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Voideded t1_ja3clxl wrote

NOBODY should be calling themselves Alpha male, it's such an annoying concept. Go see a therapist


HarryHacker42 t1_ja3ju7g wrote

And if you can't afford a Therapist, just break it in two because "The rapist" is in every Alpha Male according to Andrew Tate.


Notabot1305 t1_ja37h2g wrote

Alpha just means that they are the first release, often upgraded and made better with future releases, so most alpha males fit perfectly, they are flawed in many significant ways.


zoqfotpik t1_ja3d736 wrote

Guys who can be beat up by a Silverback gorilla shouldn't call themselves alpha males.


Obiwan_ca_blowme t1_ja3siuj wrote

Why would the Apex predator of Apex predators fist fight a gorilla? We would just shoot them.


Moose4310 t1_ja366yi wrote

If someone can take on half the population then I think they deserve being alpha male at that point


weirdgroovynerd t1_ja3gl8r wrote

All at the same time?

If so, that means Chuck Norris is the only true alpha male on the planet.


thatoneasshole-_- t1_ja3iywe wrote

Hey, I can take 50% of the world population on at once too


weirdgroovynerd t1_ja3jwrm wrote

Which 50%?


Born_Pause3964 t1_ja3tn24 wrote

I'd start with the kids under 5 for fun, then coma patients, multiple amputees etc, I'd probably fall short when i got to the single amputees, but I'd still have got through quite a few people by then.





curvebombr t1_ja3mj2j wrote

Chuck lost to Bruce. That makes him a Beta right?


Obiwan_ca_blowme t1_ja3te3t wrote

Did he? I didn't think they ever actually fought. Some practice stuff for the movie, sure. But an actual fight? I don't think that's true. As far as I know, Lee only ever really fought one time, as a teen. And he won on points.


Moose4310 t1_ja3h1qy wrote

No not at the same time


dan420 t1_ja3k7nu wrote

So like a big line, one after the other?


Moose4310 t1_ja3oiwa wrote



dan420 t1_ja3op1z wrote

If you’re going to fight 4 billion people not all at once, you’d better do it one after the other, or you’re going to run out of time. It’s common sense, really.


Moose4310 t1_ja3q6f1 wrote

I'm not talking about literally fighting half the people on this planet. Here let me explain this in kindergarten terms because for some reason people don't understand, if one man beat another in a fight that is 1 if he beat another man in a fight that is 2 and if he kept winning individual fight all the way up to 4 billion he would be deserving of the title alpha male. It's common sense I'm not talking about fighting half the population literally.


dan420 t1_ja3vkxi wrote

It’s called a joke. Let me explain it to you in kindergarten terms. Someone says something outrageous to try and get other people to laugh. If you had 1 fight a minute every day, it’s taking you 2000 years to fight 1 billion people. I’m sure in one on one fights I could take any of the weakest 4 billion people on earth, doesn’t make me an alpha. But again, I was making a joke. Fuck you’re stupid.


Moose4310 t1_ja3yi6e wrote

Well that "joke" wasn't very funny, and yeah you probably couldn't beat half of the elementary school you go to in a fight so you definitely aren't a alpha. Fuck you're stupid


dan420 t1_ja3yreu wrote

You don’t get outside much, huh?


Moose4310 t1_ja42tfo wrote

Wow how original, you know what I take it back you truly are a comedian cause you are a living embodiment of a joke.


dan420 t1_ja482pd wrote

You seem to think being me able to beat up children, old people; and people smaller than yourself makes you an alpha. That’s a shorty mentality, and I’ve got a feeling that you’d learn pretty quick that swinging nunchucks while seated, in mom’s basement, doesn’t equate to being tough in the real world.


Moose4310 t1_ja4binj wrote

Funny cause I never claimed that beating up children, old people and people smaller than me makes me an alpha, I also never said I was an alpha myself.


dan420 t1_ja4chqo wrote

You said someone that can take on half the population is an alpha male. The weaker half includes children, the elderly, etc. not really that much of a feat. Besides alpha being a stupid concept, you’ve given a stupid concept of what constitutes alpha. So I made a stupid joke about your stupid comment. Cry about it.


Moose4310 t1_ja4gn1e wrote

Yeah but I never said specifically the weaker half I just said half of the population, so that could mean some of the strongest people in the world are included, if it was specifically the weaker half then yeah for a lot it would be easy but it would most likely be a mix. I know you are trying your hardest here but it isn't working out for you. You're the one all butt hurt because you're lame ass joke wasn't funny, if anything you are making my day better by entertaining me with whatever the hell you are trying to do.


dan420 t1_ja4hvyu wrote

The fuck are you talking about? So now it’s a random half of the population? Still comes down to whether or not you’re stronger than the average person, unless, like I jokingly said at the beginning, everyone lines up and you fight one after the other. You’ve circled all the way around to the beginning. Again, fuck you’re stupid.


Moose4310 t1_ja4jg0z wrote

What point exactly are you trying to make? Because you are trying to find a problem in everything I say. Do you think that means you win or something? I've circled all the way around because I literally have nowhere else to go because you can't wrap your head around a simple concept so I haved to keep trying to walk you through it. Fuck you're stupid


Relaxpert t1_ja37ta5 wrote

Especially when they’re getting laughed at by north of 90% of folks.


aayushkkc t1_ja34kkz wrote

They can be Alpha as long as they’re not beaten.

It’s only denial if you’re wrong. And they’ve not been wrong yet, so what’s your problem? 😂


spiderborland t1_ja3n1ud wrote

I’ve never lost to Serena Williams so the evidence stands that I could beat her at tennis.


ThePerfectEmployee t1_ja3iedp wrote

The concept of an "Alpha Male" is all about being the dominant male or the "top dog".

In modern society, it doesn't matter how many people you can beat up that doesn't make you dominant and lands you in prison!.

So the real Alpha Males are people who have political power or lots of money.


HarryHacker42 t1_ja3k1lc wrote

How you got the power and money also matters. George Santos is not an Alpha Male, nor is Donald Trump.


The_Expidition t1_ja3lgyq wrote

No for someone who socialized the losses and privatized the profits via bankruptcy Donald Trump is a pretty intelligent, cunning person


HarryHacker42 t1_ja4qkoi wrote

He is. He knows which lies you can get away with if you are rich, and how to buy off judges and how to lie about contributing to charity so he can gather money for a charity, but never give it to them.

Most people would have ethics that get in the way of cheating others, but Trump has no such ethics and lives in an amoral condition where what is good for him is what he does, and who cares about laws and others.


19YoJimbo93 t1_ja34lzx wrote

If it takes > 50% of the earth’s population to beat them up, I’d say they’re the most alpha of males.


Roryh93 t1_ja3tpwc wrote

I don't understand that whole concept, wanting to be better or stronger then everyone else just sounds exhausting and mentally draining! Just mind your own business and be yourself! 🤦‍♂️


Warwick86 t1_ja3wuab wrote

Depends on how you look at it. There’s the stereotypical gym rat alpha. Or you got the person who will stand up and do the right thing, Big difference .

You’ll have some one who will protect a stranger and another who will pretended like they didn’t see any thing .

It’s how you handle your self in situations. Size and toughness rarely comes into play.

I help run a maker space . A lot of others in charge are push over. They are afraid of calling people out and holding others accountable. I’m 5’11 180 not a big guy. If there is a issue with a member breaking rules I’m the one who they ask to deal with it . I’ve had psycho’s screaming at me about how they did nothing wrong and I calmly put them in place . Joking members refer to me as the enforcer since I simply don’t care


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Pilotwaver t1_ja3g6ub wrote

The real alphas are the most intelligent. Without the mental capabilities, a physically strong soldier would use a blade and brute force. The genius counters with nuclear weapons. Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer and Leonardo DaVinci did more damage in wars than any soldier. All geniuses.


Frozenlime t1_ja3t67u wrote

The most intelligent men are often invisible to women so I don't think they would qualify as "alpha". Obviously "alpha" doesn't actually apply to humans, but if I had to define some sort of pseudo alpha for humans it would be the man who has the most social status. They tend to have the most influence in a group of people.


brokenmessiah t1_ja3rqrx wrote

There are certain attributes that are good to incorporate into your character of a Alpha Male ie being brave but don't make it your personality


kiraYoahikage t1_ja3ttx6 wrote

I'd say as a rule of thumb don't call yourself or anyone an alpha, but it's true that it's usually the least dangerous guys the ones that love talking the most


Yaancat17 t1_ja43ll4 wrote

Being an alpha isn't all about being physically superior anymore. The world is different. If you can be socially dominant through being smart. Yeah, the big guy over there could easily beat you up, but you know what? If you have 4 other guys who would join you in fighting him because you've made strong relationships with them or they owe you something, who would be the alpha now? Being superior physically does help in being an alpha, but so does being rich. Say the big guy does beat you up; you could afford to get the best lawyer in town to make sure the guy stays out of your territory.


Quiet-Shallot3290 t1_ja4h6fw wrote

Well shit. That's a pretty rough metric. I mean I don't know anyone who can take on over 4 billion people at once.

Wait.. is that OP's whole point? That no one has the right to call themselves the Alpha Male? Maybe humanity working together is the real Alpha Male? Or maybe the real Alpha Male was the friends we made along the way.. to go beat the shit out of a single person?


TurpitudeSnuggery t1_ja3jq7j wrote


I would think the majority of men could beat up 50% of the population.


BananaFriend13 t1_ja3rbf8 wrote

With the assumption that not even 5% of women are trained enough to beat the average man in a fight? Sure


TurpitudeSnuggery t1_ja3ufri wrote

I think you offset the women who either know who to fight or are big enough to cause damage with the men who are under 5ft 4 and/or have no propensity to fight.


pinball0001 t1_ja3wmq3 wrote

I think u are jumping ahead slightly ..Did u see that Guy getting beat up by how many 10s of millions ..He must only be no more than a halfa male .Even Rocky got beat up by 1 guy and he got well wasted and his pal gor killed also by the same guy wow were u dreaming . ?