How are your energy levels? How do you not go crazy? Is it for financial reasons?